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The Bride he Bought Online

Updated on July 23, 2015

Catfishing and online scandles have become really big recently with internet dating. Another big topic in the world is cyberbullying. With the internet there are crimes and even though the internet can be good in some ways it can still be a scary place.

This past Saturday night Lifetime combined two of those topics; Cyberbullying and Catfishing in it's premire The Bride He Bought Online.

The Bride He Bought Online is about three High School senior girls; Avery played by Anne Winters, Kaley by Annalisa Cochrane and Mandy played by Lauren Gaw. They have a prank blog but one day take it two far when they come across a dating site Buy a Bride. They set up a fake profile and an unstable and lonely older man John played by Travis Hammer responds. Kaley and Mandy keep it going by talking over the website to him but Avery finds it mean. It goes too far when John invites the girl on the fake profile to his Christmas party. He even pays for her plane ticket from another country. He waits at the airport with roses and looks foward to meeting her only to discover that she does not show up. The girls get into an argument because Avery finds it cruel and Kaley encourages Mandy to film him getting stood up so she does it and then they post it online.

Later that night John goes on Google and finds that the girl in the picture was an old model who passed away a couple of years ago. He goes back to the dating site and the messages and traces where it came from and finds out he was talking to Kayle. He then gains Access to her blog. Then he finds information on all of them.

What will John do? If you like thrillers and crime dramas then this is the movie for you. It is recent so it should still be airing. Check your local lifetime network when it is airing again or catch up with it on demand.

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