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The Bold and the Beautiful: Bill and Brooke Betray Katie and Sleep Together

Updated on May 4, 2014

Bill and Brooke's simmering attraction

OK. We all knew it was going to happen.

Katie had been pushing Bill towards her sister, Brooke, for months. First consciously, while she was suffering from post partum depression, after the birth of her baby, Will, and then unconsciously as she threw all her energies into her role as a mother once she had meds on board.

Poor Bill, felt neglected as his wife spent all her time and energy being mother to their son, will little time and energy left over to be a wife to him.

Katie picked Brooke to replace her

Suffering from post partum depression after the birth of her first son, Will, Katie, thinking she was about to die, chose Brooke as her logical replacement in her son and husband’s life.

Katie’s plan worked a little too well, however, when she sent Bill and Brooke to Aspen – a trip that included a romantic balloon ride for the duo over the Colorado countryside.

Katie played match-maker hand picking her replacement in her son and husband's life - her sister Brooke!
Katie played match-maker hand picking her replacement in her son and husband's life - her sister Brooke! | Source

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Katie came home and received treatment

With Taylor’s help, Katie came to understand that she was suffering from post partum depression and with the appropriate medications, Katie returned to her life as a wife and mother. Katie adopted the role of Will’s mother whole heartedly; refusing the help of a legion of Nanny’s that Bill often offered to bring in.

Katie’s reaction didn’t seem unrealistic. It was simply as if she was trying to make up for the time she’d missed with her son. In the process, however, she had little left over for her husband, Bill.

Katie encouraged Bill to help Brooke

Perhaps in an effort to redirect Bill’s energies, Katie encouraged Bill to help Brooke in her quest to gain more power at Forrester Creations by re-launching her Brooke’s bedroom line. Katie understood that her husband and her sister had become friends during her absence and initially thought little of them spending time together.

Yes, she’d tried to push them together, but they wouldn’t act on it, would they?

You know how Brooke is about men!

What did Taylor mean by this? Well, its not exactly the first time Brooke has slept with a man involved with another member of her immediate family. Actually, Brooke sleeping with Bill is more like the third time this has happened.

Want to know more?

Taylor tattles about Bill and Brooke

Taylor, who was in a power struggle of her own with Brooke over at Forrester Creations, began bending Katie’s ear about Bill and Brooke’s new closeness. “You know how Brooke is,” Taylor warned her patient referring to Brooke’s colorful history with men.

Taylor had also told Katie that Bill and Brooke had kissed after Stephanie passed away at Big Bear.

Donna also warned Katie to keep an eye on the growing relationship between Bill and Brooke.

Bill spent a lot of time with Brooke helping her re-launch the Brooke's Bedroom line
Bill spent a lot of time with Brooke helping her re-launch the Brooke's Bedroom line | Source

Katie finds Bill and Brooke drinking champagne in bed

Katie arrived at Forrester Creations to find her sister wearing a sexy red lingerie number drinking champagne on the bed used as a prop for the Brooke’s Bedroom re-launch. Katie saw red. Brooke wasn’t alone. She was with Bill!

Brooke and Bill re-launch Brooke’s Bedroom

Bill and Brooke worked well together. Bill convinced Brooke what Forrester creations needed to do to reverse its financial losses was to re-launch Brooke’s Bedroom – the line that had made the most money in Forrester Creations history. Brooke giggled like a school girl when Bill told her she still had what it took “at her age” to parade around in lingerie, and for a couple of weeks that’s all we saw; Brooke in her underwear and a ravenous Bill looking on.

When Brooke and Bill’s Brooke’s Bedroom stole Thomas’ thunder at his presentation to save Forrester Creations from its financial woes, Taylor saw red. She high tailed it over to Katie to tell her about her husband cavorting with her sister.

Bill and Katie reach breaking point

Katie and Bill reached breaking point when Katie saw a text come in on Bill’s phone from Brooke. Her Brooke’s bedroom press conference was starting where was he, Katie’s sister wanted to know. Katie forbade Bill from going. He was only a minor shareholder in Forrester Creations. The press conference didn’t need his personal attention. Unless it was really Brooke he was going to see?

Bill lost it. He was a man. And no one told him who he could see and where he could go. Bill was tired of Katie continually telling him “No”.

Bill tried to reach out to Katie

Everyone else noticed that there was something developing between Bill and Brooke, but Bill and Brooke denied it. They hadn’t crossed any lines and nothing had ever happened. Secretly, however the duo fantasized about each other a lot.

