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The Cabin in the Woods Horror Comedy

Updated on November 15, 2013

Part of the Cast at a Screening

The Cabin in the Woods part of the cast
The Cabin in the Woods part of the cast | Source

Fran Kranz who plays Marty


The Beginning

I got the DVD for this movie with the hope of relieving boredom for a bit. I really got so much more from it. I had read before that it was a good movie. I remembered the ad a bit. The ad has a cabin and it looks like a puzzle. It is a puzzle for people to try and understand.

The Cast:

Dana - Kristen Connolly - good girl

Holden - Jessie Williams - scholar

Marty - Fran Kranz - stoner - intellectual

Jules - Anna Hutchison - hot girl

Curt - Chris Hemsworth - jock

These are the classifications as named in the movie.

The movie starts like a true teen movie talking about the girl's problems. Next the guys are introduced. The one guy that is a little stoned is in there for comedy relief and more. The cast all works together to bring a spirit where they work together.

Right there in the beginning, the scene is set. A beautiful eagle is shown flying in the sky. It runs into an electric fence like device that is set all across the country and falls and would seem to have died. It is the kind of fence that is not normal and it is set all across the area.

The first problem occurs when they meet a gas station attendant out in the country that is being rude to them. The guy is very uncouth and low class looking. He accuses the blonde girlfriend of being a whore. That is not too good in the first place. The guys think about doing something to him but think better of starting a fight. It would have been better for them if they had gotten it all over right then. The guy there knows what is going on at the cabin. The gas station worker probably would have spilled all of the beans right there.

The gas station is an entrance point to the cabin and it is being monitored. It is being watched by sinister forces. The forces are more of a corporate structure nature. It is like big business taking an interest in what is going on in people's private lives. The office guys make fun of the gas station attendant as he calls them and tells them that the "lambs" have arrived. They put him on speaker phone and laugh about it. Right away, it has gotten kind of weird.

The kids see the cabin they will be staying in and are a bit disappointed. They still spend the night together and make it happen so that they enjoy themselves. After the dinner and the games it starts to get rough. The couple go out together into the night. One of them, the girl, never comes back from it. It is starting to get pretty depressing. The guy with her fights back at the zombies that have done it. The people that have attacked them are of the dead. It is not that different from many horror flicks. But this is what happens to set the scene for it all.

It is going on now like one of the average horror movies where everything goes wrong. The teens as they are called, do not seem to be able to protect themselves very well. You want to break in and do something about it. Later on, it does change. Something changes and is an unbelievable experience. It is different and a thought provoking ending.

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth | Source

The Bad Guys

The office that is monitoring the kids progress is in the mean time taking bets on who will die next and who will win. They do not want the kids to get through it at all. It is a big question as to what is happening at all with it. It can get pretty confusing to watch. It goes back and forth between the different settings.

The kids are not doing that well then. The kids are being killed off. Later we find that one of them, the stoner, is not really dead. He has survived after being attacked. He fought back and has gone down and found a secret underground area. The area is where all of the monitoring is going on.

After this, and he meets the other nice girl in the story, things start to change for the better for them. It goes on to all of the vengeance that people have been waiting for. Instead of waiting to be attacked, the kids go on the attack themselves. Still after all this goes on, more will be revealed.

There is so much going on in the movie that it can be hard to sort it all out. The people that are doing the monitoring and controlling want to kill them all off. They are also watching different people in different countries. It is a bit unbelievable. The guys in the office get angry as some of the people they are monitoring are surviving and not serving as the sacrifices that they want to use them for.

As this happens more and more, they get to be even more desperate. They watch and monitor the kids to make sure that they fail at it all.

The Woods



Monster (not exact one from the movie)
Monster (not exact one from the movie) | Source

The Monsters

The one nice girl and the stoner are left. They find their way into the control room of the bad office that is trying to kill them all. There is a button there that will release all of the monsters there. They push it. It works and begins to let all of the monsters out.

This is all incredibly funny. The monsters come out and begin to take out the staff. The guys are coming in with machine guns but they are no match for them. The monsters wreck havoc all through the place.

