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The Bunheads -- Give Me The Money

Updated on June 19, 2013

There didn't seem to be actual storyline this episode. It seemed more than anything like a filler episode.

Thankfully, Fanny was back, but even she couldn't save this episode. Making light of the money problems a lot of people actually have may not been a good idea.

Fanny and Michelle paid a visit to their accountant who was laying out their financial problems; problems which they could barely stay awake for. Apparently they only have the dance studio open when they feel like it and aren't making many of the parents pay for the classes. On the way home they discover a man is running a candle stand on their property and someone from another property has been collecting rent from the man. So do they go over to the neighbor that's been fraudulently collecting money for their land and demand he give them all the money he's collected? No. Do they demand the candle stand man start paying rent to them? No. Or how about finding space on the property for Truly to operate her dress business and charge her rent? They decide to build an amphitheater. Who wants to go to an amphitheater in the middle of nowhere?

If it was meant to be funny and amusing it wasn't. Their financial problems are of their own making and could easily be solved. For a lot of us there is no solution to our financial troubles. So watching these two make light of a very serious situation that even are government is having problems with [Hello, raising the debt ceiling] just isn't funny.

I also have to admit I really started finding Michelle very annoying. It's great being glib, but at some point you need to leave the comedy at the door and start taking things seriously. It got worse when Michelle decided she'd go to school to become some kind of financial wizard only to discover she never graduated from high school. She said she want to Dollywood and forgot to go to summer school to earn her diploma.

Then she went to the Oyster Bar where they were having Trivia night and teamed up with someone and she didn't even look at the trivia answers when trying to answer the questions. Next she sidled up to the bar and told Godot he was basically dumb. She thought he was like her and didn't have a high school diploma. Not only does Godot have a high school diploma, he also has a masters degree and is working on his PHD. Guess you shouldn't judge someone on their appearances. Needless to say he blew her off. Seems he was smart enough to be insulted by calling him dumb.

I thought maybe this story was leading to Michelle deciding to go back and get her high school diploma. Nope. Instead she gets Millie interested in the amphitheater and now Millie wants to name it after her. Me rolling my eyes in disgust.

On the bunhead front, Boo was MIA and I didn't miss her one bit. The focus was mostly on Melanie this week as she found her brother Charlie got his heart broken by a girl he actually treated decently. She spent the hour trying to physically harm her and then saw an add about joining the roller derby.

Miss Perfect Cozette was also around doing an impromptu dance around Fanny's dance floor that was cluttered with Truly's clothes and other store items. Later, it was no surprise when Miss Perfect and her brother won the trivia contest.

Sasha's drama came into play at the end of the show when her mother gave her a choice on who to live with and she picked none of the above. So she gave her the key to the house and left. Seriously, couldn't the woman get in trouble for child abandonment? Sasha is under age.

Michelle came home to find Sasha on her doorstep freaking out about what all the keys were for. Considering how independent Sasha has been shown and how she knew how to break into the house and when the security system shut off it didn't ring true. Michelle offered to help her.

The show ended with an over-long Sasha dance routine that I was glad when it was over.

On a totally unrelated note, I read I IMDB that the actor's playing Godot's parents on The Bunheads played Luke's aunt and uncle on The Gilmore Girls. How Amy Sherman Palladino could seriously claim that she's not just redoing the Gilmore Girls as The Bunhead is ridiculous.


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    • trusouldj profile image

      trusouldj 4 years ago from Indiana

      I actually just saw The Gilmore Girls finale last year for the first time, even though the show went off in 2007. And it really got to me, I'm not ashamed to say. But I agree, if you watch "Bunheads", you'll think you're in Stars Hollow all over again.