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The Bold and the Beautiful: Who does Liam belong with? Hope or Steffy?

Updated on April 21, 2013

Despite photos surfacing of Kimberly Matula (Hope) and Scott Clifton (Liam) in wedding garb on The Bold and The Beautiful’s location shoot in Italy, you have to wonder who Liam really belongs with? Hope “I’m true to my principles above everything else” Logan or Steffy “cha-cha-cha” Forrester.

More photos from the Italy shoot show Steffy falling from a cliff and being washed ashore apparently unconscious…

Whenever you put Hope, Liam and Steffy on location things never seem to turn out quite like you imagine. So did Hope and Liam marry? More than likely. Failed wedding attempts are reserved for studio shoots in Los Angeles, not beautiful international destinations.

But will Hope and Liam’s marital union last any longer than Steffy and Liam’s? Somehow, I doubt it.

Liam, Hope and Steffy – The re-telling of an old story

The love triangle between Hope, Liam and Steffy is a clever re-telling of the Ridge, Brooke and Taylor love story. Like, Liam, Ridge had a hard time choosing between two very beautiful, but different women. A choice that never quite seems to be final if last year’s storyline where Thomas lied about sleeping with Brooke while marooned on an island is any indication. The revelation sent Ridge right back into Taylor’s arms until the truth came out.

Of course, having Ridge and Taylor’s daughter, Steffy, pitted against Brooke’s daughter Hope in the quest for Liam’s hand in marriage (both ladies appear to have his love!) places conflict in the relationship between Ridge and Brooke. And you can bet that Taylor is waiting in the wings for another chance with Ridge – the only man she has ever truly loved. (Taylor’s last marriage ended because she was still mooning over Ridge!)

Tell us what you think?

Who do you think Liam should be with?

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Hope, Liam and Steffy – The history

Of course, the love triangle between Liam, Hope and Steffy has its own spin. It isn’t a complete re-telling of Brook, Ridge and Taylor’s love story. That would be boring. And I’m not sure anyone wants to see a repeat of the “Taylor saved from death by Prince Omar and kept in his harem” days.

Anyway, back to Hope, Liam and Steffy…

Amber’s Baby is not Liam’s!

Once Amber’s baby was born and it was clear Liam was not the father, Hope and Liam thought their lives would be plain sailing from there. Liam proposed as Hope modeled the showstopper at a Forrester Fashion show. Hope accepted Liam’s ring and proceeded to treat her wedding as a promotional event for her “Hope for the Future” fashion line, complete with a message in morality and chastity to young women about abstinence and being true to themselves.

Enter Steffy. Heartbroken when her lover Bill Spencer, Liam’s father, chose to stay with his wife, Katie (another Logan!) rather than start the life with her that he’d promised, Steffy almost drowned in her bathtub. Liam saved her and it was the start of the connection between Steffy and Liam.

Steffy realizing she had developed feelings for Liam began to manipulate Liam telling him that Hope was inconsiderate by making him wait til they are married to have sex, and making the whole thing public via her Hope for the Future campaign was just humiliating.

Bringing forward the wedding and ‘Hope for the Future’

Liam tried to get Hope to bring forward their wedding so that they could live together as man and wife and Hope agreed. The Forrester clan however had other ideas – the wedding was tied intrinsically to their marketing plans for Hope’s line and they couldn’t bring forward the wedding date without compromising the entire campaign.

Hope caved to the pressure and disappointed Liam who was driven into Steffy’s waiting arms. They kissed. When Hope discovered Liam’s betrayal she gave him back his ring in an emotional moment and left the Malibu house.

Hope finds Steffy wearing her ring!

Steffy took advantage, and by the following morning when a now calmer Hope returned to talk things through with Liam, Hope discovered Steffy wearing her engagement ring!

Bill Spencer sent his son and new fiancé on an engagement trip to Aspen where Liam and Steffy’s relationship blossomed in the idyllic setting. Hope, however was en route to Aspen to talk to Liam and sent him a cryptic message via Ricks snowboarding buddy to “Not give up hope" and meet her at the top of the gondola.

Liam received the message , ditched Steffy and headed to the top of the mountain and waited. When Steffy spotted Hope in Aspen she put her own plan into action – with the help of her father in law to be, Bill Spencer. Steffy had Ramona help her make arrangements and headed to the top of the mountain, demanding that Bill stop the gondola carrying Hope to the mountain-top.

Hope watched from the stalled gondola as Steffy surprised Liam with a wedding atop Ajax to prevent Hope and Liam reconnecting.
Hope watched from the stalled gondola as Steffy surprised Liam with a wedding atop Ajax to prevent Hope and Liam reconnecting.

Hope watches as Liam marries Steffy in Aspen

Bill came through and Hope was forced to watch from the stalled gondola as Steffy clad in a while mini dress, flowing veil and biker boots walked up to Liam on the mist covered mountain. A minister appeared and Hope watched helpless as Liam married Steffy.

