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The Bold and the Beautiful: Who Should Ridge Be With? Brooke, Katie or Taylor?

Updated on February 10, 2014

Ridge returned for Brooke

In December 2013, Ridge Forrester made a surprise return to Los Angeles. One day, for no apparent (so far) reason Ridge drove his silver Tesla into the gates of the Forrester estate, shared a martini with his father and declared “I’m back.”

The reason?

Ridge said he was back to put his family back together and after catching up with dad, Eric, Ridge went directly to Brooke’s house and Ridge and Brooke met face to face for the first time in 15 months.

Ridge returned to Los Anglees to reunite his family...that hasn't happened...yet

When Ridge first arrived back in Los Angeles it looked like a Brooke and Ridge reunion was imminent.  But that was before he found out about Brooke and Bill's shenanigans
When Ridge first arrived back in Los Angeles it looked like a Brooke and Ridge reunion was imminent. But that was before he found out about Brooke and Bill's shenanigans | Source


True to their epic love story depicted as one of destiny (ok, mostly by Brooke) Ridge and Brooke exchanged few words and fell into a passionate embrace. For a moment it seemed Ridge and Brooke were on the track to wedding number seven.

But months later, Brooke and Ridge are not together. Why?

Ridge learned (from Brooke) what she had been up to in the time that Ridge had been in Paris. Ridge understood that Brooke was one to follow her heart but couldn’t come to grips with Brooke hooking up with her sister’s husband. Instead of working through the news with Brooke Ridge left.

Brooke wanted to know whether Ridge was still looking to reunite and even went so far as to propose to Ridge, but Ridge told Brooke that he needed time to sort through his feelings. Believing resolutely that she and Ridge were destined and the love of each other’s lives Brooke gave Ridge the time he needed.

Will Brooke and Ridge reunite? Spoilers are pointing towards it, but if Katie changes her mind about being with Ridge how long Brooke and Ridge last. Katie and Ridge have made a compelling pairing since Ridges return…

Ridge promises Katie a better 2014


When Ridge learned about Brooke’s affair with Bill, Ridge went to the one person he felt could help him sort through his feelings; Katie, the sister that Brooke had betrayed. Ridge found a brave faced Katie who claimed to be moving on with her life but it wasn’t long before Katie’s hurt and vulnerability came out. Ridge and Katie began to connect based on their shared experience.

Shared passions, shared hurt

In Ridge, Katie too found the one person who could truly understand what Bill and Brooke’s infidelity had done to her. They formed a new friendship not based on family ties through marriage but through shared passions and hurt feelings.

Ridge was there for Katie, initially as a friend. But as the duo spent more time together their friendship grew into more. They shared a love of words and poetry. While Ridge had only just found his passion for the literary word, Katie claimed to always have loved poetry. And given her place in the Logan family as the youngest and shyest sister it is easy to imagine a teenage Katie finding solace in books as she watched her older sister living their lives. (Katie also suffered from acne as a teen which only added to her shyness).

Katie and Ridge almost act on their feelings

The more Ridge got to know Katie as she was now the more he came to admire, respect and desire Katie. After what could only be described as an idyllic day with their children playing soccer in the park, reciting poetry to each other, then again hanging out with their kids at Katie’s home , Ridge and Katie almost kissed.

Kate and Ridge almost kiss

Katie and Ridge almost gave into their feelings for each other.  Katie pulled away, but it was too late.  Liam had seen what was about to happen and left before seeing that nothing happened...
Katie and Ridge almost gave into their feelings for each other. Katie pulled away, but it was too late. Liam had seen what was about to happen and left before seeing that nothing happened... | Source

What do you think?

Who do you want to see Ridge with?

See results


As if Ridge doesn’t have his hands full enough with two Logan sisters, it looks like there could be a late entry into the race for Ridge’s heart. Though officially scheduled to appear only for a few episodes starting on February 28, 2014, Hunter Tylo (Taylor Hayes) is rumored to be returning to the cast on a more consistent basis.

Taylor is of course another one of Ridge’s former wives with who he shares three children, twins Phoebe and Steffy (Phoebe died in a car accident) and Thomas.

For most of the 25 year history of the Bold and the Beautiful Ridge has ping ponged between Brooke and Taylor instigating a lifelong rivalry between the ladies that was successfully recreated with their daughters (Hope and Steffy fighting over Liam).

With Taylor back in town could we see the shrink go after her ex now that Ridge seems less impressed with Brooke’s vampish ways? Perhaps.

But Ridge may also find issue with what Taylor has been up to while he was in Paris. If Ridge didn’t like Brooke sleeping with her sister’s husband, how would he feel about Taylor (his ex-wife) sleeping with his father, Eric? Or how Taylor exposed Bill and Brooke's affair?

Oh hang on, Brooke not only slept with Eric, but married him...


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Now more Brooke please!!!!! let him stay with Taylor and leave Brooke with Bill

      I can't stand Brooke and stopt watching after she married Ridge

    • profile imageAUTHOR

      Daytime Divas 

      4 years ago from Salem, Genoa City, Port Charles...

      @ sunny. I loved Ronn Moss's Ridge. He did tortured so well. And with the contnat battles between Brooke and Taylor and Brooke and Stephanie, Ridge was tortured.

      Euro Ridge, however, seems to have more in common with his brother, Thorne. I've wanted to see Thorne in a front burner storyline for years. And I still do. But Ridge and Katie may be a good substitute....

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      It would be great Karma to see Katie with Ridge. Unlike with Taylor, Ridge is currently unmarried and is eligible to marry whoever 'he' chooses. The chemistry of love amd family shines through. With Brooke, he appears mostly as a sex partner, as all of her lovers, which ends up as real boring. B*B could have never pulled this off with the former Ridge, Ronn Moss, his personality was not strong enough to pull two powerful women.


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