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The Bold and the Beautiful: Hope Marries Wyatt on the Rebound

Updated on April 24, 2017

As soon as things became rocky for Hope and Liam’s relationship over Hope’s accepting the Hope for the Future diamond from Wyatt, Wyatt dropped any pretense of accepting Hope and Liam’s relationship.

On the flight to Paris for a press tour and photo shoot featuring Hope, the diamond and the Eiffel tower, Wyatt began reminding Hope that Liam was a constant source of disappointment to her and that he, Wyatt, had never let her down. Wyatt still wanted a life with Hope he told her. But Hope resisted Wyatt’s advances and told him that Liam was meeting her in Paris after the photo shoot to get married.

Liam misses his meeting

With the photo shoot and subsequent press conference wrapped up, Wyatt walked Hope to the “special spot” where Hope was to meet Liam at 3pm. Hope waited in the sunshine for Liam to arrive. Wyatt waited in the distance hoping that Liam didn’t come. He had an agenda of his own to work.

Unbeknownst to Hope and Wyatt, Liam was in Paris and making his way to Hope but was delayed in getting to Hope when Ivy was pushed into the Seine by Quinn Fuller. Quinn, pleased with how her plan was turning out watched from a Parisian café through stolen binoculars as Hope began to worry about Liam’s absence.

By the time Liam fished Ivy out of the Seine and made it to his meeting place, Hope was gone.


Wyatt swoops in

Wyatt wasted no time once Liam was officially late. Again he reminded Hope that he had never disappointed her and he still wanted to be with Hope. A rejected and jilted Hope left with Wyatt for the Spencer jet. Wyatt and Hope were headed to Monte Carlo and Bill Spencer’s yacht – the Stella Maris.

En route, Wyatt kept up with the messaging. Liam had let her down again. Wyatt had never let her down. A dejected Hope simply listened still trying to make sense of Liam’s rejection. Hope did finally agree that she was tired of the disappointments and getting her hopes up just to have them come crashing down time and time again.

Secrets that could derail Hope and Wyatt's Marriage

Hope's rebound marriage to Wyatt has many tests to endure in the near future. What will happen when these secrets come out?

  • Liam was in Paris.
  • Quinn pushed Ivy into the Seine delaying Liam from meeting Hope
  • Wyatt left the US knowing the Mexican police wanted to question him about Ricardo's death
  • Quinn was back in town and Wyatt didn't tell Hope who was very clear about not wanting Quinn as a mother-in-law in the past

Monte Carlo and Wyatt proposes

Aboard the Stella Maris, Wyatt and Hope were welcomed by the ship’s crew. Wyatt joined Hope where she was enjoying the view of Monte Carlo across the water. Wyatt asked Hope to let Liam go and put him in her past.

Wyatt pulled the Hope for the Future diamond from his pocket and presented it to Hope as a token of his unwavering love and commitment to Hope. He offered Hope a life without pain, vacillation and disappointments. Wyatt asked Hope to say right that she would marry him – right here right now. All she needed to do was say “yes” to a life without disappointments.

Hope and Wyatt marry

Despite merely hours ago planning to meet Liam and marry him, Hope agreed to marry Wyatt. While Wyatt waited on deck wearing a pale grey suit Hope got ready for her wedding. Wyatt thanked the ships First Mate for purchasing the dress he requested. Hope arrived on deck barefoot wearing a strapless white dress and the HFTF diamond.

The stood before the Captain of the Stella Maris and said their vows.


News of Hope and Wyatt's marriage spreads

News of Wyatt and Hope’s marriage travelled to Los Angeles when the Captain of Bill’s yacht called him to confirm that Bill had okayed his son’t use of the boat. Miss Logan was with him, but she wouldn’t be Miss Logan for long since Wyatt had also requested that the Captain marry the young couple.

Bill called Brooke. He also called Liam in Paris, obtaining the number from the Forrester International offices. Liam was devastated that Hope could turn around and marry his brother after Liam being late just once.


Wyatt told Hope that he never thought about marriage until he met Hope. Together they could do anything Wyatt told his bride to be. He promised Hope a life of joy and smiles.

Hope told Wyatt that from the first day she’d met him he’d been impulsive and spontaneous. He challenged her to see things in a different way. She thanked him for letting him see life through his eyes. The takes life and dives right in.

Dive in with me Wyatt asked of Hope. We’re ready. Marriage is a leap of faith.

And a leap of faith

Hope pondered Wyatt’s words then silently removed the HFTF diamond from her neck handing it to the Captain. She then headed to the front of the boat and stoop up on the railing. A worried Wyatt followed. When Hope beckoned to him he understood her intent. He joined her and together thye took a leap of faith into marriage and into the waters off Monte Carlo.

The Captain caught up with then and as the resurfaced he declared Hope and Wyatt married and told Wyatt he could kiss his bride.

How long will Hope and Wyatt's Marriage Last?

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