But Liam and Steffy’s wedded bliss was short lived as one by one Steffy and Bill’s manipulations come to light, though Liam initially forgave Steffy and his father for how his marriage started.

When Hope and Thomas, and Steffy and Liam found themselves at the same Mexican resort for a post Christmas getaway, the manipulations stepped up. In trying to keep Hope and Liam apart, Thomas proposed to Hope, got her drunk and high-tailed it down the beach on an ATV when Liam did spot them. Liam berated his wife for her manipulations (he was chased by a mariachi band!) and jumped on an ATV to rescue an obviously inebriated Hope. Steffy in turn followed Liam.

Steffy has an Accident – Bill manipulates Liam into staying with Steffy

Liam caught up with Hope and Thomas, he and Hope kissed despite Thomas reminding Liam he’s married to his sister. On the way back to the resort they found an unconscious Steffy had come off her ATV. Bill Spencer, Ridge and Taylor flew down to Mexico when they received news of Steffy’s hospitalization.

Bill realized that his son was about to leave Steffy for Hope – a relationship he doesn’t approve of – and bribed Steffy’s doctor into switching Steffy’s MRI’s and lying about the severity of her condition. Steffy’s family and friends were told that any stress could dislodge a blood clot in Steffy’s brain killing her. A reluctant Liam stayed with his wife. Hope was heartbroken. And Steffy thought she could die at any moment.

Bill’s lies came to light however through Katie, Bill’s wife, and Liam ended his marriage to Steffy once and for all. He does lover Steffy but there have been too many lies. Hope convinced Liam to serve annulment papers on Steffy so that they could marry immediately. Hope planned her wedding for the following day, announcing the event to the world, and Liam, at a press conference.

Steffy won’t annul her marriage

Steffy refused to sign the annulment papers insisting that she wouldn’t pretend her marriage never happened by annulling it. If Liam wanted a divorce he would have one. But it would take six months to become final.

Many tried to convince Steffy to sign the annulment papers so Hope could have her wedding day, but Steffy refused. Hope learned the truth while standing at the altar about to marry Liam. She stormed to Taylor’s house and confronted Steffy. They ended up in a name-calling hair-pulling fight with the chocolate fountain Taylor had received from Thorne for Valentine’s Day.

Hope, the hypocrite, is hounded by the press

Hope moved in with Liam and they consummated their relationship which made the press turn on her. She was an adultress, and not true to the message she’d been promoting to young women through her Hope for the Future campaign. The press and paparazzi hounded Hope making her turn to pills supplied by Amber (from an online pharmacy).

Her pill-popping exposed, Hope promised Liam it would happen no more and agreed to attend fashion week in Aspen with Liam – an event the press would be covering. Bill Spencer arranged for the press to follow Hopes every move which drove Hope back to her pills.

Later she and Liam went skiing and a high Hope ran over an innocent bystander on the slopes – Steffy. Hope laughed off the incident and when Steffy said she was okay, skied off. When Steffy tried to stand, however, she found her knee had been injured and couldn’t move. Liam found her on the slopes and organized for the ski patrol to take his wife down the mountain.

Liam stayed with Steffy at the hospital returning home to see Hope only long enough to let her know how disappointed he was in her lying about the pills. Hope vowed to give up the pills forever, and returned home to Los Angeles to see her shrink.

Steffy signs the annulment papers

Meanwhile back in Aspen, Liam brought Steffy back to the house to recover unaware that Hope had already left. He and Steffy enjoyed their time together the closeness between the two still evident. Finally, Steffy gave Liam the signed annulment papers joking that she always seemed to end up in hospital – it was time to end the madness between the three of them. They sang a Bob Hope song – Thanks for the memories – then Liam tore up the annulment papers and pulled Steffy into an passionate kiss.

Back in Los Angeles, however, Liam let Hope believe that Steffy was still refusing to sign the annulment papers, until Brooke overheard the truth…

Hope finally dumps Liam when he turns up at their latest wedding "attempt" with a red faux-hawk and neck tattoo after spending the night before their wedding partying with ex-wife, Steffy.

Hope, Liam and Steffy - The future

Even if Hope and Liam do tie the knot in Italy I doubt it will be the end for Liam and Steffy. First of all, it was clear in Aspen when Liam tore up the annulment papers that Liam still had deep feelings for Steffy. Maybe Liam can explain the tearing up of the papers by saying it was out of respect for Steffy and what their marriage did once mean to him, but that kiss? That wasn't out of respect...

Secondly, there is still far too much potential storytelling in a Steffy and Liam (Steam) union.

The fact that Bill Spencer, Jr is just a little too enamored with his former mistress Steffy hasn’t been fully explored yet, which could set the scene for another soap opera favorite, the love triangle featuring a father and son. Though Katie and Bill seem happy for the moment, with the news of an impending birth, Katie's health issues leave plenty of room for conflict in that storyline.

