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The Bold and the Beautiful: The Next Generation – Who’s Who?

Updated on June 25, 2014

Who is your favorite character in the "next generation" of The Bold and the Beautiful?

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A New Generation of Bold and Beautiful Drama

A few months ago when Stephanie was trying to convince Ridge and Brooke that they should have a wedding and not just run off to the registry office (again), Brooke and Ridge worried about how the next generation of Forrester’s and Spencer’s would deal with attending such an event.

At the time Hope had just dumped Liam and Steffy and Liam were beginning to spend a lot of time together.

Caroline and Thomas were on shaky ground, because Thomas had just kissed Hope, a publicity stunt, Thomas claimed. And Rick was making his intentions as the next Forrester CEO apparent and promising Caroline she was the one he wanted by his side…

For her part, Caroline was trying to convince cousin Liam that he should give his and Hope’s relationship one more try…

Stephanie pooh-poohed the suggestion that Ridge and Brooke should shelve plans for a wedding because of their children and their paramours. After all, the kids are used to the melodrama, Stephanie stated.

And melodrama is the word for it. Let’s look back at the shenanigans Thomas, Steffy, Hope, Liam, Caroline and Rick have been up to! All in the name of love…

Steffy Forrester - The Bold and the Beautiful
Steffy Forrester - The Bold and the Beautiful | Source

First a who’s who…The Next Generation on The Bold and the Beautiful

It’s hard to imagine who in the group should be with whom if you don’t have a clear idea of who everyone is. After all, there is a pair of siblings and some cousins in the group.

Thomas Forrester - The Bold and the Beautiful
Thomas Forrester - The Bold and the Beautiful | Source

Steffy Forrester and Thomas Forrester

Steffy and Thomas are siblings. Thomas is the older of the two and was born in the back of Thorne’s car, who Taylor was passing off as Thomas’s father. Thomas’s father, of course, was really Thorne’s brother, Ridge Forrester. The revelation of Thomas’ true paternity resulted in Ridge leaving Brooke and returning to Taylor and Thomas.

Steffy was born the following year (by airdates). Steffy was born a few minutes earlier than her twin sister Phoebe. Twin, Phoebe died a few years earlier in a car crash. The car was driven by Rick Forrester who Phoebe had been seeing much to her parents’ disapproval.

Hope Logan - The Bold and the Beautiful
Hope Logan - The Bold and the Beautiful | Source
Rick Forrester - The Bold and the Beautiful
Rick Forrester - The Bold and the Beautiful | Source

Rick Forrester and Hope Logan

Brooke allowed Whip Jones to claim that he was the father of her unborn child (Hope) when the press hounded Brooke after Stephanie revealed Brook was pregnant. The ruse went on long enough for Whip and Brooke to marry. But when the truth came out – that Deacon Sharpe – Brooke’s son-in-law was her baby’s father, Whip annulled the marriage and went to work at Forrester International.

This makes Rick, Hope’s half-brother, as they share a mother – Brooke. Rick’s father is Eric Forrester. Rick is the oldest of the Bold and the Beautiful's next generation and as such has the most history behind him, including dating both Phoebe and her twin sister, Steffy!

Liam Spencer - The Bold and the Beautiful
Liam Spencer - The Bold and the Beautiful | Source
Caroline Spencer - The Bold and the Beautiful
Caroline Spencer - The Bold and the Beautiful | Source

Liam Spencer and Caroline Spencer

Liam Cooper turned up at Forrester Creations after his mother, Kelly Cooper’s death. His mother had told Liam that he would find his father at Forrester Creations. Liam believed his father to be Ridge, but Ridge denied dating Kelly. Thorne and Bill however had dated Liam’s mother, and DNA testing showed that Liam’s father was actually Bill Spencer (who had a controlling interest in Forrester Creations at the time).

Caroline Spencer came to Los Angeles to interview for a position at Forrester. Brooke not only thought Caroline a talented designer but hoped that she would attract her son Rick’s romantic attention, thereby keeping Rick’s ex-wife Ambrosia Moore out of his life – professionally and personally.

