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The Bold and the Beautiful: Ridge is Back - For Brooke! (With Video)

Updated on December 27, 2013

Ridge wants Brooke back

Ridge brought Brooke a rose
Ridge brought Brooke a rose | Source

15 months ago, on The Bold and the Beautiful, Ridge and Brooke married for the seventh time. The happy couple then left on a honeymoon, but Brooke returned to Los Angeles alone. Ridge had left her on their honeymoon a stunned Brooke explained.

Meanwhile Ridge set up housekeeping in Paris, France running Forrester International. That was where Ridge stayed. Until last week.

Friday December 13, 2013 saw the return of Ridge Forrester to Los Angeles. And his key reason for returning? Brooke.

Why did Ridge Leave Brooke?

Ridge’s explanation for leaving Brooke pertained to Brooke lying about being in touch with Deacon Sharpe (Hope’s baby daddy) yet Ridge found test messages on her phone that proved the contrary. Ridge snapped under the weight of years of lies and withholding of the truth and told his “Logan” that they were over.

And marriage number seven for Ridge and Brooke didn’t even last as long as the honeymoon.

Ridge Leaves Paris

Ridge returned to Los Angeles hot on the heels of Steffy, who flew in on the Forrester jet for a quick doctors’ visit. Upon Steffy’s return to Paris, she learned that Ridge had left for Los Angeles that morning. Since Steffy and Quinn were on board the Forrester jet, presumably Ridge flew commercial.

Steffy also made an interesting comment in passing about Ridge behaving like a teenager, which made it sound like Ridge had been suffering from something akin to a mid life crisis.

Ridge is back!

After a 15 month absence Ridge returned to Los Angeles.  Who did he see first?  "Dad" Eric.
After a 15 month absence Ridge returned to Los Angeles. Who did he see first? "Dad" Eric. | Source

Ridge Returns to Los Angeles

If Ridge’s return was planned he kept those plans to himself. Once back on US soil Ridge picked up a silver Tesla bearing the license plates FRSTR1 and made his way to “the house on the hill” as Eric referred to the Forrester estate.

Inside Eric was enjoying his customary martini with Stephanie lamenting that the was drinking alone since Stephanie’s death. A voice from behind Eric stated that he could help Eric with that. Eric turned towards the door to find his “son” Ridge coming across the room to shake his hand and embrace him.

What’s been going on with Ridge?

After, the “good to see you” and “you’ll always be my son” pleasantries were complete, Eric and Ridge sat down to enjoy the martini’s Eric had made with Ridge enjoying the one that would have been Stephanie’s.

Finally Eric asked what The Bold and the Beautiful fans have been wondering for over a year. What’s been going on with Ridge. Eric admitted to his son that he was concerned that he would say something wrong and that Ridge would disappear again.

Ridge assured him that he was back. He’d made mistakes and he was here to rectify them. Back in the house where he grew up, Ridge saw the portrait of Stephanie that now hangs in the living room for the first time. He said that staying away during his mother’s final days not seemed like a mistake.

Old Ridge - Ron Moss

Ron Moss left the role of Ridge Forrester on The Bold and the beautiful after portraying the character for 25 years
Ron Moss left the role of Ridge Forrester on The Bold and the beautiful after portraying the character for 25 years | Source

Stephanie begged her son not to return

Eric reminded his son that Stephanie had begged him not to return. It wouldn’t have mattered if he had returned, Eric tried to assuage he son’s guilt. Stephanie chose to go off and die on her own – at Big Bear. In the end only Brooke had been with her at the end as Stephanie encouraged Eric to go to Forrester Creations to take care of business.

Ridge Forrester Recast

Of course the key reason for Ridge's departure was the news that Ronn Moss who portrayed Ridge for over 25 years, was leaving The Bold and the Beautiful.

Rather than recast the character immediately, Ridge was "rested". 15 months later Ridge reappeared with a new face (for viewers - The Forrester's, Spencer's and Logan's seem totally unaware of Ridges transformation!)

Thorsten Kaye has taken over the role of Ridge Forrester.

Ridge’s mid life crisis

Ridge admitted to Eric that he’d felt over burdened. He hadn’t been alone in a very long time and finally the pressure of being a husband and a father to two families became too much. He needed to get back in touch with his creative side and see what kind of a designer he was. Brooke being in touch with Deacon had simply been the last straw. That in itself wouldn’t have sent Ridge running but compounded with all the other pressures in his life – he’d fled.

