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The Bold and the Beautiful: As Liam and Hope Prepare to Marry Steffy Learns She Isn’t Barren

Updated on March 22, 2015

This month, December 2013, has seen a couple of big changes in the Bold and the Beautiful love triangles consisting of Hope, Liam and Steffy, and Hope, Liam and Wyatt.

Just as Liam has convinced Hope via an ultimatum that they should marry before Christmas Steffy received some news that may change her decision to walk out on her marriage to Liam….

Steffy Gives Liam to Hope

Six months ago, Steffy Spencer, seemingly in a trough of grief over the loss of Liam and her baby, told Hope that she was leaving Los Angeles for good and that Liam was hers. Love him and be good to him, Steffy asked of Hope and then boarded a plane to Paris.

Hope was stunned. As was her mamma, Brooke Logan. But Brooke is never one to look a gift horse in the mouth. With Steffy barely off the long haul flight to Paris, Brooke sent Hope and Liam on a romantic getaway to Big Bear to allow the young couple to reconnect.

Too soon for Liam…

It was too soon. With Liam still working through the grief of losing his baby with Steffy – a child they both wanted very much – and mystified by Steffy’s sudden desire to end their marriage, Hope sent Liam back to Los Angeles, while she decided to enjoy nature.

It turned out that it wasn’t nature that Hope was enjoying but the vista of a naked guy taking a solar shower in the woods. That hot boded naked guy, Wyatt Fuller, turned out to be the half brother that Liam Spencer never knew he had. Thanks to Hope, Wyatt learned that his father wasn’t dead by was alive and well. He was Bill Spencer.

The trip that Brooke Logan had hoped would cement Liam and Hope’s relationship would instead drive a wedge into it as Hope’s attraction to Wyatt grew over time – especially as they began working together. Wyatt’s mother’s company, Quinn Artisan Jewelers was brought on board at Forrester Creations to match their jewelry to the designs for Hope’s HFTF line.

Wyatt continues to pursue Hope

Despite Hope being engaged to his brother, Wyatt continued to pursue Hope. He was forthright and bold about his feeling for Hope. After all that Liam had put her through with Steffy, Hope frankly enjoyed giving Liam a taste of his own medicine.

Wyatt continued to impress Hope both personally and professionally. Wyatt and Quinn organized a rare diamond to be loaned to Forrester Creations to help promote the HFTF line. The Diamond was said to have mystical powers. While the diamond was present at Forrester Creations things seemed to go well for Wyatt with Hope.

Hope and Liam become engaged

Hope was patient with Liam, for a time, but as her attraction to Wyatt grew she also became impatient for Liam to move on with his life and commit to her. Liam was still wearing the wedding ring that Steffy had placed on his finger despite Steffy being adamant that they were over.

After a quick trip to Paris to finally find out once and for all why Steffy had left him, Liam learned that Steffy had sacrificed their marriage so that Liam could have a future with a woman who could provide him the family he so desperately wanted. Steffy told Liam that due to complications after the loss of their baby, she was infertile. She was barren and wouldn’t be able to give him those children.

Liam high tailed it back to Los Angeles, removed his wedding ring and proposed to Hope.

Liam makes Steffy a video, too

Steffy through the video was beautiful – but wanted one of her own – a momento of their time together. Liam agreed and sent her a beautiful video commemorating their love.

Liam makes Hope a Video

With Hope continually making noises about not being convinced that she is the only woman in Liam’s life and that she still worries about Steffy returning an pulling the rug out from under her – again – Liam decided to make a video tribute for Hope.

Hope was thrilled believing that this finally was proof that Liam was hers and only hers. But what Hope didn’t know was that Liam had accidentally sent the video to Steffy also (in an attempt to email it to himself he’d accidentally chosen Steffy’s name from his contact list instead of his own).


Wyatt’s mom interferes

While leaving his computer equipment backstage at a Forrester HFTF fashion show, Quinn found the email on Liam’s computer and sent it anonymously to Hope.

Hope was livid and immediately removed her engagement ring telling Liam that if he was truly committed to her then he wouldn’t have made that video for Steffy. Especially since he knew how much it was an issue between them and would upset Hope.

Liam didn’t understand all the drama. It was a final goodbye to Steffy. He would never forget that he was married to her and what they shared and Hope shouldn’t ask him to, Liam reasoned. He could be committed to Hope and remember the good times with Steffy.

Wyatt takes advantage

Wyatt used the end of Hope and Liam’s engagement as the green light to step up his campaign to make Hope his. Liam did not give up on him and Hope either. He took every opportunity to get Hope to put her engagement ring back on her finger.

But Hope was adamant. She was taking this time to concentrate on her career. With that statement she opened the gates for both Liam and Wyatt to woo her. And they did.

Hope enjoyed the attention and wearing the HFTF diamond

For months Hope enjoyed having two men chase after her.  Ad chase they did.  Finally Liam delivered an ultimatum just getting in before Wyatt made a grand move to make Hope his.
For months Hope enjoyed having two men chase after her. Ad chase they did. Finally Liam delivered an ultimatum just getting in before Wyatt made a grand move to make Hope his. | Source

Aly tells Liam he deserves better

Aly Forrester, Hope’s cousin, who was shadowing Hope at Forrester Creations with a view to creating her own shoe line one day, didn’t like the changes she saw in her cousin, Hope. Having once idolized Hope and having told her father upon her return “what girl my age doesn’t want to be Hope Logan”, Aly took the opposite stance when she saw Hope stringing along both Wyatt and Liam.