The monsters are pretty funny. There is a clown with a knife. There is a big cobra like monster. Also there is a dragon like creature. Some of the monsters are nightmares that people have of the dark. They are beings that you do not want to see around you or when you travel anywhere at night.

One wonders if the actor that has played Thor has been chosen for a reason to fight the bad beings. But he is dead by then and cannot do anything. That seems to not have been the idea.

You would think this might be it, but that is not all. They then later meet the director of it all. She tells them that the Earth is in danger. The gods according to her want a sacrifice or they will bring doom on mankind. She convinces the girl to try and kill Marty. That does not work as a werewolf is approaching the girl.

Later the two kids are still together. They decide to face the gods themselves however best they can. That is according to one review. Or actually they don't seem to really know what to do. The movie ending has one of the gods emerging. One hopes that the kids can somehow survive it. That is the question. I think that the Earth would a least attempt to go on and not let the total destruction of everything happen.

You are left to ponder what has happened and why. It is a bit like them trying to tell people that the gods really don't like them. I thought it was great. The ending is not what I would have expected at all. That is the chilling part of it all. There is no place to run it would seem. But there is.


Merman in France
Merman in France | Source

The Archetypes of the Movie

This is my own analysis of the symbols in the movie. The suggestions are from the movie itself. The sacrifices were supposed to be made of specific characters. It is my own idea of what it could stand for.

My own idea is that the jock and the hot girl are the Adam And Eve characters in the story. They go out into the garden or the woods. First, she goes and dances near the wolf. The wolf could stand for the Devil.

It has been said that the good girl is the Virgin type. She would be the Virgin Mary in the world. Then Marty could be meant to be Jesus. I think this may not be what was meant by them in the movie but it could be. He was down in the cellar and then he survived. The director also tries to get him shot as a sacrifice for the world.

It would be trying to show that sin is in the world. The sacrifice would be needed to stop the sin. The Earth would then be cleansed of them. The gods are beings that want to be honored. It is quite a horrific concept.

To me it is as a city person might think of the woods. They are frightened of them. They could also just be new to them. But they cannot deal with it. Country people are not frightened of the woods usually. It is a nice place to be. The Native Americans also see it as being a good place and not evil. It is not somewhere to them that needs to be cleansed of sin.

The other idea that might have come in there is that they were talking about the animals at the cabin. The jock guy at first says something about making a hat out of the raccoon. Also his girl plays with the stuffed wolf. That might not go over well with the forest spirits. But that is not it.

The earth spirits are still given gifts in different places as they were before. They have been given several things like gold, jewels, food and statues. But they are not really given blood sacrifices. I don't think they would really want them.

It makes one wonder why a sacrifice would be needed. It makes one think at the ending. I was a little disappointed at the ending. But overall, I think it was a good movie.

Holes in the Story

There are several things I would wonder about in the story.

Since the cabin has their victims in it for the most part from the people that monitor it all, how would it have a two way mirror installed? That would be just to set the mood. It made you think about getting spied on.

For the office monitoring it all.

They take the excuse seriously that the gods would be angry. But there is really no reason to think that. That is especially for a sane person. The world has not been doing any sacrifices for the most part at least for centuries. Nothing has really happened to the world.

It is more like what a cult might come up with.

The office people are all on the same note. They all think it is quite fun to bet on who will be next. The black man there holds off for a bit and complains but then he is right there with the rest helping it to go on.

The Sacrifice

The girl readily goes to shoot Marty. He is her only salvation. She is probably next on the list. It is a foolhardy thing to do. Who is there that could be shot at instead? The director. She makes a very good sacrifice. They do not have to be young. Also the other office people and security that have been killed could count as sacrifices.

The excuses they make for using young sacrifices really have no bearing on the idea.

The End

It is a very unlikely end. It does not make too much sense of the gods being underground. That would be an underworld or Hell scene. If they were, the gods there really just like to bother people and try to teach them lessons. With people gone, there would be not much for them to do.

A Racoon

"I don't want to be a hat."
"I don't want to be a hat." | Source

The End

Would you shoot Marty to help keep the world safe?

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      Julie McFarland 3 years ago from The US of A, but I'm Open to Suggestions

      Great hub! I loved the film, and even wrote a review about it myself. Voted up.

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