And if somehere along the way, Liam learned to make a choice and developed a little more gumption that would be good too. Perhaps then I could believe that Liam would be a worthy match for Steffy.

Updated! 2013 Edition!

The Liam, Hope and Steffy love triangle continues. As 2013 dawns, Liam once again finds himself having to chose between Steffy and Hope. This time he isn't married to either of them, but Steffy does have a some leverage that Hope doesn't - she's pregnant!

Who will Liam chose in 2013 - Hope or Steffy?


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    • Gia Mo profile image

      Gia Mo 4 years ago from Vereeniging, Gauteng

      I think Liam needs to grow up and make up his mind about who he really wants. Steffy might claim to love Liam but where's her pride? Why stick around and listen to Liam talking about his love for Hope? Is it truly love or is she out to get the Logans? I love Hope for standing her ground, that makes her attractive. Yes, she is in love with Liam but then again, she is realistic, she is lady enough to say, if you cannot commit to me and me alone, then I don't want you but Steffy on the other hand is waiting like a vulture to grab Liam every time Hope calls it quits. I love Steffy for her free spirit but for a free spirited woman, when it comes to Liam, she becomes a doormat, she doesn't have pride and that makes her unattractive. I say both girls should dump Liam and let him pursue the woman he is sure he wants to be with. Brooke is a firm believer of true love. Yes she married all the Forester men but remember it was Stephanie who interfered with her relationship with Ridge years ago. I would say, by marrying all the Forester men, was just a way of staying closer to the one and only true love of her life. One will say, why betray her own daughter? Her need for attention and Ridges love made her vulnerable to men who used the situation to their advantage and Deacon was no different. In the end, like Stephanie tried all and failed, Bill too will realise that what is meant to be, will be no matter how powerful and influential you are. Hope and Liam belong together. Yes, Liam like Ridge is caught up in a love triangle with two beautiful and wonderful women but unlike Ridge, Liam is attracted to the more down to earth type, like Hope and Taylor. So, no matter what Bill and Steffy thinks, Liam belongs with Hope and they will eventually find their way back to each other. It doesn't matter how long it take but it will happen.

    • profile image

      Gillian 4 years ago

      Steffy is not even there anymore, sad!!! I really like her spirit!!!

    • profile image

      LoveSteffy 5 years ago

      Hope is a selfish character. Now that she needs to make the right choice and leave Liam alone, she won't stop considering herself. She should know what Liam would be doing if he left Steffy. And for those defending Brooke, imagine if Hope was in Steffy's position...Brooke sure wouldn't be letting Steffy come on to Liam.

    • profile image

      Tanya from philly 5 years ago

      I hope liem stays with steph because all two are borning an hope you need to mfall in love with someone else an leave liem alone go get another man . And tell your mother she needs to lose her baby before she kills her sister brook tell your daughter to go find oliver please before all lose a fan

    • profile image

      LoveSteffy 5 years ago

      Look, I'll admit I think Liam does love Hope more than Steffy. But he is happier with Steffy. He always looked miserable with Hope, but he looks happy with Steffy. I don't know why he would choose Hope. Everyone points the finger at Steffy for being manipulative and lying, but no one ever acknowledges when Hope lies, and Brooke is seldom criticised for being worse than Steffy ever has been. It's unfair that Taylor, Steffy and Thomas are bashed but Brooke and her family are allowed to do as they please whether it hurts another or not. Of the three, Hope has been the least deceptive but she too has lied—when she was popping pills because the press was hounding her for doing what she called Steffy out on doing.

    • profile image

      LoveSteffy 5 years ago

      Hope, in my opinion, is really selfish and spoiled. She was only considering herself and not the innocent child...why does she continue to want Liam? He IS obligated to be with Steffy because he knocked her up.

    • profile image

      ashlaar S 5 years ago

      I don't care if hope and liam have a baby or not I want them to be together because steffy is a messed up girl I don't like I neva will she must find sumone else immediately and hope and liam must be together foreva because they will have beautiful children and I really love hope she is a wonderful lady and liam must really man up this time and steffy really doesn't deserve liam I think I must stop watching this show if I Eva hear dat liam is dating steffy that...t

    • profile image

      LoveSteffy 5 years ago

      Steffy has made some bad choices in the past, but Hope is slowly going downhill as Steffy matures.

    • profile image

      LoveSteffy 5 years ago

      Even though Hope has been Liam's first choice in the past, if he truly loved Hope as much as he claimed then Steffy could never have intervened in their relationship. By Steffy intervening I mean making Liam fall in love with her. Of course he loved her, but he felt something for Steffy. He was always tied up in knots of guilt and misery when he was with Hope. She keeps leaving him whenever they have a falling out. Steffy has never done so, even though she's had just as much, if not more, reason to leave Liam. If the baby is the only reason Liam loves Steffy, then why didn't he stay with Amber when he believed she was having his child? Because he didn't love her. But he truly loves Steffy. He doesn't know how to treat Steffy or Hope properly, and he always cheats, but he does love Steffy. Maybe he loves Hope more than Steffy, but he definitely loves Steffy too!

