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The Carbonaro Effect - Best Show On Television

Updated on May 10, 2015

Michael Carbonaro Effect

The Tricky Magician

If you haven't seen it yet, its well worth tuning into Tru Tv to see Michael Carbonaro, a clever, magician, presenting his magic tricks and sleight of hand to unsuspecting people. Michael Carbonaro himself says that is one thing to be on stage and present a magic trick to a crowd who know that they are about to see a trick, and its quite another to be doing the same trick to people who are not expecting it. The concept is brilliant, and the idea is totally original.

Originally, when seeing the previews, this writer made the mistake of seeing this new show as a copy of "Impractical Jokers", a show of four lifelong friends playing pranks on the public and daring each other to do embarrassing things. The Jokers can be funny, but there is a degenerate edge to it. While some of it is funny, there are usually things that are a little raunchy. Bad language, very off color, and down-right wrong, as far as society goes. Not a show you would feel comfortable watching in all company. Carbonaro is far above Impractical Jokers and not a copy of anything at all. Where the Jokers are clowns, Carbonaro is a master. When performing tricks in public, it is one thing to just be filmed randomly as the Jokers are, and letting things happen, but Michael Carbonaro has to have a definite outcome in mind. He has to be clever with his slight of hand, and spontaneous with his dialogue while performing. He has to keep his prankee within camera range, as in some of the clips one can see that as his subject walks out of range, he makes up an excuse to call them back over. When something goes wrong, its back to the drawing board, and Carbonaro has to reset himself for another try with another person. The orchestration is time consuming, and stressful to pull off.

Also, Carbonaro has to regularly come up with new ideas for pranks, this takes imagination, and skill. This is one of the few shows on television these days that requires expert planning and execution.

Carbonaro Magic on His Show

Looks, Charm and Wit= Carbonaro

Handsome and Charming

Carbonaro got his first big break when he was selected, after winning an audition, to do some entertaining, filler, segments for the Tonight Show, with Jay Leno. What Michael Carbonaro did for the Jay Leno Show was basically the same thing, on a smaller scale, as what he does for his own show, The Carbonaro Effect. He had the opportunity to try his ideas out, and further develop his television personality. Michael's sweetness in dealing with the public, along with his natural good looks, made his segment a favorite with Tonight Show audiences, it was just a matter of time before producers would back Carbonaro on his own.

Michael looks like the perfect, sweet, 1950s boy, which makes the entire show that much more enjoyable. Its not just the tricks, its his presentation. Not only are his looks wholesome and likeable, but his demeanor is one that exudes class and poise. This is one of the main things that makes his show so much better than Impractical Jokers. You can sit down with the family and watch The Carbonaro Effect, but responsible parents can't very easily sit down and laugh with the family with Impractical Jokers, due to its raunchy side that makes its way in every episode somehow. Too bad, because much of it is funny, but there is always that element of it being not a classy show.

Because he has a real talent in performing magic, Carbonaro has a disciplined manner, and polish that has allowed him to perform at the exclusive Magic Castle in Hollywood. Michael has been interested in Magic, and performing since childhood, and has stated that David Copperfield was a great inspiration to him, and in the earliest stages of his magic career, he simply tried to imitate Copperfield as much as possible.

It is also endearing that Michael Carbonaro credits his mother for encouraging him to promote himself as a magician, performing at parties and continuing to develop his craft.

It is clear that we will be seeing a lot more of Michael Carbonaro in the future.

Have You Seen The Carbonaro Effect?

Have you watched Michael Carbonaro, or are you too hooked on Impractical Jokers?

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    • profile image

      anonymous 2 years ago

      My favorite tv show bec. Michael keeps it creative and hilarious, but it is also clean, good fun....not insulting. I tell everyone to watch this show.

      I suffer from anxiety, insomnia and depression. Finding this show cures

      all my ails, even if it's for one hour. I laugh and enjoy life while watching, forgetting I have a mental disorder. Have become so addicted, I watch all the reruns non-stop. Thank you Michael for the gift of laughter you bring!