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The Conjuring 2 Review:

Updated on June 10, 2016

Sequels to horror movies never usually pan out. They're full of cliches, troupes, and usually dull characters. Though James Wan seems to know what he's doing in the horror genre and has a real talent for directing the Conjuring movies. Conjuring 2 doesn't disappoint with yet another solid sequel from James Wan. Wan seems to know what true horror is and can bring out the scares in almost every scene. Every scene in this film is non-stop chills, thrills, and scares. It can feel extinguishing at times, but that's what a horror movie is suppose to do. Please take note horror directors, because this horror sequel is ten times better than any horror movie out there.

Conjuring 2 follows a family in their home in England. A few creepy phenomenal situations start to happen around the house and it seems to be attached to a 11-year-old girl. This starts a chain reaction of phenomenal activity that causes the family to go crazy. This entity is tormenting this family, until the investigative team of Ed and Lorraine. Though even they are cautious that if it's a hoax or not. Will the activity cause this family to split up. Ed and Lorraine are on there craziest investigation to date.

Conjuring 2 is the exact movie you want out of a horror sequel. It gives you a little context of the style of film-making from the first one, without just giving you the same old scares as the first one. The scares in the movies are fresh and somewhat new from the original. The original is one of my favorite horror movies of all-time. It's up there with Exorcist and Babadook. This doesn't live up to the original and it shouldn't. However, it does what it should do as a sequel. It should scares us, excite us, and entertain us. Wan knows how to bring the scares will still using certain tropes as other horror movies. The approach however is slightly different. Conjuring 2 has a lot of camera angels that hinder the action. Someone can see the action coming along. However, it does bait-and-switch on the audiences assumptions. There's something there and then its not; to then jump back into the camera to scare you. Not all of the these techniques work as the beginning was filled wit these type of bait-and-switch type of scares. They happen a lot and they do get exhausting after a while.

However, James Wan knows what horror movie fans want and that's tension. Tension that builds up a scene and then delivers a punch to the stomach. This is what Conjuring 2 does effectively. Scenes will start off cliche but end with a bang. You'll see the scare coming but it will take a while to fully kick in. Then a scare will pop-up and change you're assumptions for the next one. it also plays on your fears and has a lot of chilling moments without the cliche pop-out scares that plaque a lot of bad horror movies. It's effective and gives thrills instead of scary moments. Scary moments are just a natural reaction to something jumping into frame. Though when someone can truly thrill you and creep you out. These are the imagery and consistent thought that something is going to happen. Something like the evil talking in Exorcist or the explanation of the Witch in the first Conjuring. It's something that makes you look in your mirror when you're driving home from the movie.

Overall, Conjuring 2 could have done everything a bad horror sequel does. Though it doesn't. Wan truly was here to make another great horror movie and that's what I think it is. It's not just a great horror sequel, but a great horror movie as well. It rely's on tropes but gives changes the execution. It will give cliches from the first one, while providing you will more of it. It will change your perception of horror movie sequels forever, and gives you something to look forward to in the final installment.



Great performance by the young Madison Wolfe
Great performance by the young Madison Wolfe

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A another thing to praise the movie was the great performance by Madison Wolfe, who plays Janet in the film. If she was bad, this whole movie could have been a terrible mistake. Though all of the performances in the film are great.


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