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The Bold and the Beautiful: Hope Pushes a Pregnant Steffy!

Updated on April 24, 2017

Last week, on cliffhanger Friday, the action in the Hope, Liam and Steffy triangle escalated another notch.

Much to everyone’s surprise learning how she was deceived by Bill, Rick, Deacon and Othello has give Hope a new level of confidence and maturity. She’s not a little girl anymore and she’s not going to be pushed around - in fact, quite the opposite.

Liam asked Steffy to move out

Steffy returned from Paris ready to tell Liam about their baby that she is carrying, only to discover that encouraging Liam to spend time with Hope (to get her out of his system) while she was gone, had backfired.

Hope requested that Liam ask Steffy to move out of the Malibu cliff house to level the playing field which Liam, yet again, decided which of the lovely ladies he wanted to be his partner in life. And, possibly partly due to a kite display that Brooke organized, to remind Liam of his and Hope’s Italian wedding, Liam did just that devastating Steffy.

Unaware that Steffy is pregnant, Hope lost her temper and pushed Steffy
Unaware that Steffy is pregnant, Hope lost her temper and pushed Steffy

Will Steffy lose her baby after having a serious motorcycle accident?

Hope gloats, Steffy rants

This turn of events did little to improve relations between Hope and Steffy. Hope turned up in Steffy’s office with no clear objective except to gloat about Steffy’s altered living arrangements. Steffy became angry and resorted to Logan bashing, as Taylor, Steffy and Thomas have taken to of late. Resentments from a childhood where Steffy’s father, Ridge, left her mother, Taylor, for Brooke, umpteen times fueled the tirade.

Hope became angrier and angrier telling Steffy her mother had nothing to do with their current situation and to leave her family out of it. But Steffy continued. Hope’s fists balled as her temper soared and finally she snapped.

Hope pushed Steffy. Steffy stumbled backwards twisting around and landing on her desk. Her stomach took the full impact and Steffy, with a horrified look on her face fell to the floor clutching her stomach in a gesture to protect her baby.

Want summary of the action in the Hope Liam and Steffy Love Triangle?

Tell Us What You Think!

Do you think Steffy will ultimately lose her and Liam's baby?

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Does Hope cause Steffy to miscarry? (Warning! Spoilers and Speculation)

Cliffhanger Friday planted the seed that Hope’s flash of temper could cause Steffy to miscarry. Steffy may miscarry this child sometime in the future, but our speculation is not yet.

We haven’t had the big reveal to Liam. Before Steffy and Liam have to deal with the emotions of potentially losing a baby there are too many other twists to play along the way.

Steffy has once again chosen to keep the truth from Liam. Steffy knew about Bill’s involvement in sabotaging Hope and Liam’s Italian wedding but chose not to tell him. Taking so long to tell Liam he was about to be a father reeks of the same behavior. No matter how many altruistic motivations she places on it (I don’t want Liam to be with me just because we have a child), Steffy has chosen once again to conceal the truth from Liam. There’s a good week of storytelling in that alone.

Spoilers also indicate that in future weeks Steffy hears her baby’s heartbeat for the first time and will rushes to stop Liam marrying Hope before he knows about their baby. So we think baby STEAM is safe – for now.


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    • profile image

      Maria 3 years ago

      At first I thought that Liam and hope had something good going on. Now I know that only Steffy loves him unconditionally, only she loves him but had the courage to let him free, only see makes him SO happy. All what Hope is doing is keep him away but then want him back. I am tired watching the logans win Ridge, Liam, Erick, Caroline come on its not interesting anymore. Steffy should be with Liam because she makes happy when Hope makes him miserable. In Holland we are in the episode that Othelo will lie, from what I read Liam is going to be with Hope. I will certainly stop watching before Liam is going back with his sick obsession with Hope.

    • profile image

      penelope 4 years ago

      If steffy lose the baby I don't think I can be able to watch B&B again,am tired with the logan

    • profile image

      teejay 4 years ago

      I don't care wat brook did in the past, steffy and bill are always causing trouble in in liam and hope's relationship.I hate husband snatchers so steffy shud never be with liam bcoz she snatched liam from her sister. Thus disgusting.who was liama's girl from the start and who manipulated and seduced liam on their night of the engagement? Steffy. That was wrong from the start and Hope should not be punished for her mum's sins.

    • profile image

      mary ann esquivel 4 years ago

      Plz don't let steffy lose her baby..her n liam belong together n its time for Taylor's kids to take charge ..its always the same ..Brooke n her kids win..time for Taylor's n her kids to win...also don't let Brooke lose her baby..maybe katy will go pyscho on her...

    • profile image

      rose morales 4 years ago

      i really hope steffy does not lose the baby. If they want to do something major just let her stay in a coma for a while in the meantime liam may seek comfort from hope only to have stephanie wake up and have the baby and not remember what happened. that's the only outcome that will come from her having the accident, but they will stay together even if she finds out about liam and hope. stay together for the sake of the baby

    • profile image

      Sewgood 4 years ago

      No!!!! Fans or not, Mr Bell needs to make the story line appealing to the watchers, an not do something that's gonna chase the viewers away! Granted it's a soap, but like any show, its there to entertain, draw attention an know what pleases the viewers. If people stop watching you can kiss the show good-bye. So he better be checking posts, cause I'll stop watching it to if Steff looses the baby an Liam. As for Brook, lol she's a pathetic sobbing insecure tramp, that cracks me up lol

    • profile image

      Suzy 4 years ago

      Has anyone considered that Steffy's head injury might make her completely paralyzed or worse suffer brain damage, and Liam would then have to care for both Steffy and the baby? The life that might end may not be a death, but a much worse scenario that binds Liam, Steffy and baby together forever.

    • profile image

      ch 4 years ago

      Ms. Bell please let steffy have a baby and health like other people said it time for Taylor family to have some happiness

    • profile image

      HP 4 years ago

      Why does Brooke and her family always win? Its disgusting, all the time. Give us a break.

    • profile image

      C luv 4 years ago

      If Steffy lose her baby I will no longer be watching the bold and beautiful anymore. I'm tired of Brooke and her family always on top. It's time for Taylor kids to be on top for a change. Let it be Brooke to lose her baby.

    • profile image

      shanna 4 years ago

      I think brooks baby will save steffys baby........everyone will find out about the affair

    • profile image

      Cmm 4 years ago

      Mr. Bell don't worry, your fauthfull fans will not desert you nor turn on you! Please don't listen to any haters! You are doing the right thing in the love triangle of Liam,Hope & Steffy! Im looking fwd to Mon. 5/13/13. Yeah!!! Much props to you!!! Liam & Hope always belonged together & Steffy will find the man for her & all will be happy!!!

    • profile image

      cj 4 years ago

      If Stefy looses the baby, I also know a lot of people who will stop watching the show, Liam and Stefy love each other, and Brook is causing enough problems, without adding Hope to the mix with Liam. Bell better write a mircle for Stefy and Liam and the baby, because enough is enough!!!!!!!!!! Get over it Hope, Liam is with Stefy and not just for the baby, he truly loves her!

    • profile image

      Moue 5 years ago

      Next. Bold and. Beautiful Webbings. Day

      Liam. Hope. Vs. Steffy. And. Tayio Vs. Brooke

      Rick. Hope. Ceas. Steffy goore. Bill