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The Bold and the Beautiful: Stephanie Forrester to Die!

Updated on April 21, 2014

Stephanie's Lung Cancer Returns

On Friday October 12, 2012, the Bold and the Beautiful fans learned that the coughing fit Stephanie Forrester experienced on the eve of Hope’s wedding to Liam, was more sinister than either she or Hope Logan thought at the time. (Stephanie’s health prevented Hope from meeting Liam for dinner on the eve of their wedding and sent Liam in search of ex-wife Steffy for one heck of a bachelor party.)

Stephanie Forrester, the matriarch of the Forrester fashion dynasty was told by her doctor that her lung cancer was no longer in remission. It was back.

But that wasn’t the worst of the news that Stephanie heard that day from her doctor. Not only was her lung cancer back, but there would be no treatment. Stephanie Forrester is going to die.

Stephanie has an uncontrollable coughing fit on the eve of Hope and Liam's last wedding attempt
Stephanie has an uncontrollable coughing fit on the eve of Hope and Liam's last wedding attempt | Source

Stephanie Reacts!

Stoic as ever, Stephanie decides she would rather live out the rest of her life enjoying it rather than hooked up to machines – an extended version of her own mother, Ann’s (portrayed by Betty White) wish not to die in a hospital. Husband Eric agrees and is on board to throw one heck of a party to celebrate Stephanie’s life.

Over recent month’s Stephanie Forrester has been positioned as party planner extraordinaire hosting not one but three weddings in the lovely Forrester home.

Dayzee and Marcus married in the Forrester home, followed by Hope and Liam’s most recent attempt at a wedding which ended in Hope dumping Liam, then last but not least, Stephanie hosted the wedding of her eldest son, Ridge to former valley girl Brooke Logan.

Who's Coming to Stephanie's Party?

Like the bucket list party that Stephanie threw when she learned she had cancer in the first place, this event promises to be on heck of a party.

Since October 18, 2012 Stephanie has been hand delivering invitations to her party to the important people in her life as well as personally breaking the news of her impending death. This will continue for 8 straight episodes.

There are some interesting inclusions in the list. Donna Logan, once married to Stephanie’s husband Eric, receives an invite and we’re guessing through the magic of archival footage, Stephanie will also have words with Sally Spectra (portrayed by the late Darlene Conley).

News has already broken that Stephanie’s daughter’s Felica and Kristen will attend the party, but the big question in fans’ minds is “What about Ridge?” A party to end all party’s that doesn’t include Stephanies favored son, Ridge, seems, well, too out of character, but Bold and the Beautiful execs are mum on whether Ronn Moss will return for the event or not.

When is Stephanie's Party?

Stephanie’s’ party will air during November sweeps, likely over several episodes. Look for the episodes mid month. (Date’s will be updated when available).

After the high of the party, fans will not be subjected to a long drawn out illness for Stephanie. Consistent with news when it was first announced that Susan Flannery was retiring, we can expect Stephanie to appear onscreen for the last time during December 2012.

Where was Ridge?

One of the biggest holes in the storytelling around Stephanies death was the absence of Ridge from Stephanies celebration of her life and at her death.

Ridge, of course, had not returned from his honeymoon with his new wife, Brooke, choosing instead to move to Paris, France.

When Ridge returned to Los Angeles in December 2013 it was finally explained that Stephanie had begged her eldest son not to come. In fact Stephanie chose to die away from her family at the cabin at Big Bear with only Brooke by her side.

How Does Stephanie's Death Make You Feel?

Susan Flannery has portrayed Stephanie Forrester on the Bold and the Beautiful since the show's inception in 1987.

For 25 years, Stephanie has manipulated, schemed and redeemed herself into the hearts of millions of the Bold and the Beautiful fans around the world.

How do you feel about Stephanie's death? What do you hope happens, or doesn't happen between now and Stephanie's final breath?

Share in the comments section below!


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