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The Bold and the Beautiful: Hope Leaves Liam at the Altar and Runs Away to Hawaii with Wyatt! (with Video)

Updated on April 24, 2017

When Steffy left Liam after the loss of their baby and “gave” Liam to Hope so that he could have the life that Steffy couldn’t give him, Hope was keen on walking down the aisle with Liam. So much so, that when Steffy wanted a divorce, rather than annulment, Hope laid down a pretty big ultimatum. We get married soon, she told Liam, or we don’t get married at all.

Well, Steffy granted Liam an annulment (a divorce has a 6 month waiting period in California) but six months after Steffy’s departure, Hope and Liam still weren’t married. Hope argued that she needed time to be convinced that Liam wasn’t still in love with former wife, Steffy.

While Hope took that time, Wyatt, Liam’s new half brother, decided Hope was fair game and he stepped up his pursuit of his brother’s girl – a task made easier due to the fact that he and Hope were now working together (Quinn Artisan Jewelry won the contract to provide jewelry for Hope’s HFTF line)

Hope enjoyed having the Spencer brothers fighting over her.  Eventually Liam called a halt to it.
Hope enjoyed having the Spencer brothers fighting over her. Eventually Liam called a halt to it. | Source

Liam delivered Hope an ultimatum

After months of Hope enjoying the romantic attention of both the handsome Spencer brothers, Liam was ready to get married. Hope justified her actions by reminding everyone that she had been through the same with Steffy, but not for months but for years. But as Aly, Hope’s cousin, reminded Liam an eye for an eye isn’t fair and not very “Hope”.

Liam prodded into action by Hope’s cousin Aly finally told Hope that enough was enough. Liam had proven his commitment to Hope, now it was Hope’s turn to do the same. Bill was no longer a problem, Steffy was on another continent and Amber too was a distant memory. There was no reason for them not to marry Liam told his intended.

Liam to Hope: Marry me now

They marry now. Or they don’t, Liam told Hope simply. And if they do marry, Liam added, Hope had to cut ties with Quinn and Wyatt – personally and professionally. They had done nothing but interfere in their relationship since their arrival, Liam argued.

Though uneasy about cutting ties with Wyatt and Quinn, Hope accepted Liam’s ultimatum. She had asked the same of Liam – that he not connect with Steffy anymore, so Hope and Liam planned a wedding before Christmas.

Wyatt pleaded with Liam not to make Hope break the business contract that Quinn Artisan jewelers had with Forrester Creations, but Liam told his half brother that his promises to respect his relationship with Hope had come too late. He and his unstable mother had interfered once too many. They had no more moves Liam told Wyatt as he left.

Wyatt is Gracious in Defeat, Quinn Isn’t

Wyatt began packing up his office at Forrester Creations, but Quinn was offered an opportunity to good for her scheming mind to ignore. Steffy stopped in to see Eric at Foresters’. She’d come to LA for a doctor’s appointment and was headed back to Paris immediately.

Quinn hitched a ride to Paris on the Forrester jet with Steffy under the guise of pitching the international team. But lady luck handed Quinn another good hand. While in Steffy’s office Quinn over heard a conversation Steffy had with her doctor – the news was good – she could now conceive and carry a child to term.

Wyatt wished Hope the best on her wedding day unaware that his mother had gone to Paris to manipulate events to turn out in Wyatt's favor.
Wyatt wished Hope the best on her wedding day unaware that his mother had gone to Paris to manipulate events to turn out in Wyatt's favor. | Source

Steffy goes to see Liam

Steffy moved past her second thoughts and crossed the lawn set out for Liam and Hope’s wedding and proceeded to the cabin. Liam saw Steffy through the window and brought her inside.

Steffy shared her good news with Liam. Liam was happy to see Steffy back to her normal self. He’d worried about the dark depression that had descended over her after the loss of their baby. Steffy told Liam the ONLY reason she’d left him was because she couldn’t give him the family he wanted and deserved. Liam understood what Steffy was saying but told Steffy that he was committed to Hope.

