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Similar Plots/Same year

Updated on September 3, 2017


Movies with similar plots have been coming out the same year for a long time. In 1995 there was a talking pig in May named Gordy, than in August named babe. In 1996 there was Tornado and Twister. They came out the same year and same month. In 1997 there was Dantes peak in Feburary and Volcano in April. In 1998 there was Deep Impact in May and in July there was Amargeddon. Let's go further to 2000. That was when Mission to Mars came out in March and Red Planet. In 2006 it was Illusonist in August and the Prestige in October. Similar Plots Same year

No Strings Attached/Friends with Benefits (2011)

No Strings Attached

This movie was about childhood friends. It starred Adam played by Ashton Kutcher and Emma played by Natilie Portman. The two met as friends but they gave each other more. As they got older they started chasing their dreams. Adam became a production assistant and Emma became a doctor. Both of them seem to be heading in the proper direction. They used to often see one another but they never really kept in touch but when they met up one night alone and they had sex. After that night it started to happen more often.

On Friends with Benefits

This movie was about two friends Dylan Harper played by Justin Timberlake and Jamie Rellis played by Mila Kunis. Harper worked in Los Angeles and Rellis worked in NYC. Harper went to NYC for a new Job interview and was offered to work there by Jamie. He took the Job and knew nothing about the city. Jamie showed him around. They developed a strong platonic relationship. She showed him where to eat, hang out, and introduced him to her friends. Their friends saw the connection between the two and one night they did as well. They got into an intimate conversation and had sex. After that night it started to happen more often.

Mirror Mirror/Snow White and the Huntsman (2012)

Mirror Mirror

This story is based on a beautiful Princess Named Snow White. Snow White is played by Lily Collins just as beautiful but her step mother Clementianna played by Julia Roberts is somewhat jealous. So Clementianna tried to eradicate Snow White. She wanted to be the only woman in the Kings (Sean Bean) life so she brought evil until their land and the King left to eradicate it. After leaving he never returned. Clementianna saw her chance to rule but first had to get Rid of Snow white. She kept Snow white locked in a room. Well at least she thought she did. Snow white defied her orders and escaped. Escapes and meets some friends along the way. She also falls in love. She fell in love with a prince.

Snow White and the Huntsman

This story was staged when snow white was young. A young Snow White was played by Raffey Cassidy. She was born into royalty. On this one the evil one was held captive like an older Snow White was. The evil one held captive was Ravenna played by Izzy Meikle. A demonic army comes after Ravenna and King Magnus goes after her, becomes enchanted with her beauty and marries her. She kills King Magnus. Takes control of the palace. Under the new queens orders she is locked away in a tower. She escapes and meets friends along the way.

Olympus Has fallen/White House Down (2013)

Olympus has Fallen

On March 22, 2013 an American Thriller called Olympus has fallen was released. Movie is full of action. One of my favorite movies no doubt. The main characters in it were played by Gerald Butler and Aaron Eckhart. Butler played the Secret Service Agent named Mike Banning and Eckhart played the president of the United States. Terrorists from North korea invaded the white house. The torrorists begin to assault the white house. Banning joined them defending it but what banner made sure to make was that his first priority was to keep the president safe. In doing so banner first tapped in to the head terrorist communication device and disabled it. All the while the president was held hostage. Before proceeding to get the president Banning's first act was to save his son connor who was played by Finley Jacobsen. Jacobsen hid himself in the walls from terrorist Kang played by actor Rick Yune. After he got his son he went for the president. On the way he killed all the terrorists. Before killing them all he convinced one of them to go to Kang and tell them that he is dead. It is apparent that is the way that he wanted it. After that the Chief of Staff played by Robert Forster ordered an aerial assault on the White House.

White House Down

Later that year on June 28, 2013 White House Down was release. This movie was starring John Cale played by Channing Tatum and President James Sawyer played by Jamie Foxx. John Cale applied to be apart of President Sawyer's secret Service Detail and his request was denied. While on tour in the white house terrorist begin to invade the white house. As a result the white house was shut down. Along with it being shut down those in it were held hostage. The Terrorists attempted to take President Sawyer Hostage. They looked to do so but President Sawyer was rescued by John Cale. The president was not taken hostage but the terrorists had a coordinated plan and they went forth with it.They eventually controlled the white house. They controlled its communications. They assumed they had everything under control until they turned on the TV and saw the news. The entire world saw who they were. It turns out that the terrorists attacking the white house were not foreign but american. They used to work for the government. Too make matters worse, the coordinated strategy was indeed planned by someone inside the white house.

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