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The Bold and the Beautiful: Who Will Expose Maya's Secret?

Updated on April 13, 2015


Maya stated that she would tell Rick the truth when the time was right and since it looks like he’s ready to make a long term commitment; it’s the perfect time to come clean with the groom to be. But this is soap opera territory, so don’t look for Maya to confess at least not anytime soon. Instead she's going to try to keep the secret hidden for as long as she can.



Ever since arriving in town, Nicole’s been using Maya’s secret to blackmail her sister into giving her special favors. Living in the mansion and having a modeling gig won’t be enough for Nicole and soon she’ll want more. With Maya’s patience wearing and tension growing between the sisters, it’s only a matter of time before Nicole decides to blab to Rick.



Maya’s ex-boyfriend was furious when he learned of her secret and confronted her. Despite her pleas not to tell anyone, Carter tried to inform Rick, but his boss wouldn’t listen. For now Carter’s keeping quiet, but it’s going to be hard with the more time that passes and the more serious Rick and Maya become.

Will Carter do the right thing or will he let Rick be left angry and heartbroken like he was?


Someone Else

Rick and Maya have made a lot of enemies during their reign of terror over Forrester Creations and there’s plenty of people who would love to take them down.

  • Ridge: He’s been looking to usurp his younger brother from the CEO position, but his attempts have failed since everyone in Rick’s corner. Exposing Maya's secret would be enough to knock Rick down a peg and get him to resign from Forrester Creations.
  • Caroline: There’s no love lost between the two women. The two have been feuding since Maya came to town and became infatuated with Rick. Their feud heated up when Maya revealed Caroline and Ridge's kiss to Rick, then set her hooks into the younger Forrester. She blames Maya for the end of her marriage and if given the chance Caroline would love to return the favor by sharing Maya's secret just like Maya exposed her secret.
  • Bill: He and Liam have been working on a plan to takeover Forrester Creations and get Rick out of power. Bill’s shown in the past that he’s not afraid to resort to dirty tactics to get what he wants, even if it mean exposing Maya and humiliating Rick in the process.

Who Will Expose Maya's Secret?

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