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The Controller Movie Review

Updated on July 23, 2013

The Controller Movie

Movie Review of The Controller

This is not one of your typical movie content reviews since The Controller is not a widely known movie. Sometimes these movies have a great script that surprise you and leave you wondering why it’s not more popular. The movie content review for this movie may actually be better than the movie itself. For me, The Controller was not one of the best movies to watch.

William is a computer magnate billionaire who finds that his wife has been kidnapped during the night. A note was left from the kidnapper guiding him to a location where he receives a call from the kidnappers. During the call they inform William that his wife will be held kidnapped until he plays an online game that he created called Liberation Force Earth and beats. He suggests hiring a team of gamers in order to win his wife back.

The police start recruiting a team of gamers in order to win this online game. A team of five people were assembled including the wife’s husband William. They work together continuously to find a solution to beating the game so he can win his wife back. William unfortunately cannot inform the other gamers as to the kidnapping of his wife or she will be terminated.

The battles intensify with each minute that passes, having to fight a variety of military forces that stand in their way. Two of the gamers actually end up virtually dying during the game which brings the team closer together in order to achieve there goals. One of the main goals is to take over a well occupied military base that takes teamwork and dedication to defeat. The battle ends with an intriguing and interesting twist that will leave the movie watchers in awe.

I thought the movie was a dull script that lacked a captivating story-line to keep me interested in watching it. The controller does have its funny moments that will give you a chuckle. This movie is great for families and kids to watch for all of its family moments and PG rating. I thought the acting was more like a play instead of a typical movie with a director that had cuts and takes. The ending was very surprising, which I enjoyed, but it still does not make up for all of the dull moments. I was left saying what movie is this?

Only 8 Hours to Win The Game

With only 8 hours to win the game, will the online gamers be able to work as a virtual team to free William's Wife.
With only 8 hours to win the game, will the online gamers be able to work as a virtual team to free William's Wife.

Movie Ratings For The Controller

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Review of Video Game Movie

William Fence (Bob Rue) receiving a call about his wife's kidnapping.
William Fence (Bob Rue) receiving a call about his wife's kidnapping.

Movie Credits For The Controller

An action, comedy, and adventure movie.

Director and writer of The Controller is Frank Michaels - his only movie he has directed and written in his career. An engineer for the past 18 years and a deep passion for video games led Mr. Michaels to write and direct this comedic adventure through the online video game world.

  • Starring Bob Rue (The Netherbeast of Berm-Tech Industries, Dirty Laundry) - Plays William Fence also known by his online name as Rookie - His first breakthrough role which have led to made for t.v movies including "Downside" which aired on Lifetime. Known for his voice acting abilities, Mr Rue gave a great performance in The Controller movie.
  • Tank Jones (Three Kings, Stitched) - Plays Fragmaster- The more gifted Actor of the bunch with roles in blockbusters Three Kings and Any Given Sunday.
  • Lolita Sahwany - Plays Athena - Graduated in NYU and better known around the acting industry for her production abilities. She does have some voice over and acting credits on her resume as well.
  • John Debradenka (The Whistler) - Plays Master Chief - A commercial actor who recently stepped up to the independent film industry. He showed great talent in this movie.
  • Jeff Niemoeller - Plays Knarf37 - A diehard gamer in real life, Jeff steps up to a role he is well equipped to handle in his very first film.
  • Vince Reign (Transamerica) - Plays Pappapooh - Has casting director credits under his belt along with some film and theater work.
  • Cathy Rankin - Plays the wife of Master Chief - Starred in a monday night football opening promo that won an emmy-nominated in 2004. A full time actress who does both films and commercials.
  • Laura Durant - plays Capt. Jenkins the lead investigor- Over two decades of stage-acting experience.
  • Carin Sprague (Patch Adams, What Dreams May Come) - Has both featured film and nationally syndicated television series experience.

Movie Trailer for The Controller


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