Caroline Spencer is Liam’s cousin. Her mother, or at least one of them, is Karen Spencer, Caroline Spencer’s twin who was kidnapped as a child. Bill Spencer Jr is Karen’s brother. Caroline Spencer (the original) was Ridge’s first love and died of leukemia.

Ashlyn Pearce as Aly Forrester
Ashlyn Pearce as Aly Forrester | Source

Aly Forrester - November 2013

Aly Forrester arrived on our TV screen on 19 November, 2013 looking a bit girlish in an almost school uniform like outfilt.

Approved for a semester of independent study before heading to law school, Aly interviewed with a law firm only to discover a career in the law really didn't suit her.

Instead she wonders if a career in fashion isn't more suited to her. She loved Sally Spectra's shoes as a child she reminisces. Maybe a shoe line for Forresters?

Eric assigns Aly to shadow Hope to see how she does things at Forrester Creations. But when Hope is kissed by both Liam and Wyatt within minutes, Aly seems more interested in Hope's romantic skills than her business skills...

Alexandria (Aly) Forrester

Aly Forrester, Thorne's daughter with deceased wife Darla, has just been cast (Ashlyn Pearce) and will be added to the "next generation" of Forrester's. Spencer's and Logan's from November 2013!

Alexandria Forrester was named for Darla's best friend and Thorne's first wife Macy Alexander who died before Aly's birth.

Thorne was actually reunited with Macy at the time of Aly's conception. Thorne got drunk as the result of a misunderstanding with Macy, then slept with Macy's best friend Darla thinking she was Macy.

Darla, of course, fell pregnant. Darla had intended to terminate the pregnancy, but Thorne convinced her they should raise the baby together - which they did - until Darla died in a hit and run.

The hit and run driver turned out to be a drunk Taylor. Taylor then became involved with Thorne but when Aly found out it was Taylor who killed her mother, she rejected her. Thorne chose to put his daughter first and he and Taylor ended their relationship.

Wyatt Fuller - The Bold and the Beautiful
Wyatt Fuller - The Bold and the Beautiful | Source

Wyatt Fuller - A New Spencer!

Mid 2013 a new Spencer came onto The Bold and the Beautiful canvas - albeit he didn't know he was a Spencer at the time!

After Steffy's sudden departure for Paris, Brooke send Hope and Liam on a romantic getaway to Big Bear to "reconnect". The couple realized it was too soon after Liam being dumped by Steffy (and the loss of their baby) for Liam to be thinking about a new relationship, and Liam left Big Bear and returned to LA.

Hope went for a walk in the woods and ran into a naked guy taking a solar shower. Hope took a photo of naked guy and he later caught up with her in LA.

Hope was intrigued. Wyatt Fuller wore the same sword necklace that both Bill and Liam Spencer wear. The sword that Bill refers to as the Spencer sword. As fate would have it, it turned out that Wyatt was the product of an affair that his mother had with Bill Spencer many years earlier.

Bill thought the child had never been born - he paid Quinn (Wyatt's mom) to have an abortion. And Quinn never told Bill that she used the abortion money for the first and last months rento on a studio apartment instead.

So now there is another Spencer son on the canvas. Wyatt is a few months older than Liam, making him the No. 1 son.

Ivy Forrester is being portrayed by Australian actress, Ashleigh Brewer. She is known in Australia for her 5 year run as Kate Ramsay on popular down under soap opera "Neighbours". Rumors re that her on screen chemistry test were done with Darin Brooks (Wyatt).

Ivy Forrester!

Look for a new "Forrester" to enter the younger set on the Bold and the Beautiful in July 2014.

Ivy Forrester comes to LA from Sydney to help out with he HFTF jewelry line (perhaps since Quinn has been fired!). Ivy is the daughter of John Forrester, Eric Forrester's younger brother.

Ivy is set to feature in the episodes filmed in Monaco and Paris.


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