Aly told Liam that he deserved better than Hope’s treatment of him. Liam tried to defend Hope by saying he’d put Hope through worse with Steffy, but Aly just responded that an eye for an eye wasn’t right. Someone had to tell Hope.

Liam’s ultimatum

Liam went off to do just that. Enough was enough Liam told Hope. He’d proven his commitment to her it was time for Hope to do the same. And stop playing games with Wyatt.

Liam wanted Hope to agree to marry him, before Christmas, and to remove Wyatt and Quinn from their lives. That meant dumping them from the Forrester team. Hope was reluctant to end Quinn and Wyatt’s contract with Forrester Creations but for the sake of their relationship, Hope did it.

Hope and Liam thought their lives would proceed peacefully now. Steffy was gone from their lives and Wyatt and his obsessive mother would be too.

Quinn’s asks Steffy to stop Hope and Liam’s wedding

Aboard the Forrester jet, Quinn tried to engage Steffy in a conversation targeted at getting Steffy to return to Los Angeles and stop Liam and Hope from marrying. To her credit, Steffy pretty much shut down Quinn’s attempt. Steffy saw through Quinn’s motivation.

If Steffy and Liam reunited, Wyatt could be with Hope and that would surely cement her companies positions, Steffy told Quinn. Quinn claimed she only had her son’s happiness in mind, but Steffy told Quinn that she didn’t know her or Wyatt and that Wyatt’s crush was none of her concern.

Steffy filled Quinn in on why she ended her marriage to Liam. Steffy did it because she’d no longer be able to give Liam the family she’d taken away from him when she decided to ride her motorbike while pregnant. Quinn apologized. She hadn’t known she and Liam had a child let alone that they’d lost it.

Steffy visits Los Angeles

What Hope and Liam didn’t realize was that Steffy was making a flying visit to Los Angeles. Literally. In and out on the same day via the Forrester jet that Eric had allowed Steffy to use, Steffy had simply returned to Los Angeles for a doctor’s appointment and after a quick visit with Eric was headed back to Paris.

While at Forrester Creations offices, Steffy met Quinn, who saw this as an opportunity. Quinn fed Eric some baloney about wanting to meet the team at International and with Eric’s blessing hitched a ride to Paris with Steffy on the Forrester jet.

Back at Forrester International

Steffy got Quinn set up at Forrester International but not before Quinn tried to convince Steffy one more time that she belonged in LA with Liam not in some self imposed exile in a foreign country.

Just as Quinn was about to leave for the conference room Steffy received a phone call from Dr. Caspary. Steffy stated that she’d been waiting for the medico’s call and Quinn listened in. Dr Caspary told Steffy that this was the type of call she enjoyed making. Her procedures had been successful. She could see no reason why Steffy couldn’t conceive a baby and carry it to term. I can have a baby? Steffy said into the phone with tears in her eyes.

Quinn overheard the conversation between Dr Caspary and Steffy where Steffy learned that she could once again have children.
Quinn overheard the conversation between Dr Caspary and Steffy where Steffy learned that she could once again have children. | Source

Steffy’s Reason for Leaving Liam no longer exists

That one phone call, and Hope and Liam’s inability to get to the altar and exchange vows over the past six months despite Steffy granting Liam and annulment.

Steffy left Liam not because she no longer loved him, but out of a noble desire for Liam to have the family that Steffy could no longer give him. It seems Steffy has been busy over the past six months in Paris having procedures to try to correct the damage done after her miscarriage. And Steffy has been successful. She can now give Liam a family. And as Quinn noted the mere mention of Liam’s name shows that Steffy is still in love with Liam.

Will Steffy Return to Los Angeles and Liam?

Quinn has also just overheard Steffy’s news. Desperate to not only secure her position at Forrester Creations and see her son happy (what is it with these overprotective interfering mothers – can you say Stephanie the second?) Quinn will definitely step up her campaign to see Steffy return to Los Angeles where Liam and Hope are due to have yet another attempt at getting married – before Christmas.

The Hope, Liam and Steffy Love Traingle - All the twists and turns

Liam is tested – will it be Steffy or Hope?

Spoilers indicate that Steffy does return to Los Angeles. And tells Liam her news. With the reason for Steffy’s leaving Liam no longer an issue will Steffy be keen to reunite with Liam? Or will she hold true to her decision that Hope and Liam should have their chance to be together? Either way, Hope is slated to have yet another wedding day that doesn’t go her way. Liam disappoints Hope, yet again, on her wedding day, by being with Steffy.

Is Hoe secure enough in Liam’s commitment to her to brush it off ? Or will Liam and Steffy’s being together reopen that recently healed wound caused by playing second fiddle to Steffy in Liam’s life for the past three years?

© 2013 Daytime Divas


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    • profile imageAUTHOR

      Daytime Divas 

      4 years ago from Salem, Genoa City, Port Charles...

      The Bold and the Beautiful continues to air daily in the United States (just finished watching November 12 episode!). There is no news of CBS cancelling the soap opera. You should continue to see B&B in the Netherlands for quite a while. If I understand correctly The Netherlands was recently about 2 years behind US airdates, but that gap is closing as there are currently 2 episodes of B&B airing each day on RTL1

    • profile image

      Abby van Spronsen-Greenwald 

      4 years ago

      Please tell me when the Bold and the beautiful series ends in USA and the Netherlands??? I haven´t seen any news about it anywhere but was told that it is already over in the States.


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