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The Bold and the Beautiful: Pregnant Steffy Loses Liam and Thomas Loses the Forrester Presidency Competition

Updated on June 18, 2013

Taylor, Thomas and Steffy – the Forrester under dogs

This week was not a good one for Taylor’s children. Both Steffy and Thomas lost things they desperately wanted. And they lost them to their Logan nemesis, Hope and Rick, a situation that is likely make Steffy Thomas and their mother Taylor see red.

Taylor has had long standing issues with her and her children playing second fiddle to Brooke and her children within the Forrester family. And events this week did nothing to ease those feelings. In fact it is more likely exacerbate them.

A pregnant Steffy witnesses Hope and Liam making out

Taylor discovered that she was going to be a grandmother to her first grandchild this week when she snooped in her daughter’s office and handbag. Steffy’s initial joy, however, was quickly dulled when she went home to tell Liam the good news. You see, Steffy arrived home to find Hope and Liam in a passionate embrace – on the bed she and Liam are currently sharing in their Malibu beach home.

Tears of joy become tears of sorrow

An emotionally distraught Steffy returned to her office to pick up her bags and head to the airport to catch a flight to Paris to see her father. (Ridge had called and requested his daughter come to Paris). While at her office Steffy admitted to Taylor that now was not a good time for her and Liam to have a baby, without admitting what she had just witnessed.

How will Steffy's pregnancy be used?

Steffy swore Taylor to secrecy about her condition and boarded her flight to Paris in tears. Steffy, had barely arrived in Paris, though and Taylor was having second thoughts, believing that Liam and definitely Hope should know about the baby.

Despite Steffy seemingly having changed her ways, it’s likely that she too will see this pregnancy as a way to hold onto Liam at some point in the future. So the real question is who will tell Liam that he is going to be a father? Taylor in a bid to protect her daughter’s relationship? Steffy? Or some other third party?


Thomas and Rick have been embroiled in a tug of war in both their professional and business lives since Caroline Spencer first arrived on the scene.

Thomas Loses Caroline Spencer to Rick Forrester

While Caroline initially was drawn to and dated Rick, Amber Moore’s machinations (with photoshop) drove the couple apart and Caroline began dating Thomas.

Thomas and Caroline was a photogenic if slightly dull couple. But Rick never gave up on winning Caroline back and leveraged some poor decisions made by Thomas – kissing Hope during a press conference – and added a lie about Steffy and Liam ( to keep Hope and Liam apart and Hope available to Thomas) to break up Thomas and Caroline.

Caroline returned to Rick’s side.

The Struggle to Run Forrester Creations - Rick and Thomas

At the same time, Thomas and Rick were embroiled in a business completion also.

When Ridge and Brooke went off on their honeymoon, Rick saw it as his opportunity to step up and take the helm and Forrester Creations and prove his ability to run the company. Unfortunately for Rick, when Ridge didn’t return from his honeymoon, Ridge appointed his son, Thomas as the interim CEO, ousting Thomas – not only from the position but from the office (via a window!).

Thomas made some unpopular moves as CEO including telling Brooke she was no longer family (now that she was no longer with his dad) and merely a valued employee. Thomas obviously had forgotten his own tenuous Forrester pedigree and displayed the arrogance of youth on more than one occasion, making changes for both better and worse.

Stephanies Will - The Game Changer

When Stephanie died, Thomas thought his position secure as Stephanie had promised Thomas her shares upon her death, making him majority share owner of Forrester. That decision was however reversed by Stephanie’s amended will where she gave control back to her husband, Eric.

Eric immediately announced a competition to be decided on the runway, on all aspects of a fashion show showdown. At the end of Thomas and Rick’s presentations, Eric made a decision.

Thomas Loses the Forrester Creations Presidency to Rick

Rick, with his 10 years business experience running Forrester International would be Forrester Creations new President and Eric’s protégé (with Eric remaining as CEO). Thomas was thrown a bone and appointed co-head designer with Eric. Thomas could see it as little more than having been passed over for a “Logan” once again.


The divide between Taylor and Brooke’s branches of the Forrester family tree has been long present. But recent events are once again bringing that very special family “feud” to the fore.

Steffy, pregnant with Liam’s child seems destined to lose Liam unless she plays the “I’m having your baby” card.

Thomas has lost both Caroline and the Forrester Presidency to Rick Forrester.

And lets not forget Taylor’s simmering resentment at Stephanie choosing Brooke over her at the end. Taylor and Stephanie’s friendship seemed to wither and Stephanie became closer and closer to Brooke, her former arch nemesis.

The stage seems set for one heck of a family feud.


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    • profile image

      Nicole 3 years ago

      Yes steffy did sleep with Bill but that was before Liam came into the picture. .. and Steffy is not as bad as everyone makes her out to be! After their divorce she gave Liam a chance to choose who he wants to be with. ... and she respected his choice wen he chose Hope..... people just wanna bad talk steffy.

    • profile image

      fan31 3 years ago

      You wont loose viewers. Has everyone forgotten that Steffie slept with Liams dad??? Steffie did interfere in Hope and Liam's relationship!! Hope deserves to be with Liam. Hope did absolutely nothing wrong. Brookes kids did NOTHING wrong. Hope is nothing like her mother.

      And besides it's only a soap opera "NOT REAL" so just enjoy whatever happens..

    • profile image

      was a fan23 3 years ago

      Can you let steffy keep the baby I think its time taylor and her kids get what they want iam sure if steffy lose the baby you will lose many viewers and all so think we should bend this soapy coz iam sick of the logans getting everything

    • profile image

      was a fan 4 years ago

      So sick of brooke and kids getting everything right its getting really boring now

    • profile image

      Liam. No 4 years ago

      Next. Bold. And. Beautiful. Webbings. Oops

      Hope Liam. Sv. Steffy. Taylor Brooke

      Thor Vfbgbj ,v offing