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The Bold and the Beautiful: The Hope, Liam and Steffy Love Triangle

Updated on March 3, 2014

The Hope Liam and Steffy Love Triangle - A History

Until the departure of Jacqueline MacInnes Woods on a “break” from The Bold and the Beautiful, the Hope, Liam and Steffy love triangle was pivotal to the storytelling on The Bold and the Beautiful.

Until Steffy returns either as a recast or through MacInnes Woods return, the love triangle is being rested though the history of Hope, Liam and Steffy still features in storylines today as Hope’s reaction to Steffy and Liam’s relationship continues to cloud the forecast for a Hope and Liam reunion. Especially since Hope is now dating Liam’s half brother, Wyatt Fuller!

Below is a brief history of the events in the Hope, Liam and Steffy love triangle.

Amber’s Baby is Born

Liam and Hope faced their first major obstacle as a couple when Amber claimed Liam was the father of her baby. The birth of Rosie however, made it clear that Liam as not the father. Baby Rose was not a Spencer after all, but a Forrester. Marcus Forrester is!

Steffy almost drowns

Steffy had been seeing Bill Spencer, but that unconsummated affair ended when Bill went back to his wife Katie after Katie had a heart attack. Bill sent Liam over to Steffy’s loft to return her key. When Liam got there he found Steffy unconscious in her bath (that was oddly placed in her living room).

Liam performed CPR and Steffy came around with her romantic attention now firmly fixed on Liam.

Liam and Hope become engaged

While Hope was on stage for a Hope For The Future fashion show Liam stood at the back of the room and held up a sign saying" WILL YOU MARRY ME". Hope, of course, accepted Liam’s proposal, but maintained that despite them being engaged she wanted to save herself for their wedding night.

Hope the Virgin vs Steffy the Seductress

As Hope continued to make Liam wait to get married, Steffy used Hope’s virginity and lack of experience against Hope. Liam needed a “real “woman she told Liam. One like her. When Hope backed out of their plan to bring forward their wedding date a disappointed Liam succumbed to Steffy’s charms and kissed her. Unfortunately for Liam, Hope witnessed the smooch.

Hope ends her engagement

A hurt Hope took off her engagement ring and left it where Liam would find it. What Hope didn’t count on was Steffy convincing Liam that she should be wearing his engagement ring. When Hope returned the following day, Steffy was wearing her ring and now engaged to Liam.

Steffy pulled together a quickie wedding atop Ajax when Hope unexpectedly followed Liam and Steffy to Aspen.  With Bill's help, Steffy had the gondola carrying Hope to the peack stopped.  Hope watched as Liam said "I do" to Steffy.
Steffy pulled together a quickie wedding atop Ajax when Hope unexpectedly followed Liam and Steffy to Aspen. With Bill's help, Steffy had the gondola carrying Hope to the peack stopped. Hope watched as Liam said "I do" to Steffy. | Source

Bill Sends Liam and Steffy to Aspen

To prevent Hope from convincing Liam he’d made a mistake, Bill Spencer whisked Liam and Steffy away to Aspen. Bill and Steffy didn’t count on Hope following them however. But Bill managed to delay Hope from getting to the top of Ajax to meet Liam by stalling the gondola. Meanwhile Steffy arranged a quickie wedding. Hope watched from the gondola and Liam and Steffy said romantic “I do’s” just days after becoming engaged.

Christmas and Cabo

Liam and Steffy headed to Cabo on a post Christmas vacation. Steffy was unaware that Thomas and Hope were heading to the same resort! Hope had been seeing Thomas since Liam’s marriage to Steffy – a relationship Steffy encouraged.

Steffy spend her time trying to keep Liam away from Hope while Thomas proposed to Hope! But eventually Liam did see Hope there. Thomas knew if Liam and Hope were allowed to talk that it would be the end of his relationship with Hope and Steffy’s marriage.

An ATV chase

Thomas took a tipsy Hope on an ATV ride in a bid to get her away from Liam. Liam gave chase. And Steffy went after Liam. Liam caught up with Thomas and Hope and Liam admitted to Hope he still loved her. On the way back to the resort they found Steffy’s overturned ATV and an unconscious Steffy.

Steffy has an aneurism

When Steffy didn’t regain consciousness her family rushed to her side. Bill Spencer realizing what was happening between Hope and Liam bribed Steffy’s medico into delivering a life threatening diagnosis. Any stress could kill Steffy.

