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The Bold and the Beautiful: Bill and Katie Spencer’s Son is Born…

Updated on August 12, 2013

Katie suffers complications after her son's birth

Bill Spencer’s first reaction when he learned wife Katie was pregnant was for Katie to schedule an abortion. But the sentiment wasn’t out of a selfish need to control his life and the lives of those around him but out of concern for his wife.

As a heart transplant patient (Katie received her brother Storm’s heart) a pregnancy was high risk, and Bill could not face a life without Katie in it. Therefore his solution was to terminate the pregnancy.

Bill struggled to tell Katie why he felt the way he did, but finally told his wife he was desperately scared of resenting his own child if something happened to Katie during the pregnancy or during child birth.

Katie convinced her husband that she couldn’t terminate and that this child by merely existing had beaten the odds. And that everything would be fine…

Bill Spencer offers God and deal. Save Katie and his son.  Take him instead.
Bill Spencer offers God and deal. Save Katie and his son. Take him instead. | Source

Katie and Bill's son is born

Katie flat lines after delivering her and Bill's son via emergency c-section.
Katie flat lines after delivering her and Bill's son via emergency c-section. | Source

Actress, Heather Tom, also delivered a baby boy - Zane Alexanber. Born October 28, 2012 weighing in at 8lbs 1ozs.

Interesting Fact: Heather Tom's real life son Zane has been going to work with his mommy. Zane portrays Katie and Bill's onscreen son - Will!

Bill has ANOTHER son!

When Katie learned that another son of Bill's had surfaced from his younger days as ladies man she commented that Bill seemed genetically incapable of producing female offspring! Who is Bill's newest (and oldest) son?

Wyatt Fuller

And Bill’s worst fear is realized….

This week on the Bold and the Beautiful, Bill Spencer faces that fear head on, as Katie goes into premature labor and her OB and Dr Meade struggle to keep Katie’s heart below 140 beats per minute.

Bill looks to control the situation offering to fly in the best specialists money can buy, but is told that they are severely limited in what they can do due to Katie’s status as a heart transplant patient.

Katie’s transplanted heart cannot regulate itself as well as her original heart could and the drugs, beta blockers, usually used to control heart rate in these situations in transplant patients are dangerous to the baby.

At 140, Katie needs to have an emergency c-section, so that life saving drugs can be administered to Katie. The risk is however that it will be too late and they may lose both Katie and the baby.

Bill looks to Dr Meade and tells him there must be something he can do, to which Meade suggests Bill says a prayer. Bill tells the medico that he doesn’t do that to which Meade suggests now might be a good time to start.

Desperate, Bill finds himself in the hospital chapel having a conversation with God (who he assumes exists for the purpose of the conversation). In true Bill Spencer fashion, Bill tries to do a deal. “Take me”, Spencer begs tearfully, “but leave them alone.”

Meanwhile Katie’s heart rate escalates to the critical rate. Katie informs her OB that they are to save to baby – no matter what Bills says. Meade rushes into the Chapel telling Bill decisions need to be made. En-route to Katie’s room, Bill calls Liam and tells his oldest son to contact Katie’s family. She’s in labor and it doesn’t look good.

Katie and Bill are informed that Katie needs an emergency c-section. NOW. Katie convinces Bill it’s the right thing to do, but turns down a general anesthetic – she may never wake up – and if she is to die Katie wants to see her son, see Bill holding their son.

Katie begs her husband not to blame their child for the thing he’s most afraid of (losing her) and tells him to love first, not try to control of change Liam or their son.

Bill supports Katie through the delivery. The medicos are tense as they control a bleed, but Bill and Katie’s son is born. Bill is emotional and the family spends their first moments together. Katie’s monitors throw alarms as her heart rate escalates, she passes out, and then flat lines….

And it’s all Bill’s fault

Bill watches helplessly as the medical staff jump into action administering meds and preparing the crash cart…knowing that Katie’s condition is his fault – on two fronts:

1. He allowed Katie to proceed with the pregnancy; but more damning

2. But more damning: Bill was responsible for triggering Katie’s premature labor and putting himself in the situation he fears most: losing his wife during child birth and hating his new born son.

Katie goes into premature later after learning about Bill's manipulations of Liam and Hope's Italian wedding (Deacon Sharpe)
Katie goes into premature later after learning about Bill's manipulations of Liam and Hope's Italian wedding (Deacon Sharpe) | Source

What did Bill Spencer do to trigger Katie’s labor?

Fans of the Bold and the Beautiful have been waiting for months for Bill Spencer to be held to account for his actions in Italy – bringing Deacon Sharpe to Italy to prevent Hope from turning up to her wedding to Liam on time.

Last week that wait ended, when Deacon Sharpe rocked into Bill Spencer’s office after hearing about Hope and Liam’s failed marriage that never really was.

As Bill and Deacon argued about who was the worst father, Deacon highlighted Bill’s lousy record as a father: blackmailing a prison warden to release Deacon 6 years early so that he could prevent his daughter Hope’s wedding to Bill’s son Liam.

A shocked Katie overheard the conversation and an angry Deacon spilled all to a shocked and furious Katie. Bill eventually threw Deacon out of his office but was still faced by Katie’s wrath, not only that Bill brought Deacon into their lives, but because if his actions, using blackmail to free Deacon from prison, came out, he could be sent to jail. Katie accused Bill of destroying their lives and doubled over in pain as contractions started….


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      Danielle 4 years ago

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      sabrina 5 years ago

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