    • profile image

      isa 5 years ago

      liam and steffy

    • profile image

      Chyna 5 years ago

      Liam and Hope make a wonderful couple. Liam and Hope need to have a baby together and him and Steffy. Steffy and Bill need to leave Hope and Liam alone and let the get marriaged. Hope and Liam is in love with each other and it should be that way.

    • profile image

      Hope 5 years ago

      He shouldn't pickanyone at all,because he doesn't deserve them and he put them through enough.But if he has to pick someone it should be hope.Hope only lied twice(pills ). BUt Steffy has been doing it since day one. Yes,I wont deny the girl has matured but she's still lying wether she realizes it or not. Not telling him about the baby is wrong. You shouldn't tell the truth only when you get what you want. She said she was going to tell him even if they hadn't got back together but this is still something she should have been upfront about.She knows Liam doesn't like secrets.

    • profile image

      Fedup 5 years ago

      This is so stupid. It really is getting old. You guys did this with taylor why now. Plus the back and forth thing with hope and liam has been going on since AUGUST OF LAST YEAR!!! COME ON. When this year s tarted,I was at least giving him to the end of January to pick someone. IT's going on march and brotha man still got his hand in the sand. PICK.......SOME.......ONE.....ALREADY!!! I can see how a few turn of events can keeo it interesting but when it's overdone it gets annoying and repetitous.....may even risk losing viewers. Witers Im now talking to you-you better think about changing the story line.

    • profile image

      Andi 5 years ago

      Crazy crazy love....need a resolve to keep this interesting.

    • profile image

      steffy 5 years ago

      i like liam and steffy together there a better coulple hope and oilver are a great coulple i love steffy I LOVE STEFFY

    • profile image

      bigbe 5 years ago




    • profile image

      Penny 5 years ago

      Well stop watching, because Steffy do not deserve Liam she is a whore and she do use sex as a tool and now the writers has put a baby in the middle of this mess. Hope deserve someone to love and care about her and her needs and Liam is not that person, because all he do is allow Bill and Steffy to ruin any chance of happiness for him. Hope do not need this punk at all. Liam is the person I can't stand. I use to want Hope to have him, but he has put her through a lot of mess. And I have to agree Liam is getting his cake and he can eat on it to this is not fair to us viewer. Let them both walk away from Liam

    • profile image

      Pammy 5 years ago

      I will stop watching if Hope and Liam are together

    • profile image

      LoveSteffy 5 years ago

      BTW, sex is - Liam and Hope are supposed to have the most pure, virginal relationship and it's annoying. Realistically that's not what it's like in real life, and Hope's expectations of unrealistic perfection are annoying, proving she isn't grown up yet - she needs to learn that things don't always go the way she'll want them to. Hope will end up just like her mother, who is equally annoying. Liam is not a real man, he's pathetic. He needs to get a grip and stop playing both of them and choose one for good. This storyline is getting very boring.

    • profile image

      LoveSteffy 5 years ago

      How is Steffy "dumb" for getting knocked up by a guy in love with another woman when Hope constantly takes Liam back for cheating on her? It's amazing how everyone seems to make Hope look like the smarter one when really all she will do is get angry at Liam for a little while and then take him back, proving to him that he can do whatever he likes and Hope will put up with it. Steffy is not completely at fault for messing Hope and Liam up. Liam is the one who chose to cheat on Hope and constantly spend time with Steffy even when he was supposed to be committed to Hope. Liam is responsible for his own choices, and that is not Steffy's fault. Liam might not be able to get Hope out of his head, but at least when he was with Steffy he could think of ONLY her for at least a while. When he was with Hope he was constantly thinking about Steffy. As for Steffy being "dumb", she isn't much different from Hope in that sense. Hope watched an entire video of Liam almost sleeping with Steffy on their wedding day, and what she did was plan another stupid wedding. She never puts her foot down for long. She only gets momentarily angry at Liam and he does the same thing again because she is letting him.

    • profile image

      DivaOneDivine 5 years ago

      Steffie all the way hope is to corny and winey an boring If Liam can show that he is really a Man and make a choice and stick with it then he will be a good catch for Steffie I wouldn't watch if steffie was out of the picture

    • profile image

      Daytime Divas 5 years ago from Salem, Genoa City, Port Charles...


      Love it! A devout Hope and Liam fan that doesn't seem to outright hate Steffy. And yes, both ladies are gorgeous!

    • profile image

      yeah 5 years ago

      I think Hope and Liam belong with each other!!!!!!!!!!!!

      if steffy NEVER came in'hope and liam wood be marred by now !!!!!!!!

