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The Brainiac (1962) - Read the Synopsis, and Watch the Entire Film Online, Right Here

Updated on March 24, 2012

The Brainiac (1962) is a Mexican horror film that has amassed a large cult following since its release more than 40 years ago.

Alternately titled, El baron del terror (1962), the tagline of this popular b movie is “The most bizarre horror movie. Ever.”

Indeed, the film is rather bizarre, in both plot and the actual appearance of the film’s monster.

Ever since the release of El Fantasma del convento (1934), Mexican horror films have been all the rage for hardcore horror movie fans because of their imaginative take on supernatural occurrences and paranormal activity.

The story of The Brainiac (1962) involves a man who is viciously burned alive on a stake, and his supernatural revenge. You can watch the film in its entirety, right here at the bottom of this hub.

One of the Ugliest Movie Monsters of All Time
One of the Ugliest Movie Monsters of All Time

An Overview of the Story

So…..picture it, Mexico City, 1661 (in my most sincere Sophia Petrillo-esque voice). You are the Baron Vitelius of Astaria and the Holy Inquisition of Mexico has sentenced you to death by burning at the stake, because you are suspected of witchcraft.

The Inquisition believes that you might have cooked up a few spells and potions every now and then, snatched a couple of virgins and other innocents in your lifetime, and you might be in league with Lucifer.

If the accusations are not true, and you aren’t a witch, or warlock as the proper term would be, then you will have died a fiery death on the stake in vain - uh yeah, because…there really was no arguing with the witch hunt once they had a notion that you were into witchcraft.

However, if the accusations are true, then what would you do?

Well, first of all, if I were a witch/warlock then I would turn them all into toads and keep on stepping, but it did not seem that supposed real witches were ever endowed with such awesome power - wow Lucifer, you really aren’t good for anything are you? But, I digress…

It just so happens that the fateful night the Baron is set to burn alive coincides with the arrival of a comet that returns to earth every 300 years.

Rather than turning his torturers into toads, the good Baron Vitelius of Astaria chose to take his revenge in a rather contrived fashion. To the Inquisitors he swears the ultimate revenge.

“When this comet returns to Earth, I shall return with it and make a meal of your descendants”

OK, I do not know why I put that sentence in parenthesis; because those were not the exact words of the Baron, but you catch my drift…I have all faith that my readers are a swift audience, if nothing else.

And so, the Inquisitors still heartily roasted the Baron alive, because really…why in the world would they ever care about some folks they would never meet and have no real emotional connection to?

Then, 300 years later, guess what happens? The 1961 descendants of the Inquisitors are visited by one of the grossest movie monsters in all of horror movie history…he’s come to suck the brains out of their heads, and he will not stop until each and every one of them is sucked bone dry - and he’s got a hella forked tongue with which to get the job done. How Lovely Is That?

What are they going to do? Where can they run? How can they escape the wrath of The Brainiac?

I don’t know the answers to these questions - well, I do know - but if you want to know for yourself, you can watch the entire film online, right here. Just click below, and enjoy!


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