Liam, the dutiful husband stayed with Steffy until Katie, Bill’s wife, uncovered the truth. There was nothing wrong with Steffy.

Liam and Steffy divorce

Liam divorced Steffy and when the six moth waiting period for Liam and Steffy’s divorce passed, Hope and Liam made plans to marry. In Italy!

Hope and Liam’s Italian Wedding

Hope and Liam’s Italian wedding didn’t go without a hitch. Thanks to Bill Spencer bringing Hope’s estranged father Deacon Sharpe to Italy, Hope was late for her own wedding. When Hope finally arrived at the church, Liam was no longer there.

Liam had gone looking for Hope and found instead a note that Liam took to mean that Hope had run out on him – again. Liam threw his iPad in anger breaking the screen and turning on the video (unbeknownst to him).

Steffy was there to comfort Liam with kisses and a roll on the bed. Liam and Steffy took Bill up on an offer to fly them out of there to start their life together! This plan changed when Hope turned up, explained everything and Liam and Hope married anyway!

After many obstacles, Hope and Liam finally married on a cliff face overlooking the ocean in Italy.  The marriage turned out to be invalid in the United States!
After many obstacles, Hope and Liam finally married on a cliff face overlooking the ocean in Italy. The marriage turned out to be invalid in the United States! | Source

Hope and Liam’s Marriage Not Legal

Just as Hope learned about Liam and Steffy planning to run off together from Italy, Liam also learned that Hope and his Italian nuptials weren’t legal in the US. All they needed to do was sign some documents and make it official at city hall. An angry Hope tore up the papers and told Liam she needed a “new” wedding to exorcise the bad memories attached to their Italian wedding.

Liam agreed and they planned to marry at the Forrester estate. When Hope failed to meet Liam on their wedding eve for dinner as planned (Stephanie had a health scare) Liam went out clubbing with Steffy instead.

Hope dumps Liam

When Liam turned up for his wedding still drunk and sporting neck ink and a faux hawk, Hope told him the wedding was off. It wasn’t so much because of Liam’s new look but that Liam had been with Steffy again.

Liam and Steffy – Again

The longer Hope and Liam were apart, the harder Liam found it to stay away from Steffy. Thanks to a few well placed lies, Hope was determined to be free of Liam. Liam and Steffy reunited in the cabin on Brooke’s property. Liam and Steffy were once again an item and Steffy moved into Liam’s Malibu beach house.

Hope takes Liam back!

Caroline Spencer, Rick’s girlfriend, convinced Rick that he needed to come clean about the lie he had Othello the nightclub DJ tell (that Liam and Steffy had been making out at the club the night before Hope and Liam’s last failed wedding attempt.

Hope learned about this and Bill’s interference in events leading up to her Italian wedding at about the same time. Hope told Liam about his father’s continued interference in their relationship and her own brother’s lies.

Hope then declared she was taking back what was hers – Liam. Had it not been for everyone’s interference they’d be married.

Steffy heads to Paris

Before Steffy headed off to Paris she took a pregnancy test and Steffy learned she was pregnant. She rushed home to tell Liam her news but left without Liam even knowing she’d been there. Steffy had spied Hope and Liam getting “busy” on the bed she currently shared with Liam at their Malibu beach house.


Brooke’s elopement

Meanwhile Brooke planned a surprise room service elopement for Hope and Liam reproducing the scene of their Italian wedding – on a cliff face overlooking the pacific with flags blowing in the wind and Father Fontana flown in from Italy to officiate.

Liam was about to put a ring on Hope’s finger when Steffy arrived and told him to stop. Brooke and Hope doubted anything Steffy could say would change what was happening. But it did. Steffy announced she was pregnant.


Liam and Steffy marry

Liam stood by Steffy, the mother of his child, and they were married in a ceremony officiated by Carter in the Forrester estate courtyard. They headed to Aspen on their honeymoon, after which the happy couple settled in to await the birth of their baby. Liam and Steffy were very happy.


One afternoon while Liam was preparing the grill and his famous BBQ sauce Steffy decided to take a run down PCH to visit her brother Thomas at his new digs – Taylor’s old beach house (that at one time was also Bill and Katie’s home and is now Wyatt’s bachelor pad).