      HOPE AND LIAM FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PS HOPE IS PRITTY



    • SueCPSToday profile image

      heather-marie rothstein.= 5 years ago from Woodbridge, New Jersey

      ICAM with your wonderful post there ALANA

      each word is true.and no 1 told dumb steffy to get knock up with a guy who is still IN LOVE with hope, sex is not even NEAR close to the most important part of a relationship that is REAL.and TRUE.

      but having a guy heart is.and HOPE LOGAN has had liam heart,even since i was a steffy fan years ago. nothing has change.steffy is LAST in his life,and that is just how it is.

      Women now a days with self esteem,confident,etc. want more from a man,but sad to say steffy will end up again hurt,and has NO 1 to blame but her own self.

    • profile image

      Alana 5 years ago

      I think Hope and Liam belong together. They were together first, and loved each other. And Steffy messed everything up. She doesn't let Liam live his life the way he wants to live it. It's obvious that Liam can't get Hope out of his head, and that he wants her back, he just doesn't want to hurt Steffy. He said it himself. And Hope and Liam would have been together still if it weren't for the meddling parents. You can see just by the way Liam looks at Hope, that he loves her. I think Liam should definitely choose Hope, because he proposed to her! That proves that he loves her more!

    • profile image

      Love Steffy 5 years ago

      Hope is really crossing the line now. She kicked Liam to the curb, albeit because of a lie, but either way, she constantly expects things to go her way no matter how much things have changed. Yes Rick and Othello lied but Hope should have had more faith in Liam, after all she said the same thing to him after he kissed Steffy in Italy, didn't she? So why should it apply to Liam and not her? Hope is a spoiled brat and she is now acting like it's her choice what Liam does with his life. If Liam chooses Hope again, then he deserves to be with her because both are selfish and annoying characters. Steffy deserves better. It was good when Steffy won and Hope was crying constantly. Showed her she can't get everything she wants, even if that's practically the motto of the Logans.

    • profile image

      Gabstar 5 years ago

      Steffy by far!!Go Steam

    • profile image

      ELISHA HORNER 5 years ago


    • profile image

      elisha horner 5 years ago

      liam needs to be with steffy. not hope she is a kid, and steffy is a dam woman not a baby, liam needs to be a man and tell hope to get on with her life, that he is with steffy now,

    • profile image

      Julia 5 years ago

      He should choose Steffy. Yes, she made some mistakes before. but she grown as a woman and she loves Liam so much, that she goes to italy to see him get married to another woman, just to give him her support. It's not Steffy that is "stealing" Liam. It's liam that chooses to go back to her, because he loves her so much. Steffy knows how to deal with problems, and is not eating pills every time something bad happens. you didn't hear her complain when hope broke her foot.

      And Hope is not a grown up woman. she's living in some weird dreamworld, were everything has to be perfect. she's weining about liam talking to steffy, her father not showing up to the wedding, that steffy and her are fighting, that steffy aren't her bridesmade...

      Grow up! everything is NOT perfect. you should just be happy that you get to marry the guy that you love. everything else shouldn't matter!

      And hope is forsing liam into marridge. if she didn't brainwash liam like she does, he would go back to steffy.

    • profile image

      linny 5 years ago

      steffy does use her sex appeal for sure....and she has deceived Liam so many times with lies to keep him and Hope apart. So has Bill. Everyone needs to come clean with Liam! I think Liam and Hope need to go down to town hall and get paperwork registered and get legal! The producers need to change up this story. You are using the same lines and story as Brooke and Taylor. Change it up here and have one couple get along. The picture you show on this show is that " no one" has a good marriage. There are some out there. Show the people love survives any obstacles and put Liam and Hope back together and get Steffy with someone new and get her off the show!

    • profile image

      jess 5 years ago

      i don't like steffy's character, she is only using her sexual ability to snatch other people's boy friends, true love shouldn't base on sex, it is not all about sex you know, Hope deserved Liam more than Steffy. Steffy is just decieving him with sex

    • profile image

      Love Steffy 5 years ago

      Yes Steffy has had affairs with married men and constantly goes after what isn't hers. But Hope cannot be called a grown, strong, mature woman. Liam was obviously lusting after Steffy if he risked his chance to marry Hope for a few kisses with Steffy. The Logans have already won the first love triangle of the show, now it's the opposing team's turn to win. Brooke got Ridge, Steffy got Liam. Somehow this storyline

      probably isn't finished and this show can be unpredictable at times but Liam will probably end up with Steffy. Also it would be good if Thomas, Caroline and Rick could be expanded on a bit and just let this Liam/Steffy/Hope storyline settle a bit. Hope constantly shares men with other women. And also Hope was NOT Liam's first, he had already had sex with Steffy during their marriage before he reunited with Hope. Liam was Hope's first, not the other way around. Hope can also be pretty spoiled and sooky. When she cries everyone huddles around her because she cannot handle anything herself. Yes, Steffy is in the wrong in some ways too but at least she can deal with problems herself and she doesn't sook about every little thing.