Quinn brings Steffy back to LA to stop the wedding

Despite Steffy understanding that Quinn was working her own agenda, she succumbed to Quinn’s argument that Liam deserved to know about her ability to have a baby before he married Hope. This is a game changer Quinn told her.

Steffy and Quinn boarded the Forrester jet back to Los Angeles. Steffy was determined to tell Liam her good news.

Quinn sent Steffy to Brooke’s estate where the wedding was taking place. Liam was getting ready in the cabin Steffy was told.

Hope stood Liam up on their Wedding Day

Hope didn't wait to find out WHY Steffy was with Liam, she just walked away and called off the wedding.  She changed and went straight to the Forrester jet that was set to take Wyatt to Hawaii.
Hope didn't wait to find out WHY Steffy was with Liam, she just walked away and called off the wedding. She changed and went straight to the Forrester jet that was set to take Wyatt to Hawaii. | Source

Steffy and Liam are seen

Quinn didn’t leave anything to chance. Under the guise of wishing Hope well, Quinn left a note on Hope’s dresser. It was supposedly from Liam. It asked Hope to come see him at the cabin despite tradition deeming it bad luck.

Hope skipped across the lawn and towards the cabin only to stop dead in her tracks and her smile to disappear just as quickly. Though the window of the cabin she saw Liam with Steffy.

The wedding is off

Hope didn’t hang around to find out what was going on. Liam being with Steffy on her wedding day was enough to push her buttons where Steffy was concerned.

Brooke came into Hope’s room to check on her progress getting dressed. Hope was dressed – but not for a wedding. She’d donned jeans; boots and a sparkly sweater and told her mom she wasn’t marrying Liam. Hope left not explaining what had happened to change her mind.

Hope goes straight to Wyatt

Hope went straight to the airfield where she knew Quinn and Wyatt had the jet engines primed for a trip to Hawaii. Quinn was trying to convince her son not to leave before he knew that Liam and Hope were officially married.

Hope arriving told Quinn that her plan had been successful. Hope reinstated Quinn to her job and told Wyatt that she was coming to Hawaii with him.

Hope left Liam at the altar and ran away to Hawaii with Liam's brother, Wyatt.  But Liam went after Hope!
Hope left Liam at the altar and ran away to Hawaii with Liam's brother, Wyatt. But Liam went after Hope! | Source

Liam plays Sherlock Holmes

Liam questioned Brooke about what happened and hearing about the note put two and two together realizing that Hope had seen him with Steffy. Liam also realized that it must have been Quinn who wrote the note.

Liam learned from Donna at Forrester’s that she wasn’t a fan of Quinn’s either. Donna believed that Quinn did manipulate events so that Hope ended up going to Hawaii with Wyatt. Upon learning this news Liam immediately boarded the Spencer jet. Destination? Honolulu International Airport.

Liam had plenty of time to think on the flight. Quinn wrote the note – he was sure of that. But Quinn had also recently returned from Paris. Liam called Donna from the plane and asked her to find the passenger manifest for the Forrester jet’s last flight – from Paris to LA. Donna called back and confirmed what Liam thought – Steffy and Quinn were on the flight together.

Not only had Quinn choreographed Hope into seeing Steffy and Liam together, she’d also been responsible for bringing Steffy back to LA – on his wedding day.

How did Liam find Hope?

Donna explained to Quinn just how Liam would find Hope while Quinn was gloating that Hawaii was bigger than it looked on a map and Liam might be in Hawaii but he wouldn’t find Hope.

Donna smugly told Quinn that Liam had put an app on Hope’s phone (hopefully with he consent!) that put her exact location on a map.

Liam finds Hope

Wyatt and Hope had separate rooms at their Hawaiian resort, but Wyatt made no secret of the fact that he hoped there could be more between him and Hope. Hope, however, kept reminding Wyatt that she wasn’t on a vacation – she’d run out on her wedding.

Hope did, however, concede that she should have known nothing good could have come out of a wedding that came from an ultimatum.

Wyatt agreed with Hope that she hadn’t overreacted in seeing Steffy and Liam together when it looked like Hope might have been having second thoughts. Wyatt also did his best to distract Hope with sunscreen rubs and Mai Tai’s.

