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Artist Interview: Luka

Updated on March 14, 2013

Artist Review: Luka

I recently had the opportunity to interview a local acoustic rock artist named Luka. His music has certain aspects that remind me of 60’s era love songs, with modern tones and lyrics. He brings all of that together to form something truly unique.

How long have you been a musician?

“I've been doing music for over 18 years. I started out on guitar at 13. I never wanted to sing like my father until I got into high school and was singled out by the choir director while singing the national anthem with a group of other boys during a play tryout. She picked my voice out of the group and made me sing solo. She said she heard my voice "soaring" over the other boys. After that I started playing more with my voice and developing my singing ability.”

What made you interested in music?

“My dad was always a musician and singer. It seemed the natural thing to do after seeing him performing my whole life. Music and musicians were always all around us so music feels like home to me now.”

Are there any current or past artists that influence your style?

“My earliest influences were classic rock, like The Beatles, The Doors, and The Animals. I got into Brit pop in high school listening to bands like Travis, Radiohead, and U2. A few years later, I learned of Jeff Buckley and Jimmy Gnecco who are huge influences on my current sound. Those tastes got me into new groups like Gotye, Cee Lo Green, Muse, and The Green Children.”

What are your thoughts towards today's popular music?

“I feel like a lot of it is too produced and mechanical sounding. I think it should be illegal to put Auto tuned songs on the radio. Adele and Gotye represent good popular music in my opinion, but there should be many more good groups being played on main stream music sources. Music should have something important to say not be hollow and auto-tuned. Sadly, I feel too many stations want that hollow, auto-tuned, pop stuff.”

If you could add anything to your sound be it another musician, or specific piece of equipment what would it be?

“I wish I had someone to play any lead sound I need, whether it be lead guitar, keys, or other string instrument. I'd also really like some back up harmonies. Eventually I would like a full band with lead guitar, bass, and drums. Would be nice if they all could sing some back up. I can play simplified shows with just me and an acoustic guitar but for larger venues and crowds I would like to have that big sound of a full band and more harmonies.”

Are there any new albums or shows coming up that people should look for?

“I know Jimmy Gnecco is touring and would like to see him again when he plays in Indiana. I got to sing a song with him once in Chicago and he said I sing like Tim Buckley. Jimmy told me he felt compelled to sing like Jeff Buckley so it was like Jeff and his dad got to sing together for the first time. Jimmy’s new album "The Heart" is a must have. I also recommend Gotye's new album Making Mirrors. It has a lot of variety which is something I love about his music style.”

Here are some links to Luca’s music:


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