Bill tried to reach out to his wife. He missed her, Bill told Katie. Katie knew what Bill needed from her, but just wasn’t in a place to give it to him.

Katie did however have the sense to demand that Bill and Brooke stay away from each other.

Bill took a shot every time Katie said "NO"
Bill took a shot every time Katie said "NO" | Source

Bill’s drinking game

Bill grabbed a bottle of fine old scotch whisky that Allison had delivered courtesy of a client a few moments earlier. He opened it and told Katie he was going to take a shot every time she said “no”.

Katie said “no” a lot. Katie finally stormed out of Bill’s office and headed to see Brooke, and then, home.

After Katie left, Bill spoke to Brooke who filled him in on her own conversation with Katie. Bill told Brooke to meet him at his place. The three of them were going to deal with this once and for all.

Bill gets behind the wheel drunk

Having taken numerous shots during the drinking game, Bill grabbed his keys and headed to his car. (Allison was arranging for a driver for him but Bill snuck out). He could barely get his keys in the ignition but Bill managed to get the car started and headed home.

Bill has a car accident – with Brooke!

Bill and Brooke didn’t make it back to Bill’s place to have it out with Katie. They were involved in a car accident – with each other.

Brooke regained consciousness first and went to check on the other driver, shocked to find it was Bill and that he’d been drinking. Brooke left her car at the scene and drove an injured Bill in his damaged car, to her place (which was closest).

A worried Katie gets a call from Brooke

At home a frantic Katie waited for Bill to come home. Instead she received a call from Brooke telling her simply that Bill was fine, but he was spending the night at her place. An upset Katie demanded Brooke put Bill on the phone, but Brooke just hung up.

Katie told Donna that if Bill spent the night with her sister, that their marriage was over.

Bill spends the night with Brooke

Brooke patched Bill up and put him into her bed – to rest. The doorbell rang. It was Lt. Baker, who had been alerted by a uniformed officer that Brooke Logan Forrester’s car had been involved in an accident.

Brooke told Lt Baker she and the other driver were dealing with the issue privately and there was no need for him to be concerned. She and the other driver were fine.

But Lt. Baker was suspicious, having seen scrape marks from Bill’s damaged car leading into the garage. Brooke not allowing him to take a look without a warrant heightened his suspicions.

Brooke told Bill that Lt. Baker would be watching her house all night. Unless he wanted a DUI and the associated bad press, he had to say the night. And they couldn’t tell Katie because she would come right over and blow their ruse.

Katie is not happy to find Bill in Brooke's bedroom.
Katie is not happy to find Bill in Brooke's bedroom. | Source

Katie finds Bill in Brooke’s bed – again!

The following morning Katie headed over the Brooke’s place to find Bill in Brooke’s bed and Brooke sitting on the edge of it in her brown silk dressing gown.

Katie assumed the worst, but Bill and Brooke quickly filled her in that there had been an accident. That does little to placate Katie. You should have been in my bed last night, not hers, Katie told her husband. Bill and Katie both try to tell her that nothing happened. Yes he was in Brooke’s bed, but she wasn’t

Katie tells Bill and Brooke that they both make her sick and she dumps her wedding rings on the dresser. “He’s all yours Brooke. I’m done.” Katie states as she leaves.

Bill and Brooke gave in to temptation and made love after Katie set Bill free.
Bill and Brooke gave in to temptation and made love after Katie set Bill free. | Source

Who called Brooke?

And what happened next?

Bill and Brooke give in to temptation – The Stallion and his Filly

Brooke tells Bill to go after his wife and beg if he has to. But Bill won’t. Katie gave him back his rings one before and handed Bill and Brooke over to each other in Aspen. Now she’s done it again. Maybe she’s right, Bill tells a stunned Brooke.

I can’t pretend anymore. You feel it Brooke. We both feel it. Katie said it’s over and she meant it. I want you.” Bill tells Brooke as he pulls her into a steamy kiss. Later a sweaty Stallion and his Filly lie in bed naked and sated…when Brooke’s phone rings….

What came next?

How did the Bill and Brooke affair reveal go down?

And what was Katie's reaction?


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    • profile image

      ilka stevenson 4 years ago

      brooke need to leave town for good. katie need to kick bill to the curve. katie and taylor kick brooke ass. brooke don't care about nobody marriage .