Keeping Liam out of Hope’s mind was hard to do when he was banging on her hotel door! Wyatt's reaction to seeing Liam? "You've got to be kidding me?"

It was Quinn. It was all Quinn

While on board the jet, Liam called Donna to test his theory that Quinn was responsible for the derailment of his and Hope’s wedding. He asked Donna to find out who was on the Forrester jets passenger manifest on the return flight from Paris. Donna called back with the news that both Quinn and Steffy were on board. Liam also believed that Quinn had written the note. It didn’t make sense for him to have done it, Liam stated – correctly.

Liam broke this news to Hope. Quinn had brought Steffy to Los Angeles and Liam also believe d that she had left the note for Hope. Hope admitted she did find Quinn in her room. Hope wanted to know if this was true from Wyatt. But Wyatt disavowed any knowledge (he was telling the truth)of his mother’s plan. Working through events however, Liam and Hope wanted to know how Steffy had known where to find him at the cabin. It would have made more sense for Steffy to go to Liam’s house. Someone must have told her, Liam stated.

Wyatt admitted that he’d told his mother where Liam was and that he couldn’t even really remember how it had come up.

But why was Steffy there?

Hope wanted to know what Liam and Steffy had to discuss that was so important. Liam would explain, he told Hope but not in front of Wyatt. Hope asked Wyatt to leave them and Liam told Hope that Steffy wanted to share the news that Steffy against all odds had had successful treatment to allow her to conceive and carry a child to term.

Hope believed that meant that Steffy wanted to have children with Liam now. Liam told Hope that he didn’t think that was what Steffy’s visit was about. Perhaps she’d had some thoughts along those lines, Liam said but he set her straight and sent her on her way. Steffy had just wanted to liberate him from the regrets associated with losing the baby and Steffy no longer being able to have children Liam explained.

Steffy is still a problem

Liam had explained everything to Hope. Steffy was simply there to share good news and then Liam sent Steffy on her way. Wyatt working his own agenda told Liam that it wasn’t about why Steffy was there or how she got there, it was that he made time for her on his wedding day. Even more important was how it made Hope feel.

Hope agreed that she’d thought she was okay with Steffy. But she wasn’t. This latest wedding fiasco had made her realize she would never be ok with Steffy. Liam argued that Steffy herself wasn’t so much the problem as both of their reactions to Steffy. They can work on that.

Liam conceded that he should had sent Steffy away noting it was his wedding day and caught up with her news some other time. But Hope shouldn’t have run either. She should have come into the cabin and she would have realized how innocent the meeting actually was.

Come home with me

Liam begged Hope to come home with him to LA. They could get married there or they could marry here in paradise he told Hope. But Hope just pulled her hand out of Liam’s. Liam headed back to the Forrester jet alone – but not before Wyatt suggested his brother go to Paris to be with Steffy. He was wanted there, Wyatt rubbed in. Hope didn’t want him here in Hawaii. She wanted Wyatt.

Who will Hope chose in 2014?

So the big question as 2014 starts is “Who will Hope chose in 2014?” Will it be Liam? Or Liam’s slightly older brother from a different mother, Wyatt?

Happy New Year

Liam would have seen in the 2014 New Year on board the Spencer jet between Honolulu International Airport to Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, Wyatt comforted a sad Hope who was having trouble believing their relationship would end this way after so many years. Wyatt told Hope he was there for her. Later Wyatt encouraged a sad Hope to remember that tomorrow she would wake up to a brand new shiny year. Wyatt told Hope that he thinks believes Liam still thinks there is hope for the two of them. And her would believe that until Hope moved on. Maybe move on with me, Wyatt suggested….


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I would lyk for hope and liam. To be together cause there have been many obstacles for them in the past and stephy seems jelous because hope was dating Oliver and steffy went to Oliver ,fine then she left Oliver and went to liam but steffy followed her I don't know if she is in for revenge for what happened to her mother

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I lyk liam nd steffy 2 b 2gether nd have another baby 4ever nd I wnt hope to be with wyatt 4ever nd fogert things nd start over all of them nd carry on


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