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The Chemistry of Falling in Love

Updated on March 20, 2013

The Chemistry of Falling in Love

LOVE. The four letter word that is a blessing to humankind, and a curse at times. Some scientists argue that love is the strange bond that keeps the human race flourishing. But who really knows that love is? What exactly is falling in love? How would you know that you are falling in love – or if you are already so deep in it you cannot get out? In this post, based on my own readings and researches, I think I have unraveled what love is and how you can identify if you are in love, whether someone else loves you or if you love someone.

The Chemistry

Falling in love is a magical experience for those involved, and a complete mystery for those who are observing. The primary reason that humans seek love is to increase their abilities and effectiveness as living things and to establish a romantic relationship with another person to necessitate reproduction or cohabitation or both. Love always works, whether you look at it from a scientific point of view or a moral or religious point. People meet in all kinds of situations and fall in love. Some people fall in love at first sight and their subconscious minds tells them that they have found their soul mates while others fall in love gradually with the people they interact with regularly. Whatever the case, here are surefire symptoms that one will experience when they fall in love.

Signs you’re in love

a) When you are in the same physical location with the other person, you get a tingly nervous feeling emanating from the center of your body, mainly the heart area, that cannot be explained. The feeling is confusing and at times time seems to stop or fly by fast.

b) Falling in love is very emotional. The signs can be happiness, which may lead to constant smiling and feeling lightheartedness, and feeling a special attachment to that special someone. The attachment is so strong that you cannot stop thinking about them and even dream about them.

c) You immediately start fantasizing and planning for a future moment with the person you are attracted to. When you love someone, they become irresistible and everything about them is beautiful and cute. You fail to notice even the biggest flaws and weaknesses they may have.

d) When you are in love, you start worrying about the other person, even when there is no basis for such emotions. You begin wondering how they are, where they are, whether they are having the same thoughts you have or if they are well.

e) You miss someone so much when you are in love with them. Missing someone means wishing you could be with them at every moment, and the desire to spend every single minute with them. This often leads to compulsive communication such as calling, visiting, texting and thinking about them.

Love is the magical trigger in the brain that makes you attracted to someone beyond point of understanding. Love is mostly a hopeless situation where you become a slave to what your heart wants and you cannot listen to reason or manage your thoughts and emotions. Not all people get to fall in love. When you do, be sure to tell the other person what you feel. Natural love is two-way; they may be having the exact same feelings as you do.


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      Haseeb Murtaza Malik 4 years ago from Quetta


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      Ali Khan 4 years ago

      nice and great thought process u have .. (y)