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The Bold and the Beautiful: Hope and Liam’s “Weddings”

Updated on April 13, 2014

Hope and Liam have made it to the altar many times – three times in the last year - and each time something has intervened to prevent their nuptials or rendered them invalid.

Hope and Liam’s wedding plans have ALWAYS been fraught with complications. Whether it’s Liam wanting to bring forward the wedding date so that he and Hope could be “together” or Bill Spencer delivering long lost father’s to the brides room minutes before she’s due to leave for the church, nothing has ever gone to plan with one of Hope and Liam’s wedding attempts.

With Brooke planning a fourth wedding attempt – a surprise elopement officiated over by the same priest who performed their Italian wedding, we thought it time we did a review of each wedding attempt before deciding whether this latest Brooke elopement plan will stick.

Hope learns on her "wedding" day that Steffy hasn't signed the papers to annul Steffy and Liam's marriage.
Hope learns on her "wedding" day that Steffy hasn't signed the papers to annul Steffy and Liam's marriage. | Source

Hope and Liam Wedding No. 1

After Bill’s manipulations of Steffy’s medical records in Cabo came to light, Liam dumped his wife and re-committed himself to Hope. Hope, needless to say was ecstatic, and not wanting to keep Liam “waiting” any longer hurriedly organized an immediate wedding. All this was based on the assumption that Liam’s current wife, Steffy, would sign the annulment papers.

She didn’t. But Liam didn’t have to courage to tell Hope that until her mother’s home was ready for the wedding and she and Liam were standing before the preacher.

When Liam did tell his intended, Hope went off. She tore out of the house and headed straight to Taylor’s place, where Steffy was staying.

Over at Taylor’s, Thorne had arranged a Valentine’s Day delivery of a chocolate fountain for his Valentine, Taylor. That romance was pretty much played out off screen. Steffy and Hope argued. Surprise. And Hope lost it. The order of events is a little hazy but Steffy and Hope ended up in a catfight. Chocolate from the chocolate fountain was hurled, pretty much destroying Hope’s wedding gown number 1.

The upshot ended up being that Steffy would not annul her marriage. She would give Liam a divorce, with a six month waiting period, but she wouldn’t pretend her marriage to Liam never happened.

Hope and Liam had a dream wedding in Italy
Hope and Liam had a dream wedding in Italy | Source

Hope and Liam Wedding No, 2 – Italy

Liam and Steffy’s divorce was finalized. And Brooke wasted no time in organizing an Italian wedding for Hope and Liam. What no one counted on was Bill being so set against a Hope and Liam union that he bribed a prison warden to ensure Deacon Sharpe, Hope’s biological father’s, release from a Genoa City prison.

The price of Deacon’s freedom six years early? Deacon had to prevent Hope from making it to the church on time. Which he did. But the wedding went ahead. Late. But it went ahead. Of course during the delay Liam reunited with Steffy albeit briefly.

That reunion was caught on video. A video that, Brooke, Ridge and eventually Hope would get hold of.

Hope caught an eyeful of how much more than “kissing” transpired during her wedding delay at the same time that Liam learned that their wedding wasn’t legal in the US and they would have to go to town hall to sign some papers to legalize their Italian nuptials in the US.

Angry and humiliated, Hope refused.

After wedding attempt no 3..."its over",Hope tells Liam "You don't deserve me."
After wedding attempt no 3..."its over",Hope tells Liam "You don't deserve me." | Source

Always the Groom Never a Husband!

Hope and Liam Wedding No. 3 – The Forrester’s Mansion

Hope eventually calmed down and told Liam she needed to purge the bad memories associated with Italy from the memory by having a new wedding. Hope and Brooke convinced Stephanie to host the shindig.

While Hope was in full Wedding planning mode, Liam was celebrating his last day as a bachelor with Steffy touring LA and then on to the local LA club scene.

On what should have been the eve of their wedding, Hope and Liam had a quiet romantic dinner planned at the Malibu cliff house. Liam was waiting for Hope when he received a call from Hope. She couldn’t make it.

Determined not to let Hope standing him up ruin his last night of freedom, Liam went to the same club again and found Steffy. Again they partied the night away and slept poolside at the hotel where the club was located. The DJ was Ricks buddy from Aspen, Othello.

Steffy delivered Liam to the Forrester mansion the following morning sporting a new hairdo and a temporary neck tattoo. Liam was horrified when Hope dumped him. His new image was only part of the problem Hope told Liam. The bigger problem was that once again, when Hope was unavailable to him, Liam went after Steffy. Hope decided she deserved better and Hope and Liam broke up – again.

When it looked like Hope might forgive Liam, big brother, Rick, interfered and had Othello the DJ tell Hope that Liam and Steffy had been “all over each other” at the club the night before her wedding. That was enough to cement Hope’s resolve to stay away from Liam.

How did Liam learn about his and Steffy's Baby?

In the middle of the elopement wedding ceremony - of course. Read how it happened!

