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The Controversy Behind Beyonces New Song

Updated on April 6, 2016

Formation Video Controversy

Beyonce and The Controversy

The entertainment news host of Meet Magazine reports on Chris Black’s allegations against Beyonce. Black claims that the Formation video displays clips from a documentary he directed and produced.

At this time it is unclear if the disparaging allegations are true. One thing that is clear— is that the new song Formation gives Beyoncé a voice to speak out after years of being silent on various topics regarding her lifestyle and family. Her song starts out by dispelling a common conspiracy theory—that she and husband Jay-Z are a part of the Illuminati.

Beyoncé addresses her haters and the paparazzi for taking unflattering photos of her during some of her most vulnerable moments. In addition, her Formation lyrics explain her desire to keep Blue Ivy’s hair natural. Up until now, Beyoncé remained quiet on foolish judgement and assumptions. This was in spite of radio/talk show hosts segments, social media insults and all the outrageous concerns surrounding an innocent toddler’s hair.

Beyoncé's song, answered many questions from her critics—including what she eats, how she likes her men, how she feels about police brutality and the bonus topic of Hurricane Katrina. Her video sparked more chatter as some believe Beyoncé’s influence throughout the new song is ten years too late!

Many have expressed anger in the seemingly absent diva during the height of black disparities. Aside from the negative feedback, some fans are raving over her bold statements and the controversial imagery displayed in her video.

Regardless of all the conspiracy theories and analytical B.S., about the Formation video—Beyoncé appears to be one of the best marketing strategist alive. The timing of her video release—followed by the Super Bowl half time performance and the announcement of her World Tour was precise.

The fact that everyone is buzzing about Beyoncé—only solidifies another Checkmate for her and her team/publicists. As far as the allegations that Beyoncé stole clips from Chris Black—his YouTube video The B.E.AT was uploaded to YouTube on Feb., 6, 2013.

Since that time the video has received close to 18k views. The reality is— that Black’s claim of thievery by the diva will only ignite curiosity about his documentary. In theory if it were not for Beyoncé’s Formation video—Black’s name and videos would go unnoticed. So the question is—who’s technically stealing from who? Receive entertainment news regarding this and other topics at @Meetmagazine.


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    • profile image

      JG Hemlock 

      2 years ago

      Who is beyonce? Never heard of her.


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