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The Bold and the Beautiful: Quinn Threatens Liam’s Life!

Updated on July 5, 2014

Quinn and Deacon do a deal

Quinn thought she and Deacon could help each other out. Deacon told Quinn that he had reformed his bad boy ways, but if Hope and Wyatt were as good together as Quinn made out, then he would put in a good word for the lad with Hope.

In return Deacon wanted a place to stay. Quinn told him he could bunk at the warehouse/loft – her live/work space.

Quinn loses her job

Thanks to her involvement in Ridge’s helicopter accident in Abu Dhabi, Quinn Fuller lost her job. In the process she also alienated her son Wyatt, because the same incident caused Wyatt to lose Hope.

Quinn hit rock bottom. Though she hit the Bikini Bar for a drink, it wasn’t to wallow in self pity – not for long anyway. Quinn did what Quinn does best. She spotted an opportunity. The guy at the other end of the bar, who Quinn thought was trying to pick her up, turned out to be none other than Hope Logan’s daddy, Deacon Sharpe.

Deacon meets with Hope

Quinn became frustrated when Ridge was found safe and Hope didn’t dump Liam and take Wyatt back. Deacon had also proved to be slow in delivering what he said he would. Deacon met with Hope and they discussed Hope’s recent change in personal life. Hope told her father that what had happened with Ridge made her look at what she wanted for her life. She wanted a family some day and she couldn’t imagine Quinn as her mother in law or grandmother to her children. Frankly Quinn scared her, Hope admitted to her father.

Live by the Sword…Quinn threatens Liam’s life

Quinn took matters into her own hands and went to see Liam. She told Liam she was going to haunt him. He hadn’t won, he’d only made her so much more dangerous Quinn told Liam. Liam threw Quinn out of his house. At the front door Quinn turned to him and picked up the Spencer sword necklace around Liam’s neck. This sword bonds you to your father AND brother, Quinn told him. The same brother who’s life you destroyed.

Live by the sword, Die by the sword, Quinn stated bitterly as she picked up the sword and stabbed Liam in the neck…

Quinn told Liam that she was going to haunt him.  Live by the sword, die by the sword she Quinn told him as she stabbed him with his Spencer Sword necklace...
Quinn told Liam that she was going to haunt him. Live by the sword, die by the sword she Quinn told him as she stabbed him with his Spencer Sword necklace... | Source

How Dangerous is Quinn?

Liam called his brother over to his house and told him what his mother had done. Liam admitted to Wyatt that what Quinn had said sounded like a death threat to him. Liam wanted to know how dangerous Quinn really was. Wyatt said his mother was overprotective and went off the rails sometimes but she wasn’t crazy. He apologized to Hope and Liam again for his mother’s actions, but there wasn’t much he could do – he wasn’t’ exactly speaking to her at the moment.

Quinn starts a project

Meanwhile back at the warehouse Quinn began a new project. She was welding…Deacon arrived and told her he’d spoken to Hope. Deacon agreed that Hope liked Wyatt but wasn’t convinced she was in love with him.

An angry Quinn, blow torch in hand told Deacon that Liam was all that was standing between her son’s happiness. Deacon through Quinn was joking when she said she was going to kill Liam, but a deathly serious Quinn warned Deacon to never underestimate a mother’s love.

Deacon Meets Wyatt

Wyatt went home and received a visitor. Not knowing who the stranger was he almost slammed the door in his face. The stranger then introduced himself as Hope’s dad, Deacon. Wyatt invited him in and they bonded over scotch. They discussed Wyatt and Hope’s relationship and still uneasy about what Quinn had said at the warehouse Deacon asked Wyatt about his mother. Wyatt admitted that Quinn didn’t care who she hurt to get what she wanted…

Liam has an accident

Liam, already in bed for the night, heard a noise and took his flashlight to investigate. As he scanned the house the light from the torch fell on Quinn’s face. Liam started dropping the light. When he recovered the flashlight Quinn was nowhere to be seen. As Liam locked the door he turned to go back inside and tripped, hurting his ankle. Liam called Hope and told her he was going to Urgent care. He left the hospital and crutches and a boot on his ankle. He’d also told Hope it was Quinn who’d caused his accident.

