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The Bold and the Beautiful: Ridge stops Bill and Brooke’s Wedding and Disappears into the Persian Gulf

Updated on July 5, 2014

Two Engagements and a Wedding

May Sweeps in 2014 saw two engagements. Ridge proposed to Katie on a whim after Brooke had once again betrayed her sister. Brooke used the papers that Bill tricked Katie into signing to return control of Spencer Publications to Bill Spencer. At the same time Bill also regained equal custody of his son, Will. Katie was at a loss as to where her life was to go now.

Ridge Stops Bill and Brooke's Abu Dhabi Wedding

Ridge rushed to Abu Dhabi to stop Bill and Brooke's wedding when he found out Bill wasn't as loyal and faithful as Brooke believed.
Ridge rushed to Abu Dhabi to stop Bill and Brooke's wedding when he found out Bill wasn't as loyal and faithful as Brooke believed. | Source

Bill Proposes to Brooke

Bill came more prepared when he proposed to Brooke albeit with the same ring he used last time he and Brooke were engaged. Bill wanted to Brooke to marry him and Brooke tearfully accepted. They headed on an exotic trip to the Middle East and they would be married. Bill would arrange it all. He wouldn’t tell his bride when or where they would be married.

Ridge Proposes to Katie

Ridge suggested Katie think of this as a new start of a new life. One she should live with him.

Ridge didn’t have a ring or a fancy speech planned but he did have a piece of string and when Katie accepted his marriage proposal he tied it around her finger in lieu of an engagement ring.

Ridge learns about Bill and Brooke’s Wedding

After Bill and Brooke’s departure, Ridge learned about Brooke and Bill’s plans to marry in Abu Dhabi. Ridge was not happy to learn the news. Ridge has misgivings about Brooke marrying Bill for her sake and for the sake of their son, RJ. He doesn’t want Bill influencing his son.

That sentiment was only exacerbated when Ridge was video chatting with RJ and noticed the boy was wearing a Spencer sword…given to him by Bill Spencer.

Quinn doesn’t want Bill to Marry Brooke

Ridge wasn’t the only one who didn’t want to see Bill and Brooke marry. Quinn believed that she and Bill were better suited than Bill and Brooke. In her possession, Quinn had the perfect means to put a halt to Bill and Brooke’s wedding plans. A selfie she took of herself with Bill in the background after their one night together – the night that Brooke was to marry Ridge.

Quinn knew the photo would stop the wedding. She just had to get it into Brooke’s hands. And who better to use than Ridge – who also didn’t want the wedding to proceed.

Quinn Sent Ridge the Selfie

At the same time, Ridge was displeased with Quinn’s jewelry designs for the couture line. He told her to get to work of better designs or lose her position at Forrester Creations. Wyatt begged his mother not to send the photo. He knew it would only end in trouble – particularly for his relationship with Hope.

Quinn didn’t listen to her son, however. While emailing Ridge some new designs for the Couture line she added the selfie before sending it.

Ridge heads to Abu Dhabi

Ridge jumped onto the Forrester jet and headed for the Middle East. When he arrived his limousine was absent as was the helicopter that was supposed to meet him. He made a call for the chopper to meet him at the hotel then made his way via taxi, foot and boat to the hotel. Ridge ran down from the hotel and onto the beach to see Bill and Brooke standing with a celebrant and witness. Brooke and Bill were about to exchange rings after having exchanged vows.

Ridge stops the wedding using the selfie  Quinn took of Bill and Quinn in bed.
Ridge stops the wedding using the selfie Quinn took of Bill and Quinn in bed. | Source

Ridge Stops the Wedding

Ridge called out “Logan” to get Brooke’s attention. A stunned Brooke and Bill turned to see Ridge coming towards them. Ridge told Brooke he had come to take her home and that he wasn’t leaving without her. He also told Bill that he wasn’t getting married today. Not to Brooke.

Bill and Brooke wanted to know the meaning of Ridge’s interruption. Ridge asks Brooke why she is marrying Bill – because he’s faithful and loyal? Brooke acknowledges that as one of the reasons she’s marrying Bill. Then Ridge shows her the photo of Quinn and Bill in bed.

The fallout from Quinn's actions...

Quinn's actions had some pretty big repercussions:

  • Everyone, blamed Quinn for Ridge's accident. It was the photo Quinn sent Ridge that prompted him to go o Abu Dhabi to stop Bill and Brooke's wedding. Bill is not the kind of man to take Ridge interrupting his wedding lightly...
  • Quinn and Wyatt were ousted at Forrester Creations. Rick had Carter draw up termination papers. Quinn took on a new project...
  • Hope couldn't deal with Quinn's latest antics. Ridge the man who raised her may be dead because of her. It was the final straw that made Hope realize she belonged with Liam. Hope dumped Wyatt at Big Bear...

Bill Defends Himself

Bill goes into defense mode and tells Brooke it meant nothing. It was when they were apart. In fact it was the night that Brooke was supposed to marry Ridge. Bill had been drunk and Quinn had taken advantage.

Ridge punched Bill and he fell to the ground dazed. Ridge took off down the beach Brooke in tow towards the waiting chopper.

Ridge and Brooke take off in the helicopter

Ridge and Brooke got to the helicopter and Ridge strapped a still unsure and struggling Brooke into her harness. Bill meanwhile recovered and ran down the beach following them. He watched from the helipad. Bill makes eye contact with the pilot and nodded. The chopper took off – but on whose command? Bill’s or Ridge’s.

"Cool Him Off" Bill tells the Pilot

Ridge punched Bill and dragged Brooke down the beach to the helipad and a waiting helicopter.  Little did he know if was Justin, Bill's legal eagle buddy piloting the chopper.  Bill demanded Justin cool Ridge off.  So he did.  Into the Persian Gulf..
Ridge punched Bill and dragged Brooke down the beach to the helipad and a waiting helicopter. Little did he know if was Justin, Bill's legal eagle buddy piloting the chopper. Bill demanded Justin cool Ridge off. So he did. Into the Persian Gulf..

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The Helicopter Banks

Ridge commands the pilot to take them back to the Forrester jet and to tell the pilot of the jet to have the plane ready for take-off as soon as they get there. He taps the pilot on the shoulder to get his attention and notices the logo on his uniform for the first time – it’s the Spencer Publications logo…

At the same time the pilot receives and instruction in his headset. “Cool him off” Bill told the pilot.

The helicopter banked suddenly and Ridge, unharnessed, fell from the helicopter. Brooke reached out for Ridge but couldn’t reach him because of her own harness. She watched as Ridge fell into the Persian Gulf below – and disappeared – seemingly without a trace….

© 2014 Daytime Divas


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