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The Bold and the Beautiful: Hope Logan finally dumps Liam Spencer

Updated on January 3, 2014

Update! Runaway Bride - December 2013

Just as Hope and Liam were about to marry in pre-Christmas ceremony at Brooke's house, Steffy learned that her infertility had been reversed!

Steffy turned up on Liam and Hope's wedding day and shared the good news with Liam. Hope saw them through the window.

She didn't wait around to see why Steffy was there or even hear what Liam told her. Steffy was messing up yet another one of wedding days. Hope got dressed - just not for a wedding....Where did she go?

And did Liam go after his bride? You bet!

Hope and Liam try to Marry...Again....

After yet another failed wedding attempt, Hope finally found some gumption, and dumped Liam Spencer on what should have been their wedding day.

The Hope, Liam and Steffy love triangle is arguably the most popular love triangle to grace The Bold and the Beautiful, since the ladies' mothers, Brooke and Taylor duked it out metaphorically for Ridge Forrester. Though Ridges vacillations weren't as speedy as Liam's, Ridge too had a problem choosing between two women to spend his life with.

October 2013 - Hope calls of engagement to Liam - Again!

She's done it again! And, yes, despite Steffy being a continent away in Paris, Steffy is the reason that Hope dumped Liam - Again!

Hope tells Liam the Wedding is Off!

Hope tells Liam that she deserves better than him.
Hope tells Liam that she deserves better than him. | Source
Hope and Liam thought they were married after the ceremony in Italy.  But alas, they weren't!
Hope and Liam thought they were married after the ceremony in Italy. But alas, they weren't! | Source

Didn't Hope and Liam Marry in Italy?

Hope and Liam, after a failed attempt at marrying in Italy, did finally tie the knot on a cliff face overlooking the Adriatic sea. But as tends to happen in soap operas all was not as it appeared. There were a handful of secrets that would read their ugly head ending Hope's illusion of Perfect Wedding.

Of course, to add insult to injury, Hope once again tied her career to an event in her personal life, by launching a Perfect Wedding line of wedding gowns. So, once again, Hope's dreams would be shattered, not only in her personal life, but in her professional also.

Despite everyone's best efforts, Hope saw the damning video of Steffy and Liam on her Italian wedding day.
Despite everyone's best efforts, Hope saw the damning video of Steffy and Liam on her Italian wedding day. | Source

But how did Liam and Hope end up not married after the wedding in Italy?

After Liam and Hope returned from Their Italian honeymoon, Liam made the mistake of leaving his iPad at Brooke and Ridges place. Brooke while looking at the wedding and home, on photos found a video on the tablet - of Liam and Steffy!

Brooke struggled with whether or not to watch the video, but Katie convinced her that anything to do with Steffy and Liam together on Hope and Liam's wedding day was bad news. They watched the video to discover it was a recording of Liam and Steffy making out just moments before, Hope arrived back at the hotel to find Liam. (they'd missed each other in their first wedding attempt that day thanks to Bill Spencer's machinations.)

Though every attempt was made to destroy the video, and Protect Hope from how far things went between Liam and Steffy (and their plan to run off together), Due to Brooke's hit or miss computer skills, a copy of the video ended up on her laptop, where not only Ridge saw it, but Hope did too.

Hope's reaction was pretty much any new brides reaction to her husband behaving in the fashion Liam did on their wedding day. Hope lost it, having previously forgiven Liam his indiscretion. The problem was, Liam described the event between him and Steffy as "there was kissing" omitting references to heavy petting and rolling around on the bed, not to mention the plan to run off together.

Hope moved out of the Malibu house and back to mother - again. And when Hope learned her and Liam's marriage wasn't valid in the US, Hope ripped up the marriage papers!

Liam had ruined her wedding day for her! Hope eventually came round, but she needed a new wedding, that she wanted held at Eric and Stephanie Forrester's to give her a new wedding day to focus on. One that didn't involve Liam's ex wife, Steffy.

While Hope plans their wedding, Liam spends the day with his ex-wife, Steffy!
While Hope plans their wedding, Liam spends the day with his ex-wife, Steffy! | Source
Hope calls Liam and cancels their pre-wedding dinner plans when Stephanie has a health scare.
Hope calls Liam and cancels their pre-wedding dinner plans when Stephanie has a health scare. | Source

Hope and Liam's Wedding at Eric and Stephanie's Home.

While Hope spent the day with Brooke, Pam and Stephanie planning a wedding for the following day - she didn't want to make Liam wait - Liam woke up in a pool cabana at a Los Angeles hotel after dancing the night away, with Steffy. Steffy took Liam out for the day, since he wouldn’t have a bucks night and tried to convince the fickle Mr. Spencer that perhaps he shouldn’t be marrying anyone right now and just enjoy life.

