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The Bold and the Beautiful: Hope Gives Liam a Taste of his own Medicine – with Wyatt!

Updated on April 20, 2014

With Steffy nobly handing Liam over to Hope because Steffy couldn’t give Liam what he so desperately wanted – a family – Hope and Liam seemed to finally have their chance.

But Liam was still grieving the loss of his and Steffy’s child and now also had his wife’s departure to deal with as well. He wasn’t ready to jump straight back into wedding planning with Hope.

Brooke should have known this, but instead she sent Hope and Liam to Big Bear to reconnect. It didn’t quite work out that way. Hope left Liam in the cabin and went for a walk in the wilderness.

That walk would introduce a new obstacle into Hope and Liam’s relationship.

Where have I seen Darin Brooks Before?

Wyatt Fuller on The Bold and the Beautiful is portrayed by Darin Brooks.

Soap fans may recognize him from a previous soap opera role on Days of our Lives.

Darin Brooks also portrayed Max Brady, race car driver, garage owner and financial backer of Jeremy Horton's Touch the Sky airline from 2005 until March 16, 2010.

Max Brady left Salem with Chelsea Brady to live in London and study medicine. Max was newly revealed to have an aptitude for Maths and science (he corrected Nick's green energy formula's).

Darin Brooks Naked and Photographed on Days of our Lives Also!

The Naked Prince Charming Cute Meet – Hope meets Wyatt

Hope found a hot naked guy taking a solar shower in the woods. Finally Hope exhibited some of the girly behavior you would expect from someone her age. She used her cell phone to snap a photo.

Naked Guy heard the click.

Hope ran. Naked guy donned some clothes and gave chase. Presumably he didn’t want photos of his butt on Facebook. Hope tripped and knocked herself out. Naked guy kissed her and Hope awoke to look into the eyes of her new Prince Charming.

Wyatt Fuller – Naked Guy – made it clear that he was smitten with Hope Logan. He pursued her. Hope enjoyed Wyatt’s attention and suddenly Liam found the dynamic in his and Hope’s relationship had changed.

Soap Trivia

Darin Brooks' opening scenes as a naked Wyatt Fuller wasn't the first time he had been naked and photographed by a woman. The actor also had a similar set-up during his time on Days of our Lives.

Hope finds a naked guy in the woods at Big Bear

Hope and Wyatt had a classic soap opera cute meet.  Combination naked guy and Prince Charming
Hope and Wyatt had a classic soap opera cute meet. Combination naked guy and Prince Charming | Source

Liam gets a taste of his own medicine

For years Liam Spencer had ping-ponged back and forth between Hope Logan and Steffy Forrester. With two successful intelligent young women both vying to be in Liam’s life, Liam was never without female companionship. It was either Steffy or Hope that was left on the outer in this love triangle.

That changed on when Liam got a taste of what he’s been doing to Steffy and Hope for all these years. And he didn’t like it.

Liam was supposed to meet Hope at a party. But Liam had been distracted by a visit from his father. Bill took the view that Liam was never going to find out why Steffy left for Paris by going partying with Hope. Bill’s words hit home and Liam called Steffy instead of keeping his date with Hope.

Hope wasn’t impressed that Liam was late and told him not to bother coming – by the time he got to Rick’s 4th of July pool party it would be over.

Hope wasn’t enjoying the party alone however. She had prince charming, Wyatt to keep her company. And Wyatt wasted no time in telling her that Liam wasn’t treating her very well and that he would never do that to Hope if they were together.

Liam and Wyatt meet

Liam turned up anyway and found Hope in another man’s arms watching the fireworks. Who is this Liam wanted to know taken aback. Wyatt gallantly introduced himself noting that Liam must be the guy who had stood Hope up.

Liam wasn’t happy to find Hope hanging with Wyatt and pretty much said so. Hope reminded Liam that he was late. Liam defended himself saying he simply lost track of time and he was here now. But Hope stood her ground.

She knew exactly why he was late – what time is it in Paris? Hope asked knowingly. Hope was exhausted and frustrated knowing that Steffy is thousands of miles away in Paris and still coming between them. Steffy left him; Hope reminded Liam and told him that she is right here.

Liam tried to salvage the situation telling Hope they could still have a good time, but Hope told him to leave without her. The party is over. Liam left.

Hope and Wyatt kiss

But the party wasn’t over.

Wyatt who had been on the periphery listening in was there to comfort Hope. He couldn’t help but overhear and Hope filled him in on her history with Liam – the engagements, almost weddings and another woman who is technically still his wife.

Wyatt called Liam an idiot. He has a beautiful woman in front of him and doesn’t know what to do. Wyatt does – he complimented Hope and then kissed her.

Hope is clearly taken with Wyatt. As they pulled back from the kiss, Hope noticed a familiar necklace around Wyatt’s neck – a Spencer sword!

Could Wyatt be a Spencer?

After kissing Wyatt on the 4th of July Hope noticed Wyatt wore a necklace just like Liam and Bill's....Is Wyatt a Spencer?
After kissing Wyatt on the 4th of July Hope noticed Wyatt wore a necklace just like Liam and Bill's....Is Wyatt a Spencer? | Source

IS Wyatt a Spencer?

Or just buy his jewelry from the same place as Bill? Note: Wyatt’s mother, Quinn, is a jewelry designer….

UPDATE!: It turns out Wyatt IS a Spencer - How did it come out?

© 2014 Daytime Divas


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