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The Conjuring 2 Film Review

Updated on June 23, 2016

The Conjuring 2 Film Review

The Conjuring 2 is the long anticipated sequel to the 2013 James Wan film, The Conjuring. The tale follows the same couple from the first film, Ed and Lorraine Warren. The couple is investigating the Enfield house in the UK this time. This film is loosely based on the events surrounding the Enfield Haunting which is the equivalent of the Amityville House in America. When I say loosely based, I mean that the only things that actually happened is that there was a “haunting” in Enfield.

Overall the film is pretty entertaining. It has a quick scare at the beginning that really leads to the rest of the film. It has the ominous line “I never want to be this close to Hell again.” That is an obvious queue for the characters to get even closer to Hell! The speed of the opening scares is then slowed way down as we are introduced to the main family that is experiencing the haunting. The family is one of the few in horror movies that fled the house when things first started getting a little weird. That was a refreshing change of pace from the usual idiocy that comes from a typical horror movie. The demon appears very early on and haunts the Warren couple a bit, but it really is manifested in the Enfield house. It gets way too much screen time. For horror, the idea of the less is more is a beautiful thing. This movie does not seem to agree at all. The ghostly apparition and the hauntings drag so much. They seem to show up on the screen simply to provide a creepy moment. The demon spends too much time in front of the camera without adding too much to the story. A brief showing is one thing, but after a few seconds it loses the scare factor.

The story itself seems to have a bit of a pacing issue, at 2hrs and 13mins it runs a bit long. The demons get too much screen time and it attempts to tug at the viewer heartstrings at times with a love story that should not be there. There are a few scenes between Ed and Lorraine where their love and fear are expressed, but it is too obviously forced. The couple is married and already in love, so the extra emotional scenes are redundancies on that fact. It almost is an insult to the viewer to show that this obviously loving couple to be scared of losing one another. It adds nothing to the story and only reinforces the character of the already admirable man.

On a positive though, this film does not rely too heavily on the jump scare. The jump scare tactic seems to be a copout for most horror movies that lack a good story. There are some incredibly tense moments in this film. Wan did do an excellent job with the character design of the apparitions. The Crooked Man in particular was menacing because it was a play on a children’s rhyme. The Conjuring 2 did a good job at entertaining. There are no points during the movie where the viewer would just want to walk out. The scares do provide some goosebumps moments. It is not without its flaws, but is definitely worth a view.

Grade: B


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    • profile image

      Beth 22 months ago

      Very informative. Can't wait to see the movie.

    • profile image

      John 22 months ago

      Good review! Makes me want to see the movie again