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The Bold and the Beautiful: Liam Learns Quinn Is the Reason He Isn’t Married to Hope

Updated on March 22, 2015

Quinn Thinks Her Secret is Safe

While Quinn was busy congratulating herself on setting in motion the chain of events that saw Hope ditch Liam and run off to Monte Carlo to marry Wyatt, those very actions were being brought to Liam and Ivy’s attention.

Bill Spencer Keeps Quinn Secret

Quinn was busy gloating to Bill Spencer about her finest work when she admitted to Bill that it had been her that pushed Ivy into the Seine. Liam’s reaction was predictable, Quinn told Bill. Of course he would jump into he Seine and rescue Ivy. Mr Goody Two Shoes and Miss Prim and Proper made an ideal couple – according to Quinn.

Bill Spencer’s initial instinct was to tell Liam, Hope and Wyatt what Quinn had done, but agreed to keep Quinn’s secret. Bill had never thought Hope and Liam were right for each other and with Hope married to Wyatt, Bill wasn’t sure what purpose the truth would serve at this point. Keeping Quinn’s secret, however, seems like a serious, error in judgment. Especially once Liam found out.

Charlie and Pam rushed the surveillance footage they sourced over to Liam.  It wasn't fate that interfered with Liam meeting Hope in Pars.  It was Quinn!
Charlie and Pam rushed the surveillance footage they sourced over to Liam. It wasn't fate that interfered with Liam meeting Hope in Pars. It was Quinn! | Source

Charlie Works a Theory

While Bill and Quinn thought their secret was safe, Forrester security guard, Charlie, was working a hunch that Quinn was not only in Paris but responsible for Liam missing his rendezvous with Hope.

Charlie has been untrusting of Wyatt and his mother since Wyatt pocketed the HFTF diamond faking a jewel heist in the Forrester Creations boutique. Charlie suspected that Quinn had once again manipulated events to ensure her baby boy, Wyatt, ended up with the girl, Hope.

Charlie Calls in Some Favors

Pam found her beau, Charlie, hidden away in his office at Forrester Creations. He had a crime board erected as he worked his latest case – proving Quinn pushed Ivy into the Seine. Pam was initially disbelieving. After all, Quinn had supposedly been in therapy after trying to kill Liam. She was claiming to be cured of her compulsive need to interfere in her son’s life to the point of murdering those who got in Wyatt’s way.

Quinn’s Customs Records

While Pam was with Charlie he received a text from a colleague in Customs. Attached to the text was customs documentation showing that Quinn had gone through Customs on the same day that Ivy fell into the Seine. But Charlie wanted conclusive proof – so that Quinn couldn’t weasel her way out of the allegation.

Paris surveillance cameras proved that Quinn was not only in Paris but was responsible for Ivy's dip in the Seine
Paris surveillance cameras proved that Quinn was not only in Paris but was responsible for Ivy's dip in the Seine | Source

Paris Surveillance

An employee at Forrester Creations International in Paris provided the proof Charlie needed. Having been responsible for setting up the surveillance for the photo shoot in Paris at Trocadero Gardens she had contacts who had access to the surveillance footage from the cameras around Paris.

When Charlie received that footage they saw Quinn stealing a scooter from Charles d Gaulle Airport and following Ivy and Liam in their limousine on the way to the Eiffel Tower. They also had footage of the bridge where Ivy settled on the ledge to take a photo of Liam and Hope’s rendezvous. As Pam and Charlie watched the footage they saw a disguised Quinn walk past and quite intentionally push poor Ivy into the river.

It Wasn’t Fate, It Was Quinn

Pam and Charlie rushed the damning evidence to the Cliff House where Liam and Ivy had come to the conclusion that it was too soon for Liam to be thinking about another relationship. He was still in love with Hope and not quite ready to move on.

Charlie and Pam showed Ivy and Liam the surveillance video telling them that Ivy falling into the Seine hadn’t been an accident – she’d been intentionally pushed. Liam wondered who would want to hurt Ivy. But Charlie told him that the perpetrator had wanted to hurt Liam. Fate hadn’t intervened to prevent Liam from making it to Hope – it had been Quinn!

Can Hope and Wyatt’s Marriage Survive?

Meanwhile Hope and Wyatt’s marriage was already on shaky ground. Hope clearly still had feelings about Liam, even immediately after her marriage to Wyatt. While still on her honeymoon on Bill Spencer’s yacht she’d been looking over photos of her and Liam.

Then when the newlywed, Hope and Wyatt returned home, they returned home to the news that Liam had been in Paris. Hope was still dealing with those feelings when the green eyed monster came out over the news that Liam was moving on with his life – by kissing Ivy.

Add to that Wyatt’s news that he wanted to cement their relationship by moving into Liam’s larger, Cliff House so that he and Hope could start a family and Hope not being sure where she stands on that issue.

Could the news that Hope and Wyatt are married only because of Quinn interfering, once again, be the death knell for Wyatt and Hope’s marriage? One thing is certain – there won’t be any little mini Hope’s fathered by Liam running around any time soon. Liam is certain to make another play for his former fiancé now that the truth surrounding Hope and Wyatt’s impromptu wedding is out…


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