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The Bold and the Beautiful: Should Hope Forgive Liam after Watching the Liam and Steffy Sex Tape?

Updated on January 18, 2013

Liam tells Hope about kissing Steffy on his wedding day to Hope

Last week on the Bold and the Beautiful, Brooke forced Liam into telling Hope about what happened between Liam and Steffy on Hope and Liam’s wedding day. Brooke’s logic was that lies and dishonesty had almost cost Brooke her relationship with Ridge, so she believed that honesty was the best policy.

Liam, Steffy and Ridge didn’t agree with Brooke, but Brooke told Liam that if he didn’t tell Hope himself, that Brooke would do it for him…

Liam confesses to kissing Steffy on his wedding day to Hope
Liam confesses to kissing Steffy on his wedding day to Hope | Source

What Happened between Liam and Steffy on Liam’s Wedding Day to Hope?

When Hope was beyond late for their wedding, Liam returned to their hotel room in Italy to look for Hope. Thanks to a note written by Bill Spencer’s assistant, Allison, Liam thought that Hope had left him – again. The wounds of Hope leaving her engagement ring on the mantle of his Malibu home, Liam was devastated and wounded, stating that his father, Bill Spencer, had been right about Hope all along.

Liam grabbed his iPad and began videoing a message to Hope, but losing his temper threw it across the hotel room, shattering the screen.

While this was occurring, Hope was trying to get to the church, in the back of a gardener’s truck. A surprise visit from her biological father, Deacon Sharpe, again orchestrated by Bill Spencer, had delayed Hope, and when she did leave for the church, the Limo driver left without Hope!

Back at the hotel, Steffy saw Liam arrive and went to his hotel room, where Liam was in a state about Hope leaving him. Though both couldn’t quite believe that Hope would have left Liam, the evidence (the note) was hard to deny.

Meanwhile Bill learning that Hope was a no-show for her wedding encouraged Liam to grab Steffy and get to his private plane so they could get out of there. Before doing, so, Liam professed his love for Steffy, telling her that they weren’t over, they were just beginning. Liam and Steffy kissed passionately, sinking onto the bed and pulling each other’s clothes off.

From where it lay on the floor, the damaged iPad recorded the entire encounter…

Despite the misunderstandings of the day, Hope and Liam did finally marry
Despite the misunderstandings of the day, Hope and Liam did finally marry | Source

But Liam did Marry Hope…

Hope finally made it to the church to learn that Liam had returned to the hotel looking for her. Hope too returned to the hotel to find Liam in a disheveled state. His jacket was off, his tie gone and his shirt un-tucked.

Hope quickly explained the note Liam saw wasn’t from her to him, it was from her father, Deacon to Hope. Hope quickly arranged for them to freshen up and marry at their original location as soon as possible.

A guilty and confused Liam was simply swept along. When Hope left to tidy herself up, Steffy emerged from the bathroom and told Liam to go marry Hope. Despite what had just transpired between them, and Liam being ready to run away with her not moments ago, Steffy couldn’t stand between Hope and Liam.

So in a beautiful ceremony, Hope and Liam married. But the specter of what happened between Liam and Steffy in that hotel room in Italy would hang over their heads, until the truth was revealed…

How did the truth come out? The sex tape of course

Home from their honeymoon in Italy, Hope showed Brooke photos from their time in Italy to Brooke – on the iPad with the damaged screen. The iPad behaved erratically but worked enough to view the photos. When Hope left, she forgot the iPad and Brooke continued looking at the photos. At the end of the photo reel, Brooke noticed a video – of Liam and Steffy!

Brooke struggled with whether or not to watch the video, but Katie, who has been subject to Steffy’s manipulations in the past, told Brooke to watch it. Finally Brooke and Katie watched the video.

Brooke finds the video of Steffy and Liam together on Hopes wedding day...
Brooke finds the video of Steffy and Liam together on Hopes wedding day... | Source

Liam Confesses to Hope

With Hope destined to learn about what happened between him and Steffy on his wedding day to Hope, Liam decides that it is best that it come from him.

Liam goes to Hope’s new line’s preview – Hope’s Perfect Wedding – a line of wedding dresses! While Hope gushes about how perfect her wedding day way – even with the hiccups along the way – Liam prepares to tell his wife of his disloyalty.

When Hope learns from Liam that he again turned to Steffy when he thought Hope had left him she is distraught, but wants to know exactly what happened between them. Liam admits there was kissing. Hope hates what Liam did to tarnish their wedding day, but forgives him!

Later Hope admits to Brooke that the worst part of the whole incident is that Liam turned to Steffy so quickly. A tearful Hope wonders if she and her marriage will ever be free of Steffy.

Meanwhile, Steffy watches the video of her and Liam making out on her phone – over and over again. Liam arrives and tells Steffy what he told Hope – and that he omitted exactly how close they were, not only to making love, but running away together. When Liam learns Steffy has a copy of the sex tape, Steffy deletes it, so that Hope can never find out.

What do you think?

Should Hope forgive Liam?

See results

Liam and Steffy’s Sex Tape is Gone – or is it?

Liam incorrectly believes that the compromising video and all its copies are now gone and that he can get on with making up for their wedding day, to Hope. As Ridge goes through all the wedding video from Italy, he finds the video of Steffy and Liam and gets a firsthand glimpse of what transpired between Liam and Steffy in Italy on Liam and Hope’s wedding day.

Brooke worries that if Ridge got hold of the incriminating video that Hope will too, and she is right. When Hope does find a copy of the video on the laptop, she watches in tears to see just how much more than “kissing” occurred between Liam and Steffy.

Hopes reaction is much like, Liam’s with the iPad – the laptop is pushed to the floor in an emotional rage.

“Who did I marry?” an tearful Hope wants to know, and any forgiveness she had bestowed upon Liam after his confession is instantly rescinded.

Over the coming weeks, the Forrester’s, Logan’s and Spencer’s wait to hear what the fate is for Hope and Liam’s marriage. Will Hope forgive Liam again? Or has seeing the video and how far Liam and Steffy’s encounter went, mean the end for Hope and Liam’s marriage?

Could Hope tearing up her wedding papers give us a hint? Along with Brooke’s warning not to leave the door open for her rival, Steffy…


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