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The Book of Eli With Denzel Washington - A Movie Review

Updated on January 6, 2012

The Book of Eli - An Interesting Movie

I recently saw the movie, Book of Eli, for the first time. I had meant to see it before when it came out in theaters, but was so busy at the time I completely missed it. Time flies by, and the next thing you know it is out on television. My family and I watched it, at my 18 year old son's request. I was happy to see it as I had always wanted to. The whole idea seemed fascinating to me.

The basic storyline of this movie of course, takes place in a violent, post apocalyptic society. There had been a war thirty years earlier. There is a man named Eli, played by Denzel Washington, who is a drifter. He had been wandering what seemed to be for years across America, but headed west generally speaking. He carries with him his prized possession, a priceless book. He guards it with his life, and it has a cross on the front, and is very large. It gives him comfort and meaning in his life now. He can barely recall life before, but this book has been with him ever since.

He found the book, after a voice speaks to him or guides him along. It is this presence that told him to go West. It just so turns out, that was the best place for the book to be, though he and others don't know it. During his travels, he is barely surviving. He does survive by hunting small animals, and seeking particular goods he finds in houses and cars along the way. Later, he trades the goods for water and bits of food and supplies to carry along with him in his journey and to sustain him.

There is another human that survived that also recalls the power of a very special book. It is this mobsters life endeavor to find the same book, and use it as a power over people to control them. It seems very cult like in this regard. The mobsters name is Carnegie, played by Gary Oldman. He does a great job in this quite evil role I must say. Ray Stevenson is another great actor in the movie, though he is another mobster as well.

Carnegie and his followers in the small town where Eli ends up, have a clash, and things get very difficult. Carnegie sees the talents that Eli uses, and offers him a place in the gang, which Eli refuses. He must go West. Carnegie is in love with a beautiful blind woman, played by Jennifer Beals. She did an amazing job by the way, I couldn't have been more impressed with her. She and her daughter Solara were excellent choices in their roles. Solara, her daughter was played by Mila Kunis. It these two, almost more than Denzel Washington that makes me want to see a sequel to this movie! If you are a fan of Jennifer Beals by chance, you have to see this. She is a very naturally beautiful woman, more than I ever remember. Same is true for Mila Kunis. They looked like a real mother and daughter, though Beals would make a rather young mother in this case. Back to the review....

Solara is sent to a locked up Eli, but he refuses to sleep with her, and both women see something is very different and strong about this man. Long story short, Eli's book is found out, and Carnegie realizes it is much closer than he thinks.

The chase, and the rest plays out in a series of events that is rather interesting. All the odds seem against Solara and Washington, and there does seem to be a strong presence with them that helps them along the way. There are portions where I nearly got chills at the end. It is definitely thought provoking and in a great way. I have so many of my own thoughts on such a book. Also, this movie is not that predictable, even if you are generally one to predict what is coming. I was surprised, and it was just awesome.

If you have not seen this movie, I would highly recommend it. If you get down by darker or sad movies, you must watch until the end. I have to say, it might be one of my favorite movies with Denzel Washington. Also, I can only hope that there may be a sequel that would come out and pick up where this one left off. If done right, it would be highly entertaining and I think would gather a lot of attention. Luckily, the movie left off in such a way, that it would have a great sequel.


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    • oceansnsunsets profile image

      Paula 6 years ago from The Midwest, USA

      Hello Phdast, I agree it was a great movie and didn't nearly receive the attention it should have. Glad you stopped by and left a comment. :)

    • phdast7 profile image

      Theresa Ast 6 years ago from Atlanta, Georgia

      Good Hub. Glad you reviewed the film. I thought it was an excellent film and didn't receive nearly the attention that it should have