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The Bold and the Beautiful: Steffy and Liam’s Wedding Surprises

Updated on May 16, 2013

This week on the Bold and the Beautiful saw Liam and Steffy planning their second wedding. This wedding, like their first in Aspen will be based on a series of surprises.

Liam and Steffy’s first wedding in Aspen was a total surprise to the groom since Steffy, with the assistance of Bill and his Aspen hench crew (Ramona and Oliver) put together the wedding in less than an hour.

Steffy arrived at her and Liam's wedding on a motorbike
Steffy arrived at her and Liam's wedding on a motorbike
Taylor admires the Forrester Estate courtyard decked out in blue flowers for Liam and Steffy's Wedding
Taylor admires the Forrester Estate courtyard decked out in blue flowers for Liam and Steffy's Wedding | Source

Liam and Steffy’s Wedding Date and Venue

When Katie woke up from her coma she gave Liam and Steffy her blessing to proceed with their wedding without her presence and Taylor went into super wedding planner mode to get Liam married to pregnant Steffy as soon as possible.

Liam and Steffy had already chosen the venue for their wedding in the courtyard on the Forrester estate after Taylor and Eric offered to host their wedding. It was beautifully decked out in cornflower blue flowers.

Steffy’s Wedding Dress

Eric Forrester took over the design of Steffy’s wedding “dress” at the last minute when Steffy admitted that Thomas had offered to design something for her, but that he’d been too busy “saving Forrester Creations” to get started.

Eric promised Steffy something with a bit of edge and he delivered. The wedding dress was kept under wraps. Not even Taylor was privy to seeing the dress before the big event.

The first video and photos of Steffy and Liam’s wedding showed that Steffy was wearing black!

The choice of course was to underscore again in viewers minds how different Hope and Steffy are. Each one of Hope and Liam’s wedding attempts has been very traditional in nature, whereas Steffy’s weddings have been anything but. (She wore a while mini and biker boots for her first wedding atop a mountain in Aspen!)

Steffy and Liam Married atop Mt Ajax in Aspen
Steffy and Liam Married atop Mt Ajax in Aspen

The Wedding Party

Steffy and Liam’s wedding was a relatively small affair. Steffy asked her mom, Taylor, to be her Matron of Honor. With all the commotion around Katie’s collapse, Liam hadn’t gotten around to asking his Dad to be best man until the day of his wedding. And even them, Bill Spencer preempted Liam’s request by simply stating he’d be honored to stand up for his son.

Carter, Marcus’ adopted brother from Texas, was on hand to officiate. The guest list included Justin, Eric and Thomas and Liam’s cousin Caroline, who is turning out to be VERY entertaining with her new snob persona.

Notable in his absence was Ridge, Steffy’s father. Eric stepped in on behalf of Ridge to give Liam “the talk” and welcome Liam to the family. But there was a traditional role for the father of the bride that hadn’t yet been covered…

Steffy gave herself away arriving on a black motorbike
Steffy gave herself away arriving on a black motorbike | Source

Here Comes the Bride

With minutes to go until the start of the wedding Taylor went to get Steffy. Taylor found the room where her daughter had been getting dressed empty! A worried Taylor went back to the courtyard to report the bride missing to Eric and Thomas, who were clearly stunned.

But their biggest surprise was yet to come. The guests didn’t have long to contemplate the missing bride’s whereabouts. They all turned as a motor bike roared to life and Steffy rode up the driveway and into the courtyard on a shiny black motorbike.

Steffy gave herself away. Or was the motorbike Ridge’s stand in? Either way, Steffy made quite an entrance.

Steffy arrives at the altar after her "entrance"
Steffy arrives at the altar after her "entrance"

Steffy's Wedding Dress isn’t a Dress!

Steffy’s very “Steffy” entrance into her wedding riding a motorbike also highlighted that the “dress” Eric had designed for Steffy wasn’t a dress at all. It was a form fitting black pantsuit with a black lace cape/cloak in place of a more traditional veil and train.

Steffy took her place next to a smiling Liam at the altar. Carter’s only comment? “They do it different in California.”

Will Hope Crash Liam and Steffy's Wedding?

A surprise wedding guest? - Hope has Regrets

Meanwhile, Rick who had turned down Caroline’s request to escort her to Liam and Steffy’s wedding out of loyalty to his sister, was keeping Hope busy by working on her Hope for the Future line. But Hope was having some serious regrets. She decided that asking Liam to marry Steffy hadn’t been noble it had been stupid.

Hope jumped up from her work and asked Rick to help her by taking her to Eric’s place where the Liam and Steffy’s wedding was about to get underway.

So two potential surprises still exist: Will Hope crash Steffy and Liam’s wedding? And Will Liam and Steffy actually get married?

As Caroline so aptly put it “With this group you never know!”

Liam's Honeymoon Surprise!

Steffy may have had a number of surprises for the groom and assembled guests on her wedding day, but Liam also had a surprise for his bride up his sleeve.

The honeymoon.

Aboard the Spencer jet Steffy worked out they were headed for Aspen. Aspen has been a very special place for Liam and Steffy, and not so special for Hope.

Of all the exotic destinations this newlywed (and wealthy) couple could have flown off to, none is more appropriate for Liam and Steffy than Aspen - where it could be argued it all began...


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I think that liam must be with hope, cause they where togethere first steffy came and mest everything up shes always up in hope's bussnis

      its not the first time she fell in love with hope's man

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      The logans always want anothers man

      First with eric than ridge now liam

      Steffy and liam is the best mix

      So hope needs to back off

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      i dont see why it should always be the logan girls being happy seeing that there has been this fight between brooke and taylor over ridge now its steffy and hope why don't steffy get the chance of happiness and for the logans to suffer for a change its always been brookes family getting everything they want

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      i don't like hope.......i like steffy and shes a very mature person i wil always like wat shes doing and hope that she and liam wil get back together

    • profile image

      elisha horner 

      5 years ago

      pleases let steffy come home to liam my god / hope she needs waytt not liam also waytt would have her better lovering and liam he will think of steffy all the time,


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