    • profile image

      Love Steffy 5 years ago

      Honestly how can anyone say Liam loves Hope more than Steffy? I'm not justifying anything Steffy has done but you must admit that Hope

      is very whiny and whenever she is crying and sooking everyone has to forget about their lives and crowd around her because wow she is hurt.

      If Liam loved Hope like he does Steffy why would he do everything he

      has done? Let's face it if Liam loved Hope that much or respected her

      he would have given up Steffy. Where he goes when he fights with Hope is proof of who he really loves. Yes he loved Hope and probably always will love her in some way but regardless of how deceitful or wrong any of the three have been Liam loves STEFFY not Hope.

    • profile image

      love Steffy/MEMPHIS,TN 5 years ago

      I love Steffy she have GUTS, like her grandmother,Hope is spoiled and think she can hv anything she wants like her mom(Brook) it time for the table to turn,. hope and liam was boring, don'T GO BACK THERE I tape the bold and beautiful when Liam and hope part came up i FAST FORWARD BORING.

    • profile image

      milly 5 years ago

      I think liam should be with hope. Hope was Liam's frist. They belong together.Liam loves hope way more.

    • profile image

      Daytime Divas 5 years ago from Salem, Genoa City, Port Charles...

      he he - but this time its on fast forward because our attention spans are so short. Unfortunately, this just makes Liam appear shallow and fickle. The real question is who will Liam want - this month?

    • profile image

      Feed Up!! 5 years ago

      This is a total replay of the old Brooke, Ridge & Taylor generation...... Do they have writters on this show???? I could go on and on about some of the dumb and boring story lines over the years, but, the love triangle is all that ever comes out in this soap. I have finally pulled the plug...why it took me so long is the biggest question. This story line is going to go on for years already has!!

    • profile image

      Truelvlope 5 years ago

      Liam and Hope is the next Super Couple on B&B right after Ridge and Brooke.... I really could could not see the two with anyone else but each other.... Love Love Love Liam and Hope there are the reason I keep watching with Liam and Hope ... I don't know that I will do..... got the answer for that STOP WATCHING!

    • profile image

      Tea 5 years ago

      Steffy for sure!

    • profile image

      sis johnson 5 years ago

      Which one is pregnant, I really think Hope and Liam has suffered enough please put a stop to Steffy interfering with their relationship, this is so unfair hope is always crying because the man she is in love with cannot breath for Steffy nd Dollar Bill daddy. Please get Hope and Liam back together again.

    • profile image

      sabrina Joseph 5 years ago

      I think that liam should make up his mind .And stop steff and bill think for him.He should settle his matters on his own.And make the right decision on who he really wants to be with.And he must learn to fight for his love.

    • profile image

      Olivia 5 years ago

      Steffy= trouble maker, not hope.

      End of story.

    • profile image

      Sulejman 5 years ago

      Liam and Steffy all the way baby!!

      Hope is just like her mother sleeping with married man...

    • profile image

      T Jade 5 years ago

      I think that Hope and Liam should be together only because both of their characters are so annoying. Hope is so self-righteous.

      How can anyone say that Hope has morals. Regardless of Hope and Liam being together first she still slept with a married man. No character on The Bold and The Beautiful has morals... It is the most incestuous TV show that I have ever seen.

      Also makes me laugh how women are so quick to attack the other women on the show.... Liam is the one playing both of them.

      I think this story line has gone on for long enough. I really enjoyed it to begin with but it is way to repetitive and frustrating now.

    • profile image

      shirley 5 years ago

      steffy has slept with every man she has been associated with. She acts

      like a whore. it is refreshing to have a charter who has some morals.

      i think liam should tell steffy to get lost. He should tell bill to go to

      hell and stay out of his life and marry hope.

    • profile image

      Daytime Divas 5 years ago from Salem, Genoa City, Port Charles...

      @cath, personally I hope that breaking up Hope and Liam and adding some Thomas and Caroline into the mix means that the Hope, Liam and Steffy triangle gets rested a bit. Don't get me wrong, I think the triangle works, but I'm also curious about other characters! Notably a potential triangle between Thomas, Caroline and Rick. There is something about Rick...I would like to see more of that character and perhaps a little less of Liam...Just for a little while....

    • profile image

      cath 5 years ago

      Come on writers get on with this story as I've had enough...such an old story let's get creative and do something different

