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The Changing Face of the Television

Updated on February 12, 2016
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She is a children's author who's mindful of her house! She loves sharing beautiful home tidbits with you!

Television viewing has gone through a grand transformation, since its creation during the early twentieth century. The development of the digital age has turned television viewing into a positive tailspin. Today, people expect a lot more than a passive TV experience. They want On Demand TV and an internet Web TV!

The first television set came into the public eye in 1925 by a Scottish inventor named John Logie Baird. By 1927, Mister Baird could transmit a television signal over 438 miles between New York and London. A television set instantly became a hot commodity soon after black-and-white television viewing transformed into the capability of a color TV.

The TV is an Exciting Time in America.

The creation of the new television set was an exciting time in America. Society gained an entire new way to communicate, besides the printed press of books and newspapers. With moving images and sound, the entertainment industry grew exponentially. As time passed, people expected more from their television set. TV viewing became a passive past time that brought people of diverse cultures together, where anyone with a bit of talent was given an opportunity to express themselves.

Lucy Ball was the one of the first actresses to step into the reality of bringing an intelligent and attractive screen of classic entertainment into the public eye on the TV, and then it was the Honeymooners show with Ralph Kramden.

TV viewing intrigued many and at times opened the eyes of all to what is going on in the world and how nature cares for itself. The world, in essence, became a much smaller place.

For 50 Years Only Analog TV Was Available.

It has not even been over a hundred years, since the development of the first television set. In the past ten years or so the digital age was taking the world by storm. Before this time, a television set had excessive boob tubes, which made a TV cumbersome and extremely heavy. For over fifty-years, only analog TV was available.

This is when a TV could only work with rabbit-ear antennas and it would take over five minutes to warm up before a slide would appear. In the past ten years the face of TV viewing has changed dramatically, since the development of the superconductor. By that time the use of computers has sky rocketed and so did the term couch potato.

Today's TV!

Today, TV viewing is no longer a passive experience. People expect a lot more from their television set than simple passing images. The coming of the digital age has turned the basic television into an action-oriented experience. You can now play video games, order pizza and watch the latest movies and program specialty shows. You can use your TV set as a home security system, and maintain a video chat with your buddies through an installed camera, etc.

The TV now a flat screen is capable of being hung on a wall like a picture frame. You can access the Internet while watching TV, and do almost anything through the capability of a Web TV, in spite of accessing your bank accounts, and sending text messages to anyone in the world, reading your email and video conferencing.

Besides watching TV at home, now you have the ability to watch TV on your smart phone, and iPad or Kindle. You can provide the passengers in your moving car with an option to turn on a TV channel by plugging these devices into the USB port of your vehicle. Isn't this neat!

Commercial Markets are Getting Their Money's Worth

During the first fifty years of the television, marketing companies capitalized on the vulnerability of their TV viewers by bombarding people with an endless plethora of commercials, promising to sell people items they didn't need. Now, with the versatility of TV, commercial television is losing its grip. People are demanding so much of their TV sets and are unhappy and tired of being taken advantage of by marketing monopolies. The marketers eloquently mislead the public into thinking they need to have things they certainly do not want or need. This causes people to spend money needlessly.

Don't be surprised when the day comes and you’re no longer subject to viewing mindless TV commercials. TV viewing will then be in the raw; when it comes to no-frills TV, filling the empty gaps, and you’ll no more be bombarded with an endless plethora of commercials.

With TV becoming a personalized experience and indeed action oriented, this makes viewing television a lot more enjoyable. Long gone are the days when you just sit around for a countless number of hours watching, whatever is put out by the networks.

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  • profile image

    Husky1970 6 years ago

    Interesting topic. I remember being very opposed to paying $12 a month for cable TV when it came to town. Now, many years later, it comes with internet and phone for the low price of $170 a month. Could become a problem when the fixed retirement income can't pay over $200. Time to stsrt reading more.

  • munirahmadmughal profile image

    munirahmadmughal 6 years ago from Lahore, Pakistan.

    "The Changing Face of TV"

    The hub is rich in information, historical, analytical and also moral. Thus it is up, useful and beautiful by all standards.

    The food for thought in the hub is that man is really a crown creation of the Creator. From mole to hill and drop to ocean have been and going on to be explored and utilized by man exercising the power kept in him. Sight and insight both are at work and beautifully at work. From whither a human being is coming and to whither it returns after staying for a while on this earth? Is his arrival and departure meaningless?

    Man has been endowed with many potentialities and he has a role to perform with excellence for the welfare and betterment, advancement and progress of mankind. There is thus a competence of excellence which needs interity and tansparency. This is to maintain dignity of mankind and respect for human rights, justice and fairplay where by peace prevails every where.

    TV has brought awareness to every door step. Of course responsibility has manners and observance of such manners sublimes liberty and to name such limitations as against liberty is neither legitimate, nor correct nor proper. TV as a media has certain code of ethics and it is to enhance its existence with respect and not to curtail it any way. Culture and civilization are like the plant which flourish by proper cutting and sustaining.

    May God bless all.

  • nakmeister profile image

    nakmeister 6 years ago from Lancaster, UK

    Good hub, thanks. I was reading a history book from the 1950s when TVs were first becoming commonplace. It was a dilemma for housewives as to where to put their tv, as the fire was the focal point of the living room and the TV didn't really fit in well. How the world has changed.

  • Craan profile image

    Sheila Craan 6 years ago from Florida

    Thank you, Husky, Munirahmadmughal, Docmo and Makmeister, your comments and thoughtful incites are appreciated!

    TV has changed the face of our world by transforming it into a more common ground. We are closely knit together with the power of news broadcasting. I haven't the faintest idea why the cost of TV is so costly to view. Hopefully as competition becomes fierce basic TV may become free again.

  • sunchild28 profile image

    sunchild28 6 years ago from Nigeria

    Thanks a lot for the job.The changing face of tv has also changed my life.

  • Craan profile image

    Sheila Craan 6 years ago from Florida

    Most definitely Sunchild, TV is dramatically changing the face of our world everyday.

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