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The Bold and the Beautiful Bombshell – Maya Avant is Transgender!

Updated on March 23, 2015

Nicole Reveals Maya’s Secret

The more jaded soap opera viewers amongst us were sure we knew where Nicole was headed with her reveal of the secret she’d been using to blackmail her sister, Maya.

“You’re not my sister,” a tearful Nicole stated after a confrontation with Maya that say Maya tell her little sister to dish on the secret or get out of her house.

Here it comes…”You’re my mother..” soap opera fans yelled at their TV screens. If you’ve watched soap for many years you have likely witnessed the “you’re not my sister, you’re my mother” plot bomb go off many time. So many times that its almost expected when there are siblings many years apart in age.

But that wasn’t where Nicole was going….

“You’re not Maya at all” Nicole followed up. Jaded viewers sat forward in their seats. Not the, I’m your mother plot device. Was that next clue perhaps pointing to Maya being a doppelganger? While fans were wracking their brains trying to make sense of the next clue, Nicole continued…

“You’re Myron. You’re my brother…”

Roll credits.

Did The Bold and the Beautiful Expose Forrester Creations Lead Model as Transgender?

A true surprise. Sure there had been rumors floating around that Maya had been a man, but they were mostly discredited as the wild suppositions of fans waiting for Rick to get a smack down for his recent bad behavior – to everyone – except Maya.

Twitter was set alight with “Maya” trending. West Coast fans of the soap opera were warned to get off Twitter and social media in general. This was a storyline they wanted to witness first hand, not through a second hand telling on the internet.

Continuity and Backstory

Soap opera fans will buy into almost any kind of storyline. Possessions, kidnappings by sheiks, back from the dead storylines. Anything. But it has to fit in with a characters backstory.

Maya’s Baby

And the initial response was that Maya being transgender didn’t fit. The character had after all come to Dayzee looking for the child that she’d place for adoptions when Maya went to jail.

It turned out that Maya’s baby had died in a car accident with her adoptive parents. But that wasn’t the only inconsistency. Maya’s baby also had a baby daddy – Jesse – who Bill Spencer brought to Los Angeles to blackmail Maya into staying away from Rick.

Maya's Birth Certificate

As The Bold and the Beautiful's transgender storyline continued details relating to Maya's backstory came out:

Maya originally told Rick the waiter that she came to LA from the Midwest to pursue an acting and singing career. A claim held up by Maya's singing voice.

Maya told Nicole in their discussion that she had to leave Illinois and come to California because there were things she could only do there. And it turns out that had little to do with singing and acting. Maya had her birth certificate changed! Which would allow her secret not to be exposed during background checks.

Still, Bill Spencer has busted Deacon from prison early, and found out the details of Maya's arrest, but this piece of legal paperwork alluded him?

Background Checks

Bill had done a thorough enough background search on Maya to find Jessie but not turn up that Maya had been born Myron. Justin’s crack investigative team has a thing or two to answer to.

Rumor has it that Nicole put two and two together when she found Maya’s birth certificate naming her a baby boy Myron. Its hard to believe that in the background checks performed by Forrester Creations upon employing Maya that little gem didn’t turn up. (see beside).

With inconsistencies mounting fans began to believe that perhaps this was a red herring reveal and that Nicole had somehow gotten her wires crossed.

Confirmed – Maya is Transgender

That conclusion was however quickly quashed as Bill Bell, Executive Producer for The Bold and the Beautiful and Karla Mosley, the actress who portrays Maya, confirming that Maya was indeed transgender and that the episode to screen after the weekend (and a two day preemption) would address some of those issues.

Breaking New Ground

Soap Opera’s have long been known for breaking new ground and despite there having been transgender characters in the past, Maya is an ongoing character in a small ensemble cast. While this storyline will garner attention, what happens when the initial shock and awe fades? Is it as easy to ignore that Maya is transgender in future storylines as it is to “forget” that Days of our Lives Philip Kiriakis lost a leg in service of his country?

Transgender Soap Opera Characters

Are The Bold and the Beautiful viewers ready for a transgender main character?

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Potential for Backlash?

The Bold and the Beautiful also faces the potential for viewer backlash. A good segment of the soap opera fan base have been watching for the entire 25 years of the soap opera. Thought the storyline is pitched as being about love and tolerance you have to wonder if some of the older fans are up accepting this story.

As the most watched soap opera in the world, The Bold and the Beautiful could also face cultural reactions to the storyline also.

The Maya Quiz

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