    • profile image

      Sam 5 years ago

      I agree with " Mrs Mc donalds" That is so true, Hope and Liam were destined together in the first place, until steffy had to come between them. I just wish the whole family could stay out of Hope and Liams business, especially Steffy. She always has to go for men that are in a relationship and screw things up, that's the thing that pisses me off. And everyone always has to say " steffy is a beautiful woman, and fun etc etc" Well let me put this into place, firstly every girl is different, Liam had hope first, it was true romantic love. Hope has respect for herself and her morals which is great , she is someone to look up to, I don't see how that isn't being a woman, because shes beautiful and innocent, not a skank like steffy. Now, when people were telling hope that she committed adultery etc, okay firstly Liam and Hope were dating at the time! Hope was with liam in the first f***ing place!, they had plans and they had planned their future together unlike some troublemaker had to come into this. Steffy tricked liam into marrying her, who cares if hope wanted her first time to be with the man she loved, he loved her and she loved him, who cares if he was married to steffy, the divorce with steffy and liam was already commencing, so what was the point? When Liam and Steffy were together in Cabo, liam couldn't stop thinking about hope and those intense feelings and emotions! In the end the love and the way how they looked at each other was like magic, you could really tell that Liam was kind of glad steffy would pull something like keeping hope and liam apart in cabo, you could tell he was happy. Hope was Liams first love. Steffy has had a million boyfriends and has had sex who knows how many times, so does someone want to tell me how that is being a woman? AND especially going men that are TAKEN. I don't know about other people but I really see Hope as the grown beautiful woman, not steffy. After everything hope and liam have been through they deserve to be together, steffy should just go off and find another man, a man that isn't taken for once. This story line has dragged on and on and has been a massive issue all because of Steffy, if you really think about it. Now, Liam can be such an idiot, he needs to tell steffy and everyone else to stay out of his business, stephanie needs to back off, everyone needs to stop telling him what to do. Liam needs to stick up for himself and for hope. And yes Hope maybe doesn't handle things the greatest but steffy doesn't either. If hope was to move out or have time to herself she shouldn't have to be talked about by steffy saying " Oh she walked out on liam again" telling the whole world , just because liams ex wife was kissing and hanging out with him. Ide do the same as hope, so what! People need to realize what Steffy has done, not just Hope, k thanks.

    • profile image

      lbarber 5 years ago

      Why do the good girls continue to get hurt? Steffy and hope are brook and taylor. Steffy is just like brook use to be and hope is taylor . I hate the soaps, they always have the good people get hurt and the grimy ones prevail. Hope gave her all to that man and look how he shows his appreciation and love.

    • profile image

      Rita Pence 5 years ago

      please let liam an hope get married ,an let liam tell steffy once an for all to stay out of his life hope an liam deserve to be happy once an for all , please make steffy leave them alone , hope an liam make a wonderful couple please let it happen please.

    • profile image

      asia 5 years ago

      How tf can yall say Steffy ugly ass belong with Liam if she jeopardized Hope relationship with him. Yall all sound dumb ! Idont like Steffy ass , Hope you don't need Him

    • profile image

      Daytime Divas 5 years ago from Salem, Genoa City, Port Charles...

      @Mrs. Mc Donalds - you make some excellent points! After all the twists and turns we've seen in the Hope, Liam and Steffy triangle, I don't think there are any innocents left in the situation.

      Hope has probably been the least deceptive, but I can't help but wonder why she holds herself to such a high moral standard - waiting til marriage, being forgiving of Liam and Steffy - but doesn't hold Liam to the same high standard. Or even any standard for that matter. You would think that someone of such high moral character would demand the same of her partner, no? But over and over again, Hope overlooks Liam's flaws and seems to simply accept that he is in love with Steffy too!

      I too look forward to the day that Bill Spencer is revealed as the mastermind behind Deacon's appearance in Italy. Everyone seems to "know" it but Bill hasn't had to account for his actions.

    • profile image

      Mrs. Mc Donalds 5 years ago

      Honestly I think that Liam and Hope should be together despite of everything that has happened, because if the truth be told technically Hope had him first,and then Steffy came between them. Everybody is pointing their fingers at Hope as being the home wrecker,but wake up people Hope and Liam was together first. So the way I see it Steffy came between Hope and Liam and then she want to blame Hope for being a home wrecker. Did she ever stop to think for one second that Bill was married to Katie when she was having an affair with him when she saw that Bill was not leaving his wife then she did just what you would have expected for her to do was turn to some body's else's man And all this talk about Steffy really loving Liam,no Steffy will cling to any man that pays her some attention just like she did Bill Spencer,Katie's husband. As long as Steffy is doing dirt don't anyone seem to have a problem with it,but is so quick to judge Hope. There are so many Steffy fans ot there talking about how much she loves Liam,what about how Hope feel about Liam,she loves him too,because look how many times she forgave Liam for what he has done and is still doing....the way I see it if he don't want Hope then he needs to tell her the truth. But as for Steffy she always talking about Brooke hell she ain't no better than Brooke hell she's doing the same thing that Brooke is doing so the kettle can't call the pot black. All in all I hope that everybody stays out of Liam and Hopes business and I hope that Hope can forgive Liam for what he did in Italy so they can live their lives as husband wife. And as for Steffy I hope she finds somebody that she deserves because Liam is to good for her. And as for Liam he need to grow up and keep his caniving father and everybody else out of their business. And last but not least I be glad when the truth come out about the real reason that Hope was late to hers and Liam's wedding in Italy.

