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The Bold and the Beautiful: Steffy and Liam’s Weddings

Updated on March 22, 2015

Over the past two years, Liam Spencer has had many attempts at getting married. Only two of Liam’s weddings has made it through the entire ceremony and resulted in a legal and binding matrimonial union, though.

Both of those marriages were to Steffy Forrester; the latest of which occurred this week.

Steffy stopped Liam's wedding to Hope by announcing she was pregnant with his child!
Steffy stopped Liam's wedding to Hope by announcing she was pregnant with his child! | Source

Want to know more about Steffy crashing Hope and Liam's Elopement orchestrated by Brooke?

Hope and Liam married in an unconventional ceremony on the Forrester Estate
Hope and Liam married in an unconventional ceremony on the Forrester Estate

Steffy and Liam Marry – Again!

Today, Liam Spencer married a pregnant Steffy Forrester, barely two months after standing at the altar with Hope Logan. Steffy crashed that wedding and told Liam that there was something he needed to know before he got married. She was pregnant – with his child! That declaration ended Hope and Liam’s wedding – which Liam had pretty much been railroaded into by Hope’s mother, Brooke.

Liam chose to be with the mother of his child, so that his child would have what he, Steffy and Hope hadn’t had – a father permanently in their lives growing up. Hope, naturally was heartbroken, but took the moral high road asking Liam to marry Steffy before the baby was born.

As Liam and Steffy’s wedding day approached, however, Hope had second thoughts. Pushing Liam to marry Steffy hadn’t been noble. It had been stupid. Now she was going to lose Liam to Steffy forever. Hope considered crashing the wedding, but Rick and more notably, Brooke, told her she would only hurt herself, and that asking Liam to marry Steffy for the sake of their innocent baby had been one of her finest moments.

So Steffy and Liam’s wedding went ahead without uninvited guests. For a moment though it looked like the bride was a no show. A motor bike roaring to life drew the guests attention: Steffy gave herself away riding up the aisle on a black motorbike and wearing black!

Liam and the other assembled guests watched in awe as Steffy made her very Steffy entrance. Taylor, Bill and Thomas spoke, Steffy and Liam exchanged traditional vows and then had a few of their own words for each other. Afterwards, Carter pronounced Liam and Steffy man and wife – again.

Steffy put together the worlds fastest wedding when she saw Hope in Aspen.  Hope witnessed Steffy marrying Liam while suspended in a stalled gondola!
Steffy put together the worlds fastest wedding when she saw Hope in Aspen. Hope witnessed Steffy marrying Liam while suspended in a stalled gondola! | Source

Liam and Steffy’s first wedding in Aspen

That’s right. The only other time that Liam ended up legally wed was to Steffy Forrester as well. Back in 2011, Liam rebounded like a super ball when fiancée, Hope Logan, dumped him after seeing Liam kissing Steffy. Hope took off her engagement ring and left it at Liam’s home and left. When a calmer Hope returned the following morning to talk the situation through with Liam, it was too late. Steffy Forrester was wearing her engagement ring!

Bill Spencer was ecstatic and sent Steffy and Liam to Aspen where Hope wouldn’t get to Liam. Unfortunately for Bill, Rick tracked the destination of the Spencer private jet and Hope boarded the Forrester jet for Aspen. Rick called a buddy in Aspen, Othello, and told him to find Liam and deliver a message. “Don’t give up Hope. Meet me at the top of Ajax.”

Liam headed up the gondola and waited expecting Hope to arrive. That is exactly what would have happened if Steffy hadn’t spied Hope buying a gondola ticket. Steffy rang Bill Spencer and the two came up with a plan.

Bill arranged for the gondola to be stopped while Hope was en route to the top of the mountain. Meanwhile, Steffy with a little bit of help, put together an impromptu wedding. Hope watched horrified from the gondola suspended in mid-air as Steffy walked towards Liam wearing a white mini dress with long flowing veil and biker boots. A Minister and witness (Ramona) appeared and after a whirlwind engagement, Liam and Steffy were wed.

Steffy and Liam's Wedding (April 2013)

Liam married Steffy in an unconventional and very Steffy ceremony
Liam married Steffy in an unconventional and very Steffy ceremony | Source

How long will Liam’s current marriage to Steffy last?

Liam loves Steffy. No one is denying that. Liam certainly wasn’t in a hurry to marry Amber Moore and give her child a live-in father when Liam thought he was Amber’s baby’s father (Rosie).

Unfortunately, as much fun and love that Liam and Steffy share, it isn’t the same as the connection he has with Hope. Both when Liam learned he was to be a father, and again days before his current wedding to Steffy, Liam told Hope that he would never feel about anyone the way he felt about Hope.

Steffy’s intention had been to let Liam chose between her and Hope without telling Liam she was pregnant. Her good intentions disappeared, however, when she saw Hope at the altar with Liam. Liam chose Steffy – because she was pregnant, and Hope once again felt cheated out of her destiny because Steffy had trapped Liam by becoming pregnant.

Steffy and Liam’s unions have both had a point of contention attached to them.

Would Liam have married Steffy in Aspen had he been allowed to talk to Hope? Probably not.

Would Liam have chosen a life with Steffy over a life with Hope had Steffy not been pregnant? Probably not.

Steffy and Liam may have been married (the first time), but Hope and Liam still found their way back to each other. Hope and Liam have been kept apart by circumstances, most of them through the interference of other people. Yet, they always ended up together, until the next obstacle was place in their way.

Is Steffy’s pregnancy another one of those obstacles? Who knows but one thing seems certain. Should Steffy lose her and Liam’s baby, there will be another round of Liam chooses. And who will he marry then?


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    • profile image

      mandy kemptner 

      3 years ago

      Liam i found video of you and steffy it is got her motorclie crash and it has heart in it it show steffy is pregant liam i really hope you get steffy back liam i wish you do liam it is i picked is steffy it is really want hope logan said that you made mistake you always being be in love hope logan hope want me to tell you are belong steffy and then hope can have wyatt hope is married to wyatt and hope get pregant with wyatt hope is all ready picked someone else now it is h

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      I think liam and steffy should be together forever get hope someone else joh

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Liam and Steffy belong together Bill was right

    • profile image

      beth brownell 

      5 years ago

      liam will always be in love with hope bell made a mistake when he put liam and steffy together


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