Hope and Liam Wedding No. 4. – Brooke’s Surprise Elopement at the Malibu Cliff House

Newly single, Liam did what Liam has always done. He turned to Steffy and the two reunited. Steffy moved back into the Malibu house and for a while life looked good for Liam and Steffy.

But, Hope learned two important things. First that Rick had lied about what Othello had witnessed at the club the night before Hope and Liam’s last wedding attempt. Hope told Liam about her brother’s lie and that she wanted Liam back. Steffy be damned.

Then after a conversation with Dayzee, Hope realized that Bill Spencer had been responsible for sabotaging her Italian wedding. Now Hope was determined to have the life she and Liam should have had, if not for everyone’s interference. There was nothing stopping them, Hope reasoned to Liam. Liam didn’t have any real ties to Steffy. All they had to do was move Steffy out.

Liam did ask Steffy to move out, but so he could have some space to make his choice. Who would he chose this time?

Brooke saw this as Liam’s choice already been made. With Steffy moved out the road was clear for Hope to reclaim her life. So Brooke set about organizing an elaborate recreation of Hope and Liam’s Italian wedding as a surprise elopement at the cliff house.

What will go wrong?

The only problem is there is now a new piece to the puzzle. Steffy is pregnant. With Liam’s baby. A fact that Liam and Hope are as yet unaware of.

Will the baby bombshell be dropped at Hope and Liam’s next wedding attempt? We believe so. And Liam being Liam will use this new piece of information to stall on making yet another decision. Or will a baby weaken Hope’s resolve to be with Liam? It did when they thought Amber’s baby was Liam’s, for a while anyway.

Either way, there will be no Hope and Liam wedding this week. So now we wait for Hope and Liam Wedding No. 5….

Brooke has planned an elopement re-enactment of Hope and Liam's Italian wedding.  Will they end up man and wife?
Brooke has planned an elopement re-enactment of Hope and Liam's Italian wedding. Will they end up man and wife? | Source

The end of Wedding No. 5

Steffy caved in to Quinn's pressure to return to Los Angeles and tell Liam that she can now have children. Quinn convinced Steffy that Liam deserved to know and that Steffy's ability to have children was a game changer.

Steffy turned up at the cabin where Liam was getting ready for his wedding and told him her miraculous news. Liam was glad to see Steffy was back to her old self. The days and weeks after losing the baby and when she left Los Angeles she was so depressed.

Steffy told Liam she never stopped loving him and that the ONLY reason she gave him to Hope was because she could give Liam the family he so wanted so badly. Steffy told him that wasn't the case anymore.

Liam caught Steffy's drift and told Steffy that she would have babies - just not with him. He was committed to Hope.

But thanks to Quinn, Hope was at the cabin and witnessing the tender moments as Liam shared Steffy's joy and comforted Steffy after telling Steffy that the motorcycle accident and losing the baby broke them.

Hope didn't stay around long enough to hear why Steffy was present on her wedding day. She got dressed in jeans, boots and a sparkly sweater and high tailed it to the airport where Hope told Quinn she wasn't fired anymore and Wyatt that they were going to Hawaii!

Liam goes to Hawaii after Hope!

Hope left Liam at the altar and ran way to Hawaii - with his brother - Wyatt! What happened when Liam followed Hope to Hawaii?

Hope and Liam Wedding Attempt - No.5

December 2013 sees Liam, inspired by what Aly Forrester said to him, deliver Hope an ultimatum. Enough is enough, he decided and told Hope that he has demonstrated his commitment to her and all she had done is play games (with his half brother Wyatt!)

Liam wanted Hope to marry him immediately. Liam also demanded that Hope remove the influences of Wyatt and his mother Quinn from their relationship but ending the contract tying their jewelry company to Forrester Creations.

Liam asked Hope if she had any reason not to marry him. Hope said she didn't and agreed to marry Liam immediately, despite that the proposal came delivered as an ultimatum. She had no reservations about them as a couple , but she did have reservation about dumping Wyatt and Quinn at Forrester Creations.

Liam, however, was adamant that point was not negotiable, so Hope headed to her prearranged dinner with Wyatt and told him she couldn't see him anymore, personally or professionally....Wyatt was dumped from Hope's life and Forrester Creations.

But spoilers are indicating that Hope and Liam's wedding scheduled to occur before Christmas at Hope's mother's house will not be without incidence.

Especially since Steffy is slated to return to town. Look for Liam to be right about Quinn's interference. Quinn convinces Steffy that there is still room for her to have a future with Liam - especially since Dr. Caspary features in Steffy's return to town (is Steffy not so infertile after all?)

Update: Its true! Steffy can have children now thanks to procedures she underwent while away in Paris!

Steffy and Liam are together on his wedding day to Hope. And just like Hope's other wedding days we can expect that Steffy's presence will cause Hope once again to question if she is second fiddle to Steffy.

Language in the Comment Section

I love to see comments about Hope and Liam, Steffy and Liam, and Hope and Wyatt. I really do. But please, use the kind of language you would want to hear coming out of your children's mouths. There are many young fans of The Bold and the Beautiful who may read these pages.

Comments that don't use "polite" language will not be approved. Thank you, and I hope you understand.


