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The Bold and the Beautiful: Bill Spencer has Another Son – Wyatt!

Updated on August 11, 2013
Liam and Bill convince Wyatt he should get to know his new family
Liam and Bill convince Wyatt he should get to know his new family | Source

Instead of disliking Hope Logan so much, Bill Spencer, should be singing her praises.

Since Bill Spencer was introduced on The Bold and the Beautiful he has morphed from a ladies man into a family man. He’s been the tough business man that earned him the nickname Dollar Bill Spencer the whole time. Some things don’t change.

Bill Spencer attributes his change of heart about how important family is to his wife Katie (from whom he is once again estranged due to an affair with her sister Brooke).

But Bill really owes Hope Logan a debt of gratitude as well.

Hope brought Bill and Liam together

Liam Cooper came into the Forrester, Logan and Spencer circle after the death of his mother. She’d told him that his father worked at Forrester Creations. So Liam went looking for his father. And there were three candidates: Ridge Forrester, Thorne Forrester and Bill Spencer (Bill had taken over Forrester Creations at the time).

Liam blurted out that Ridge was his father just as Ridge was about to punch him. Liam had a part in Brooke’s accidental affair with Oliver becoming public knowledge during a press conference designed to honor Brooke!

Ridge denied knowing Liam’s mother, but both Thorne Forrester and Bill Spencer had been involved with Liam’s mother.

A DNA test proved that Bill was Liam’s father. Bill and Liam got off to a rocky start; their relationship has grown into to true father son bond, thanks to Hope and Katie. Even if Bill does interfere a little too much in Liam’s love life!

But how will their father/son bond be tested by the arrival of another adult son in Bill's life?

Wyatt learns that Quinn has been lying to him about his father being dead.  He is the very much alive Bill Spencer!
Wyatt learns that Quinn has been lying to him about his father being dead. He is the very much alive Bill Spencer! | Source

Want to know more about Wyatt?

Viewers of The Bold and the Beautiful have learned a lot about Wyatt over the past few weeks. Mostly as a compare and contrast to his new father, Bill Spencer and new brother, Liam Spencer.

Here's what we know so far.

Hope brought Bill and Wyatt together

Hope met Wyatt while walking in the woods at Big Bear. He was naked. She took a picture with her cell phone. Wyatt heart the click. Hope ran. And Wyatt chased her. So begins a new romance for Hope Logan.

Hope and Wyatt became friends and it was revealed that Wyatt was the son on artisan jewelry designer Quinn Fuller. At a 4th of July party Wyatt leaned in to kiss Hope and Hope noticed a piece of Quinn’s jewelry that Wyatt wore – an exact copy of the Spencer Sword that Liam and Bill wore!

Hope and the Bold and the Beautiful fans put two and two together. Wyatt was yet another illegitimate son from Bill’s ladies man days. Wyatt and Hope arranged for Quinn and Bill to accidentally meet and the decade’s old secret was revealed.

Quinn and Bill had had an affair, she’d gotten pregnant and Bill had paid her to have an abortion. Instead Quinn had used the money as first and last month’s rent on a studio and kept the baby – Wyatt.

Wyatt is welcomed to the Spencer clan with a toast  - to family.
Wyatt is welcomed to the Spencer clan with a toast - to family. | Source

Bill has a son, Liam has a brother, Hope has a new beau

Bill and Liam wasted no time in welcoming Wyatt to the Spencer clan. A male bonding session at Liam’s Malibu cliff house revealed that Wyatt has much in common with both Bill and Liam.

Wyatt shows a distinct similarity to Bill Spencer in his tastes - he drinks Scotch and eats his steak rare – like Bill. Liam, however, drinks beer and ate a veggie burger.

Liam and Wyatt do have one thing in common though. Both are interested in Hope Logan. And while Liam may currently be engaged to Hope, Wyatt hasn’t let that stand in his way kissing Hope while staying at his new brother’s house.

Liam may have a little competition for Hope’s affections from his half-brother….

What do you think?

How do you feel about Wyatt being Bill's son?

See results

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