There was a beach party in full swing for the HFTF models. Hope was there and was miserable. Her mood made all the worse when she overheard Steffy telling Thomas that she was happier than she’d ever been in her life.

After Steffy and Hope connected Steffy was about to head home when Thomas told her there had been an accident on PCH. Steffy decided to leave anyway, keen to get home to Liam. Once out of the bungalow, Steffy stopped in the garage and eyed off her motor cycle. Thomas was keeping it for her until after she gave birth (Steffy had agreed to Liam’s request not to ride while pregnant).

Steffy had a motorcycle accident that cost her and Liam the life of their unborn child. Stffy had promised Liam not to ride while pregnant but when PCH was gridlocked Steffy chose to ride anyway so she could get home to Liam sooner.
Steffy had a motorcycle accident that cost her and Liam the life of their unborn child. Stffy had promised Liam not to ride while pregnant but when PCH was gridlocked Steffy chose to ride anyway so she could get home to Liam sooner. | Source

Steffy wants another baby

Steffy’s depression persisted until Taylro planted the idea of having another baby. Steffy became focused on having another child. At the same time she was suffering from dizzy spells.

Meanwhile Hope saw this as her and Liam’s opportunity to be together. Steffy and Liam were only together for the baby, so Hope reasoned that Liam could now leave his wife for her.

Steffy has an accident and loses her baby

Steffy chose to ride her motorcycle to get home to Liam faster. A car pulled out in front of her and Steffy collided with the vehicle sending her tumbling from the motor cycle.

In the hospital Steffy awoke with memory loss. Liam told his wife that she’d lost their baby. Unsurprisingly, Steffy fell into a deep depression blaming herself for the loss of her and Liam’s baby.

Steffy is infertile and leaves for Paris

After a heated discussion with Katie, Steffy passed out and Katie rushed the younger woman to the hospital where they learned there had been complications following her D&C. Steffy was infertile, Dr Caspary told her.

Steffy withdrew physically and emotionally from Liam choosing to stay at her loft while she processed the news. Steffy decided to leave Los Angeles. She headed to Paris to start her life over without Liam. Before she left, Steffy handed Liam over to Hope and told her to make Liam happy.


Liam and Hope have their chance – or not?

Hope and Liam went to Big Bear to reconnect – a trip organized by Brooke. But it was too soon for Liam. He was not only still grieving the loss of his child but now had the mystery of his wife’s disappearance to contend with.

While Liam was trying to come to terms with Steffy leaving him, Hope met a naked guy in the woods at Big Bear. Naked guy, Wyatt Fuller would turn out not only to be Liam’s half brother by a different mother, but also the next person to come between Hope and Liam.

With Steffy out of the picture Hope and Liam should have been able to plan a life together. But Hope had been through too much with Liam and was constantly wondering when Steffy would return to derail her happiness. Added to that was Wyatt who was clearly and unabashedly enamored of Hope – and only Hope….

Steffy continues to be an issue

Despite Hope’s attraction to Wyatt, Liam and Hope did plan to marry – twice. They became engaged but Hope ended the engagement when Liam made a romantic video for Steffy commemorating their time together – much like a video he’d made for Hope.

Hope and Liam were apart for a while until Liam delivered an ultimatum. Either Hope married him now or not at all. Hope decided Liam was right – there was no reason for them not to be married. But when Steffy turned up on Liam and Hope’s wedding day (thanks to Quinn) Hope ran out on her husband to be and ran straight to Wyatt and headed to Hawaii with him.

What Hope didn't see was Liam turn his former wife away. Steffy returned to Los Angeles to tell Liam that she had been granted a miracle - she could now have babies. The reason for Steffy Liam was now gone, but Liam told his former wife that he was committed to Hope.

Hopes latest attempt at marrying Liam was once again derailed by Steffy's arrival.
Hopes latest attempt at marrying Liam was once again derailed by Steffy's arrival. | Source

Will Hope and Liam ever have their time?

With Wyatt not only a contender by currently involved with Hope, we have to wonder if Hope and Liam fans will ever get to see their favorite couple not only marry but have it be legal. If Wyatt has his way, absolutely not, but the possibility of a Steffy return (on a more permanent basis) may also prevent that happening.

But never say never….this is after all a soap opera…..


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      4 years ago

      I am still liam and steffy reunion


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