Quinn Threatens Hope

Back at home after the hospital trip, Liam is jumpy and admits to Hope he’s too tired and medicated to know whether he saw Quinn for sure. In bed, Liam again awoke to a noise. He hobbled on his crutches to check the house. Once again it is Quinn. What do you want from me Liam yells. Quinn asks Liam to give Wyatt his job back. Talk to Hope to make it happen. Then go to Paris and be with Steffy. Or I’ll kill Hope too. I’d rather see her dead than with you. I warned you live by the sword, die by the sword, Quinn spits at Liam.

Wyatt confronted Quinn

After running into Hope at Bikini Bar, Wyatt learned about Quinn lurking at Liam’s house and causing his accident. Wyatt was at the warehouse the next day and confronted his mom about being a Liam’s and causing him to go to the hospital. Deacon listened from the shadows…If she’d wanted to hurt Liam he’d have more than a sprained ankle. I just went there to talk sense into him, Quinn says. Wyatt warns his mother to stay out of their lives and off that property.

Hope is scared

Hope stops by to see Liam before work and notices that there is something amiss with Liam. He tells her about Quinn’s visit and her threat to kill both of them. She’s not just threatening me anymore Liam says. Wyatt doesn’t believe she’s dangerous but Liam points out Wyatt isn’t talking to Quinn right now so has no idea what’s going on with Quinn.


Quinn shows Deacon her project

Back at the warehouse Quinn put away her latest project – a life size, sharp edged, Spencer sword. Deacon asked to see what Quinn has been working on and jokes about it being a diamond studded leash for her son. Quinn takes out the sword. That thing is killer Deacon states. Quinn put the sword away and told Deacon she was headed out to deliver on a promise she made someone. She took the sword with her

Liam and Hope want to know if Quinn is capable of murder

Hope called Wyatt over to the cliff house. He knows that Quinn was there last night and told her to stop. He gets that Liam is ticked off. Liam says this is no longer about getting him and Hope back together it’s about getting rid of anyone who makes him unhappy. They want to know if Quinn is capable of murder. Liam can deal with Quinn but how won’t stand for her threatening to kill Hope. Wyatt remember what Quinn said about If she wanted to hurt Liam he’d have more than a sprained ankle

She’s never been violent before Wyatt admits when he sees how scared Hope is. Wyatt is horrified and apologizes that they have had to go through this. He leaves to go confront him mother and promises that Liam and Hope that Quinn won’t be a problem for either of them.

Wyatt arrives

Wyatt arrived at the warehouse and found Deacon there, learning that he and Quinn had met in a bar. Deacon admits to Wyatt that he is worried about his mother. She left with a sword she made. Deacon them noticed the Spencer sword around Wyatt’s neck. It was like this he said picking up the tiny sword, but it was the real deal, sharp as hell and deadly. Wyatt panicked and ran out of the warehouse.

Deacon didn't understand the significance of Quinn's sword until he saw Wyatt's necklace.  Wyatt knew instantly his mother was about to make good on her threat...
Deacon didn't understand the significance of Quinn's sword until he saw Wyatt's necklace. Wyatt knew instantly his mother was about to make good on her threat... | Source

At the cliff house

Liam was locking up to go to bed after Hope went home. Quinn pushed her way into the house. Liam threatened to call the police. But Quinn noted it was Independence Day. After today Wyatt and Hope would be free of Liam. Quinn kicked Liam in the sprained ankle sending him to the ground in pain.

Quinn pulled out her sword and put it to Liam’s neck. Quinn told Liam this was the Spencer sword that Liam wasn’t man enough or worthy enough to wear. “I warned you Liam. Live by the sword, die by the sword”, a psychotic Quinn told Liam.

© 2014 Daytime Divas


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