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The Bold and the Beautiful: Katie Logan Spencer Pregnant – Will Bill Spencer Lose his Wife?

Updated on April 8, 2013

Heather Tom Expecting Too! It's a Boy!

Heather Tom also announced that she, like her character Katie Logan, on The Bold and the Beautiful is expecting also! Her baby, a boy is due in October, 2012.

This bodes well for Katie and Bill's baby which has obviously been written into the storyline to accommodate Heather's real-life pregnancy. In true soap style though I'm sure there will be some drama along the way. Katie's fragile heart offers plenty of material. And who doesn't want to see more of the emotional Bill Spencer who admitted to his wife he needed her and couldn't lose her.


Heather Tom delivered a baby boy, Zane Alexander, on 28 October, 2012.

It’s rare to see Mr. “Dollar” Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) show real emotion. But this week’s spoilers of the Bold and the Beautiful show Bill react to the news that his wife Katie (Heather Thom) is pregnant with an emotional outburst. First he demands she gets an abortion. Then later in the clip we see Bill emotionally tell his wife “I’m not losing you!”

In real-life news of a baby is generally good news, but on a soap opera it can go either way. So why is Bill so emotional about his wife’s pregnancy? That’s easy. Her last pregnancy after her heart transplant could have killed her.

Katie chose to continue with that pregnancy regardless of the risks, and the spoilers for this week would indicate her reaction to the news she is carrying her husband’s child will be the same.

To understand how Bill and Katie will react to the news you have to understand some of Katie (and Bill's) history. And it all starts with two shootings and a heart transplant...

It's a Boy For Bill and Katie Too!

Like Heather Tom and her husband, Bill and Katie are expecting a son!

Will Katie and Bill's son be born prematurely?

Look for Katie Logan Spencer to overhear a conversation that sends her stress levels soaring. Will a health crisis ensue? Will Katy deliver her and Bill's son prematurely? And will Bill be forced to choose between the life of his son or his wife? Watch The Bold and the Beautiful this week (September 17-21, 2012 and September 24-28, 2012) to find out!

Katie learns Storms heart saved her life

Katie Logan’s Heart Transplant

Katie struggled with her brother Storm over a gun and Katie was shot. (Storm lost the plot when Ashley Abbott backed off from their relationship after she discovered Storm was responsible for Stephanie’s shooting).

Katie was rushed to the hospital and placed on a heart lung machine until a donor heart could be found. But the situation looked grim. At the eleventh hour (for Katie’s survival) a guilty Storm took his gun and shot himself making it clear that Katie was to have his heart.

Katie received Storm’s heart and a solid dose of survivor guilt. Unfortunately, Katie began to reject Storm’s heart and it looked like Katie would die anyway.

Bridget finds out about Katie's pregnancy

Katie miscarries Nick's baby

Katie falls pregnant with Nick’s baby

The entire Logan family went out of their way to ensure Katie’s last days were happy. Katie stayed with niece Bridget, where she had already become fond of baby Jack acting as his sitter and developed a crush on Bridget’s fiancé Nick. Bridget asked Nick to make Katie’s last day’s happy, which he did by reenacting her high school prom and taking Katie on a trip to Catalina.

Despite being in love with Nick, Katie married Nick and Bridget (Katie became ordained online) only to discover after the wedding that Katie was pregnant with Nick’s baby!

The news ended Nick and Bridget’s short marriage and Bridget's relationship with her Aunt who she felt had betrayed her by sleeping with her husband. Katie was determined to proceed with the pregnancy despite the dangers her heart condition posed. Katie eventually lost the baby, and Nick. Nick was still in love with Bridget.

Bill Meets Katie

Katie gets drunk and meets Bill Spencer

Uncharacteristically chivalrous, Bill Spencer did the right thing and took care of Katie when she got drunk after losing Nick. Of course Bill didn’t initially realize that Katie was a “Logan”. Despite that Bill had also been involved with Donna the Katie and Bill became a couple and eventually married.

Bill is keenly aware of Katie’s fragile heart condition as it caused her to have a heart attack when Katie learned Bill was leaving her for Steffy. Bill of course stayed with his wife, and directed Steffy towards his son, Liam - but that's a whole other story.

The birth of their son was only the beginning of Katie and Bill's troubles with Katie suffering from post partum depression (PPD) and unable to bond with her son because she thought she was going to die.

Bill and Katie's marriage would be tested again once baby Will was born....
Bill and Katie's marriage would be tested again once baby Will was born....

What does Katie’s Pregnancy mean for Bill and Katie?

Katie will learn that the same risks exist in this pregnancy as did when she miraculously fell pregnancy with Nick’s child. Whenever Bill is faced with his wife’s mortality due to her heart condition he goes into over protective mode highlighting how much he really does love Katie.

But in this case, Bill will be looking to protect Katie from something Katie will want very much – a child. Despite their rocky past, Bill truly loves his wife and doesn’t want to lose her by continuing with a pregnancy that could kill her. But if Katie is as committed to this pregnancy as she was her last, then Bill may just lose her whichever way they go.

If Katie continues with the pregnancy and carries the baby to term, she may not live to raise the child she wants so much, and Bill will lose his wife. Yet, if Katie does abort the pregnancy as Bill wants, could she ever forgive him?

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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      aaag its always the same thing over and over isn't it very obvious the katy or the baby will die then Bill goes back to persue Stefy. some old thing boring its time to change

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      there baby is so freaking adorable

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      wouldn't you do everything possible to avoid getting pregnant in the first place if you knew it would cause this much upset? in the real world yes of course. in soap opera land miracles always happen and no one ever feels bad for being reckless in their own situation.

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I think katie is jealous of liam that's why she wants a baby didn't happen til liam grab all bills attention!!!!!!! Katie is jealious ,the logans always get what they want dam who it hurts.


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