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The Bold and the Beautiful: Who Gets Married in Italy?

Updated on June 28, 2012

Boarding the Private Jets for Puglia, Italy

Last Friday, the wedding entourage boarded the Forrester private jet for Italy. Ridge and Brook boarded the jet to find Liam and Hope toasting their wedding trip to Puglia with champagne. The discussion quickly turned to Steffy and whether she would turn up (the pilot wanted to know if they were waiting for the last maybe on the flight passenger manifest). Hope was regretful that Steffy couldn’t be there, but understood. Then who should turn up at the last moment – without luggage to be Hope’s wedding attendant (with Brooke) – Steffy!

Who was responsible for Steffy’s last minute change of heart? That’s right. None other than meddling troublemaker, Dollar Bill, who has been very vocal about his opinion on Liam marrying Hope.

Bill made an impassioned plea in Steffy’s Forrester office to not give up on Liam until he was actually married. Steffy disagreed and eventually walked out on Bill Spencer, who had all but told Steffy he had a plan to make sure the Hope and Liam’s wedding didn’t occur.

Steffy, of course, headed to the Forrester private jet, and Bill Spencer headed to the Spencer Publications private jet. On board was his trusty assistant, Alison. Their flight plan to Puglia had an unusual layover though, Genoa City Wisconsin, to pick up another passenger – Hope’s dad and Bold and the Beautiful bad boy, Deacon Sharpe. (Bill blackmailed the warden of the prison, with knowledge of the man’s extra marital affairs, to secure Deacon’s release 6 years early).


Bill Spencer’s Plan to Keep Liam from Marrying Hope

Warning: We are headed into Spoilers and Speculation territory here. If you’re not interested in Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers stop reading now!

Deacon Sharpe, Hope’s biological father features in Bill’s plans to keep Hope and Liam from marrying in Italy. When Deacon appears to have second thoughts, Bill threatens him to keep him with the program.

Deacon does as Bill demands and delays Hope on her wedding day. Alison, Bills assistant may also be in on the action. Deacon does suffer some guilt though when he learns how different Hope is to him.

Though it’s traditional for the Bride to be late no one can quite believe what could have happened to Hope when she is so late that Liam fears he’s been left at the altar! Could Bill have been right all along a confused Liam wonders? It doesn’t help matters when Liam finds a note at the hotel that implies that Hope has changed her mind about marrying him.

Hope does her best to make it to the “church” on time.

Steffy flees Italy? Or just disappears?

Meanwhile Bill has his hands full. Steffy understandably finds it difficult to watch the happy couple prepare for their wedding day. She considers reneging on her promise to stand up at Hope and Liam’s wedding and head home. Bill does his best to make sure that doesn’t happen. Somewhere along the line, Steffy goes missing! Presumably since photos of Steffy washed ashore on a beach surfaced about a month ago, this disappearance culminates in Steffy almost drowning in the Adriatic.

Liam has been Steffy's hero every other time she has almost drowned/been injured. Will Liam be Steffy's hero again? 

Will Katie expose her Husband?

Bill’s scheme may come unraveled from afar, when his wife Katie overhears a conversation between Marcus and Daisy. Can Katie’s pregnancy stand the stress of more Bill machinations? (Bill locked Katie in a tower when she learned Bill was responsible for switching the MRI’s that made it appear Steffi could die at any moment from a brain hemorrhage).

An engagement…

Spoilers reveal that a happy couple becomes engaged. We suspect we are supposed to believe that Liam changes his mind when Hope is a no show and goes back to Steffy, but with Ridge and Brooke spending romantic time together on their trip to Italy our guess is that Ridge and Brook become engaged.

We have also been promised a wedding in Italy, but who’s will it be?


And a wedding.

Could Ridge and Brooke tie the knot again? Viewers received a reminder that they aren’t actually married on the day that Eric and Stephanie had their last unorthodox wedding…

Or could the writers actually have Liam marry Steffy again, without doing permanent damage to the character of Liam “he loves me, he loves me not” Spencer?

Of course we are all supposed to believe that Liam and Hope will finally have their day in the sun as man and wife. A couple of things have happened recently though that makes a Liam and Hope wedding a little less likely. First – viewers got a preview of Hope’s Eric Forrester Original wedding dress on the night that Liam and Steffy’s divorce became final. To add to the bad luck element, Hope showed Liam the dress too! These seem like big daytime no-nos.

This wedding dress, like the one that got covered in fondue chocolate after Hope and Liam’s last marriage attempt could be ruined in the “getting to the church on time” fiasco.

Who Will Marry in Italy?

  • 55% Hope and Liam, of course
  • 21% Steffy and Liam, location shoots never turn out well for Hope
  • 22% Ridge and Brooke
  • 3% Another Couple - Share your thoughts in the comments section!
144 people have voted in this poll.

This poll is now closed to voting.

Who Will Marry in Italy?

In our last article on Hope and Liam’s wedding we supposed that Hope and Liam would get married in Italy, if for no other reason than failed weddings are shot on Los Angeles studios, not on location. But we can’t discount the possibility of a bait and switch going on in Italy.

Could there be a wedding in Italy, without it being Hope and Liam’s? That could very much be the case. But will it be Liam and Steffy that retie the knot? Or are we up for another Ridge and Brooke wedding?

What do you think?


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      i think that liam and hope deserve to be with each other their have been through a lot and people try to break them up but their still love each other they starcrossed lovers steffy doe not share the connection and love that liam and hope have steffy should leave them alone and find someone she looked for instead of stealing hopes men LIAM AND HOPE 4 EVA!! i love you steffy but this time it's a noooo.

    • profile image

      johanna martin 

      5 years ago

      i think liam and steffy should be together and that hope should just backoff because if she don't and she and liam and end up together it will just make the bold and the beautiful a typical fairytale true love soapie wich will just be boring with history repeating itself between taylor and brook

    • profile image

      team steffy 

      6 years ago

      Hope need a freakn like nd leave steff and lima alone

    • profile imageAUTHOR

      Daytime Divas 

      6 years ago from Salem, Genoa City, Port Charles...

      @Mary Guinn, I agree, I too think it will be Booke and Ridge that get married. I'm trying to remember a successful soap wedding where we got a glimpse of the bride's dress before the event. I can't come up with one. Can anyone else?

    • profile image

      Mary Guinn 

      6 years ago

      i think it will be ridge and brook that get married in italy in the olive garden and I feel the triangle twisting of liam and hope and steffy will continue on for weeks to come in some bizarre way


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