Steffy showed him a great day - first on her motorbike, which she apparently rides with such skill that Liam was left breathless (yet Steffy overturned an ATV in Cabo), then onto the beach for beach volleyball, some fun at Venice beach and then dropping Liam at the Malibu house for his special dinner with Hope on the eve of their wedding.

Meanwhile, Hope was about to leave Stephanie's place to meet Liam, when Stephanie suffered a coughing fit. Concerned given Stephanie's history with lung cancer, Hope chose to cancel on Liam and stay with Stephanie until Eric got home. Hope honored Stephanie’s request not to worry anyone and didn't tell Liam why she couldn't make dinner.

Given Hope’s history of bailing on him, Liam was definitely disappointed and confused but decided not to sit home and mope. He went out – with Steffy at the club from the night before. The duo had a great night out – even meeting up with some of Steffy’s “Hollywood” friends. While Steffy went to call a car to take home, Liam disappeared. Steffy did find him but he had a few modifications…

One’s Liam didn’t remember until Steffy showed Liam his new look the following morning – his wedding day – for which he was already late.

Here comes the Groom with red hair and ink?

Meanwhile at the Forrester’s mansion, the flowers were arranged, the caterers served brunch and the bride was dressed and the guests had arrived. But where was the groom?

That question was answered when a motorcycle roared up the drive dropping Liam off. Hope came outside to greet Liam, but Liam kept his motorcycle helmet on, so that Hope wouldn’t see his new makeover (Red faux-hawk and neck tattoo).

Liam rushed off to get ready in the guest house, hoping that the dye and ink would come off with a shower. It didn’t. Hope arrived to check on Liam and saw his new look. They argued. Not so much about Liam’s ink and hair dye but the fact that once again Liam had been with Steffy.

Liam with ink and red faux-hawk begs Hope to forgive him.
Liam with ink and red faux-hawk begs Hope to forgive him. | Source

Hope Dumps Liam

An angry Hope stormed off to the main house after telling Liam that he didn’t deserve her and that the wedding was off.

Liam, still wet from a shower and in his boxers ran after her. Liam dropped to his knees and begged Hope’s forgiveness - a humiliating sight that Bill Spencer couldn’t abide. Bill took his son back to the guest house and tried to reinstall some pride in his son. Liam was a Spencer Bill yelled and Spencer men don’t beg… Liam and Bill argued hurling insults at each other before Liam broke down in his father’s arms….

Hope and Liam eventually spoke. But the wedding – it was still off.


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I want hope and liam together

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Steffy should be with Wyatt,,,his perfect

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I love steffy! ok she took some wrong turns but come on, steffy is real, not selfish like hope! love alone is not enough in a relationship or marriage! you need someone who brings out the best in you someone who doesn't give up on you! that's who steffy is for liam. liam loves Hope but that love is

      something hope created, using her purity and this perfect picture she is created for herself to rule men. like brooke using her sexuality. unfortunately men fall deep for this but they are never happy because such women turn to be extremly boring and fake! steffy on the otherhand is reall goes for what she loves and belives in. hope and liam have never gone through their marriage because is always about hope and her principle! never about her and liam. hope always uses this statement like, " my wedding day, never our wedding day" soooo fake!!! she made all these rules crusading about it and at the end she was the same person who went against them! liam's father bill is right his son belongs to steffy not hope! in fact liam should dump Hope logan!!!

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Put Hope and Liam together! Wyatt is not the guy for Hope! Quin is not mother n law material Brooke is!

    • profile image

      mandy kemptner 

      4 years ago

      Liam want you be with steffy i want you realife hope liam you will be so happy with steffy is wide more better liam iam your fan of you and iam steffy fan liam you are the one who protect her and acceints i really want you thinking back about steffy and your self please liam this is only you need liam she is your only need and you supporting her on everything and you cared about and you married to her and she married to you i really want go mback to paris and be with your wife

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I think you should bring Steffy back and hook her up with Wyatt. Hope won't like that one bit.

    • profile image


      5 years ago


    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Hope and Liam do belong together!! Writers please, they have the chemistry , marry them and let them be happy!!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Please let liam and hope get married the belong together

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I think Bell should put Steffy and Liam together because they deserve each other , they should over come any problems because a true love overcome any thing

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I think hope and Liam belong together. He's only with steffy for the baby he's in love with hope!! Come on as much as they have been through they still find there way to each other. Bell put them together and steffy with Oliver!!!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I think that Hope and Liam belong together.They have been through so much and if Ms Meddling Pants had not meddled,Hope and Liam would have already been married

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      i think that liam and steffy are a great coulple

    • profile image

      Rita Riikonen 

      6 years ago

      Add Your Comment..Hey there the writers of this soap opera! Could you write Hope Logan's role out of the serie, please? It's so boring to watch that endless " lovestory". Let Liam find new true love, ok,

      All the best

      Rita Riikonen



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