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    • profile image

      niokar Simon 

      12 months ago

      It is high time that Hope and Liam gets married. These two have been through enough drama with everyone trying to keep them apart especially Steffy and Bill. Please put Liam and Hope together and give them a child too.

    • profile image

      makhosi Nyawo 

      3 years ago

      I want liam and hope marriage I like this couple (from south africa) makhosi

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Liam and Steffy is THE perfect couple, Hope is not good for Liam! I don't know Whyat (i'm from Belgium, and he's not at the soap yet) but i would like to see Hope with Thomas.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      well for me i think liam and steffy deserves to be together!!! hope is such a nice girl too but il go with liam and steffy!!! thank you...

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Hope is a softy, Liam and Steffy are a better couple.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      hope needs to dup wyatt and marry liam

    • profile image

      Love a true end 

      4 years ago

      If hope and liam don't get married then they need to take them off the soaps why is Quinn and wyatt always getting away with bad thing quinn need to be put in a crazy house trying to keep hope and liam apart for her son and how could wyatt still be so dirty after his brother trust him with hope i hope that she married liam they make such a beautiful couple

    • profile image 

      4 years ago

      Okay enough is enough!!!! If Hope and Liam has any other interruptions and aren't married soon then Bold and the Beautiful will be history in my book. It has been long enough you took the original Ridge Forrester(Ron Moss). This is just


      long overdo.

    • profile image

      Bonnie Dunlap 

      4 years ago

      I really hope that Liam and Hope finally get together permanently. I don't like Wyatt and his mother is a psycho

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I want Liam hope to get back together.... I don't like wyhat.

    • profile imageAUTHOR

      Daytime Divas 

      5 years ago from Salem, Genoa City, Port Charles...

      Well, I had been disappointed with February sweeps (2104). The big events were just a little to predictable: A Brooke and Ridge wedding, and Katie collapsing to prevent said wedding. Then seemingly out of nowhere comes Aly's anger issues. With Aly aagainst a Hope and Wyatt pairing and jus a little unbalanced to boot, things could actually get interesting between Hope and Wyatt....and here I though B&B were positioning Quinn as the new resident loony. Loving this Aly twist....

    • profile imageAUTHOR

      Daytime Divas 

      5 years ago from Salem, Genoa City, Port Charles...

      @MadameLux, I have to agree. I loved Wyatt when he was first introduced and even thought there was good chemistry between Wyatt and Hope. BUT over recent months he has been too cocky and obnoxious. I'm no longer feeling Hope and Wyatt at all...which means the whole Liam, Wyatt and Hope triangle is a little dull - at the moment. I'm finding more interest in Katie, Ridge and Brooke but even that triangle (quadrangle if you count Bill) isn't providing the drama I'm used to in a February sweeps month.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Wyatt is such a terrible character and this whole on off situation with Hopes and Liams wedding is looking silly and makes you lose interest in the show. Wyatt is far from charming he is a disrespectful pratt.

    • profile imageAUTHOR

      Daytime Divas 

      5 years ago from Salem, Genoa City, Port Charles...

      Looks like B&B may have hit love triangle gold again - Fans are starting to vote for a Hope and Wyatt match-up! Of course that means Liam would be free for a potential Steffy return....Are Hope and Wyatt fans also Liam and Steffy fans????

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      please keep hope and wyatt together

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Please let Hope and Liam marry once and for all and be happy!!

    • profile imageAUTHOR

      Daytime Divas 

      5 years ago from Salem, Genoa City, Port Charles...

      @pr. Somehow I believe you are going to be disappointed....Hope and Liam's inability to see it all the way through the "I do's" and have it be legally binding, has taken over from Pam and Donna as the comedy duo.

      Reminds me of Sami Brady's inability to get married in her younger days on Days of our Lives. That became a running joke too!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      This is it. If Hope and Liam do not get married this time, I and probably a lot of other people with stop watching. Enough already. Can't the writers of this show write anything else, except the same over and over again.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Hope should move on with oliver. Because it look likes Liam is the only man in B&B ,there are a lot of men in B&B. Please let Steffy and Liam bee. Thank you

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      When will Hope finally get a break Bradley Bell and be with the man she loves for all these years... Why write Steffy to come in and steal Hope's life and happiness with the man she loves. What kind of message are you send out to the B&B viewers that it is ok to manipulate, lie, scheme, trap, and a man. Those are the things one should do to get a man.. especially if the person he is with gets hurt.. Really BELL what is that. Hope and Liam represents what millions of relationship crave and look to B&B for solitude.. not a reminder of there present life or the fair there of. Many fans that support the character Steffy believe in what she is going .. to get what someone elses have, bascially Idiolize the character Steffy personality on the show..... and in some way validates there own character in real life. Mr. Bell we urge you to change this storyline really quick.. before many more relationships or marriage get distroy by the present storyline. let make things right... Let Liam and Hope get a chance to explore their love for each other without all the interference. And stop making good people like the character Hope Logan hurt. Thank You ... and Thank you for B&B

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Hope needs to drop Liam. Liam deserves Steffy drama


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