    • profile image

      Mrs, McDaniels 5 years ago

      I think that steffy and Liam should be together because they are a perfect match. Even though Steffy pruseded Liam for all the wrong reason at first but I can tell she really luvs him and has grown as a woman. Every one make mistakes and it clear that she don't want to be that Person anymore because if she did she would have told hope about the papers Liam tore up and she could have easily told Hope that she had to dame near push Liam out the door to marry her. I think that Liam Luvs Steffy more and in the end they will end up together.

    • profile image

      dx 5 years ago

      He seems to not be able to get Steffy off his mind.

    • profile image

      Daytime Divas 5 years ago from Salem, Genoa City, Port Charles...

      @Sam, I have to agree that Liam's character is what should be called into question here. I think he's supposed to be a romantic hero in all this, but he's quickly becoming a heel!

    • profile image

      Sam 5 years ago

      I believe liam shouldn't be with either of them, he keeps running back to steffy then hope then steffy,he is playing both woman, he isn't strong and he can't make his own mind up, and both steffy & hope deserve a man who will love them for them and no one else. But, hope had a romantic history with liam way before steffy, they are a good couple and everything was going well before steffy had to involved and use her ambtion powers over both liam and hope. Steffy tricked liam into marrying her from the start by manipulating hope and liam, just so steffy can get what she wants, her history with guys doesn't show herself any respect, and i think it wouldn't be a good look for a guy when he comes and sweeps her off her feet, that's if she decides to get over liam. But i personally think hope and liam are ment to be together, they look good all together, but i think liam should start to be more strict and stand up for himself and let girls just walk all over him, if he loves hope he would stick up for her, he needs to make his mind up and stop running to steffy. I do believe steffy does love liam but the way how it started was wrong, and i believe hope and steffys family should all stay out of it as hope, liam and steffy are adults.

    • profile image

      Daytime Divas 5 years ago from Salem, Genoa City, Port Charles...

      @grown woman, You are right, Steffy's history with men has been interesting, and she does hold an undeniable grudge against Logan women. But that is what has made the Bold and the Beautiful interesting over the years: Brooke and Taylor's rivalry over Ridge and now their daughters fighting it out over Liam...

    • profile image

      grown woman 5 years ago

      Liam belongs with Hope the only woman who proved to give up and into everything that made her the loyal type. Stephy only wanted him because he was someone else's man. When Hope was with Oliver,Stephy wanted him,the she wanted Bill from Katy,now she has to have Liam. Get a man that originally want's you even when she was with Rick he was first with her twin,you still think her actions are mature?

    • profile image

      Daytime Divas 5 years ago from Salem, Genoa City, Port Charles...

      @aj. It's easier to see the "new" non-scheming Steffy with Liam. They have an undeniable chemistry!

    • profile image

      aj 5 years ago

      steffy a good pair for liam the the belong together

    • profile image

      Daytime Divas 5 years ago from Salem, Genoa City, Port Charles...

      @Emmy, I don't think the Bold and the Beautiful is done with the Liam and Steffy pairing...Liam looked very guilty after Hope explained what happened to make her late getting to the church. A rumpled bed and Steffy hiding in the bathroom? I think B&B is portraying Liam as a little fickle rather than torn betwenn two lovers, yet I don't think Liam and Steffy are over...yet.

    • profile image

      Emmy 5 years ago

      Steffy & Liam look good together & Hope is so whinny n needy. To top it off Hope is immature. Liam deserve to be with a real woman n gorgeous like Steffy.

    • profile image

      Daytime Divas 5 years ago from Salem, Genoa City, Port Charles...

      @May and @love b and b, according to our poll, you are not alone! There are many Liam and Steffy (Steam) supporters!

    • profile image

      love b and b 5 years ago

      I love steffy and liam can't stand hope she is so whinny

    • profile image

      May 6 years ago

      Go steffy u deserve Liam and u will get him u know it girrl:)

    • profile image

      Daytime Divas 6 years ago from Salem, Genoa City, Port Charles...

      @Nonhater, @Amira, That is why this storyline is working so well. Fans feel strongly about Liam being with Steffy, AND Hope. Some of us are even as indecisive as Liam and change our minds with each new plot turn!

    • profile image

      Amira 6 years ago

      Steffy and Liam belong with each other, I really hope that they end up together cause hope is always so annoying and omg why is she so annoying? Liam obviously has more fun and loves steffy way more than hope, and deep down, he really knows it

    • profile image

      Nonhater 6 years ago

      I is amazing how the world feels, which is so backwards, liam belongs with hope. He was with her first, if ya try to put yourself in her shoes, you will feel the same way. Steffy is the one that took Hope man, Can't you see that Steff is the one in the wrong, the only one for Hope is Brook, don't down talk Hope because of her mother mistakes. She been dealed the bad hand from the start. I wonder will ya take the other women side if she came and stole you husband. This world is turning upside down, it is a ashame, really.


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