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The Comedy of Demetri Martin

Updated on June 23, 2013

Demetri Martin is an American comedian from New York. He is a thinker, perhaps a philosopher. After all, he does talk about the philosopher Socrates a lot -- well at least in his book This is a Book and in his one-man show "if i".

Yes, he titled his first book This is a Book. But the title makes more sense when you read it like this ...

"This is a Book by Demetri Martin"

And in fact, this may be the real title. Because on of the first few pages it says ...

"This is a book by Demetri Martin called This Is a Book by Demetri Martin."

The italics are mine.

But be careful when reading this book in public. Someone might come up and ask what are you reading. And you might answer "This is a book". They will ask what book is it. You answer, "This is a Book by Demetri Martin". They will ask, "But what is the title" and an Abbott and Costello routine might ensue.

Demetri Martin's One Man Show "if i"

His one man show "if i" won the Perrier Comedy Awards. He starts the show with the quote from Socrates ...

"The unexamined life is not worth living"

The show is somewhat auto-biographical and you can see clips on YouTube. In it, he talked about his two year study at a law school and subsequent drop-out. He also mentioned about his marriage and subsequent divorce.

Demetri Martin's Wordplay

Demetri likes wordplays. Perhaps he is a wordsmith. In particular, he likes coming up with palindromes, for fun. He also like solving and creating puzzles, for fun. In his show, he say that he sneak into class a book like Mensa's Mighty Mindbusters.

Palindromes are words or phrases that read the same forwards and backwards. Linked here is 222 word palindrome consisting of 29 lines that he created.

On pages 84 thru 86 of This is a Book by Demetri Martin -- the hardcover version -- he has an even longer palindrome consisting of 80 lines.

And on page 164 is a crossword puzzle that he came up with where all the answers (across and down) uses only the letter "A".

What is Demetri Martin's IQ?

If you ever tried coming up with a palindromes, you know how difficult it would be to come up with such long palindromes.

And if you look at the other stuff he came up with, you might wonder what is his IQ. A couple of people had asked this question on the web, but no answer was forthcoming.

We do know however that he graduated from Yale and got accepted into Harvard Law School. But he went to New York University School of Law instead after receiving a full scholarship there (which he subsequently dropped out). How did we know all this? Wikipedia said so.

So we know he is pretty smart.

In his "if i" show, he did mentioned that he had a knack from learning useless talents, such as riding a unicycle, juggling, and doing yo-yo tricks.

We also know that he plays the harmonica and guitar. How? Because in this YouTube clip, we see him playing the harmonica and guitar, and ringing some bells with one leg, and clapping a tambourine with his other leg, and playing a keyboard, and flipping pages of a sketchpad containing jokes -- all at the same time.

This clip was from one of the episodes titled Important Things with Demetri Martin on Comedy Central.

Demetri Martin does humor drawings

He also does humor drawings. On the cover of This is a Book by Demetri Martin is one of his drawing which is a self-portrait drawing of himself drawing himself. Yeah, that is the kind of humor he comes up with.

His later book Point Your Face at This: Drawings is filled with diagrammatic humor. Less words, but more drawings, than his first book.

"These are Jokes"

Demetri Martin's comedy album titled "These are Jokes" contains jokes -- by Demetri Martin of course. You can listen to some sample on Amazon.


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