New Ridge - Thorsten Kaye

After a 15 month absence the role of Ridge Forrester was recast with Thorsten Kaye from the recently axed All My Children.
After a 15 month absence the role of Ridge Forrester was recast with Thorsten Kaye from the recently axed All My Children. | Source

Ridge is back to reunite with Brooke!

Eric invited Ridge to stay in the family home. Even with Thorne and Aly recently moved in there are still rooms in the estate he doesn’t know exist, Eric joked. Ridge accepts the offer. He’s missed his family, Los Angeles, the business, but more of all he’s missed Brooke.

Eric filled Ridge in on Brooke’s year when he asked saying that Brooke had kept herself busy supporting Liam and Hope and re-launching her Brooke’s Bedroom line. Eric made no mention of Brooke’s love life and Ridge gave no indication that he knew about Brooke’s affair with Bill Spencer.

Eric encouraged Ridge to go see Brooke.

Brooke and Hope plan Hope and Liam’s Wedding

Meanwhile Brooke had recently been analyzing her own questionable behavior of late. She’d told Katie that she’d been so lost when Ridge walked out on her and when Stephanie died. She’d thought she would always be with Ridge. After Stephanie had died she’d felt like she had no one to hold onto and she’d made some questionable choices as a result.

While scouting Brooke’s estate for wedding locations Hope noted she’d always loved the staircase fountain. It was so romantic. Brooke nodded and told her about Ridge dropping rose petals in the water as a means of alerting Brooke to his presence on what should have been his wedding day to Taylor.

(Ridges wedding to Taylor fell apart when Stephanie admitted she’d bribed Thomas into telling everyone he and Brooke had had sex. In return for the lie Stephanie was going to leave Thomas he 25% share of Forrester Creations in her will.)

Roses from Ridge

Brooke sits at the base of the fountain

After Hope left and with memories of Ridge in her mind, Brooke went to sit at the base of the fountain again. Imagine her surprise when pink rose petals appeared in the water before her. She looked up to see Ridge standing on the balcony looking down at her. In his hands he carried a single pink rose.

Brooke rose from her seat and walked up the staircase. Ridge came down the staircase and halfway they met in a passionate kiss after Ridge said only one word. “Logan”.

Rose Petals in the Fountain

Ridge used a romantic gesture he'd used in the past to alert Brooke to his presence.  Rose petals in the fountain
Ridge used a romantic gesture he'd used in the past to alert Brooke to his presence. Rose petals in the fountain | Source

Brooke slaps Ridge

But that kiss couldn’t be the entire story. Once inside Ridge threw phrases like “did you miss me?” around while Brooke got to thinking about just how long he’d been away. Her anger came out in a well delivered backhand across Ridge’s face. “You left me on our honeymoon and I had to come home alone to deal with all the crap.” Brooke reminded him.

I'm home, Logan

Christmas Surprise for Brooke

To add more weight to his assertion that Ridge wanted to be a family again, Ridge brought RJ home for Christmas. And that wasn't the only surprise. RJ is to attend school in Ojai, California, next term.

Bill Spencer may have trouble competing for Brooke's affection with her family by her side....

Ridge tells Brooke it won’t happen again

Ridge may look different – Thorsten Kaye’s Ridge has more of a swagger while Ron Moss ‘ Ridge came across more debonair.

But one think hasn't changed Ridge loves Brooke and he’s back to pick up where they left off. With 15 months having elapsed since Ridge’s last appearance Brooke’s life didn’t stand still.

Somehow, with Steffy, Taylor AND Thomas all in Paris, Ridge has not heard about Brooke’s dalliance with her sister’s husband. A man that Ridge isn’t exactly fond of – Bill Spencer. Most surprising would have to be Taylor’s ability to keep her mouth shut considering that it was Taylor that spilled the beans about Bill and Brooke’s affair (and Brooke’s pregnancy and subsequent miscarriage) in the first place.

Ridge assured Brooke that he was back and wanted to be a family - like they were. He was sorry that he hurt her and that it wouldn't happen again.

Perhaps that is all Brooke will need to say for the Ridge and Brooke love story to continue and for viewers to anticipate wedding number eight for Ridge and Brooke.

Who do you want Brooke to be with in 2014?

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