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The New Cosby Show: What They Don't Want You to Know

Updated on January 5, 2017

As of right now, publicly Bill Cosby is finished. I thought my last two blogs on the subject would be my last time writing about it, but yet again the Cosby scandal has resurfaced with a devastating knockout blow. I'm not sure if there is anything up Cosby's defense attorney's sleeves because they already knew this information, but judging from how effective they have been thus far and with the latest round of lynching press, there is without a doubt a fork in Cosby. Consequently, my opinion on the matter has been beseeched.

Let's jump right to it. More and more people are on the same media led bandwagon, but are completely unaware of the many hidden factoids and revelations happening behind the scenes. No, Cosby did not "admit" to drugging women. The corporate media completely distorted the information and fabricated the whole thing for headlines. And Quaaludes is not a date rape drug. It was almost never used for that purpose. It was a very popular recreational drug in the 70s and 80s, and no Cosby did not admit to drugging women against their will. There was no "admission" of anything whatsoever. Cosby answered honestly, and agreed with the question he was asked which was that he purchased Quaaludes and shared them with women he intended to sleep with. The judge "unsealed" a sealed deposition that was not supposed to ever be unsealed, let alone publicized. Use your brain: Not only was that a violation of Constitutional rights, why would the judge decide to do that? The statutes of limitation are long over and Cosby is not going to jail for any of these cases. The purpose was to hand it over to the media and lynch him. Then the media chopped up the contents of the deposition that was supposed to be sealed and served it as breaking news to a brain dead public.

From the start NBC, Netflix, Disney and almost even the US Navy moved in quick to behead him. Cosby wasn't even charged with a crime. With all these high entities working in concert, there is clearly a covert agenda against Bill Cosby. They even forced president Obama to make a statement against Cosby when he was supposed to be talking about the Iran deal. The cess pool of controversies, scandals, and sensationalized tabloid fodder is something I feel I could sidestep and step up toward a higher calling. However, just when I thought I was out---they pull me back in.

Because of my previous blogs in support of innocence until proven guilt, I was hit with emails, phone calls and texts literally all day from friends during the first new wave of bad press for Cosby. And why? Was it because A) there was finally a trial in a court of law and a verdict? Was it because B) there is a new accuser who wasn't already caught in a lie and actually had proof or a consistent, coherent story? Or was it C) Cosby gave a sincere, real and genuine confession and admission of the crimes? No. The answer is D) NONE OF THE ABOVE. I was contacted because people are sitting around watching television and listening to mainstream media. Something very strange is happening and Cosby is without a doubt a target by very powerful entities.

The media waited like a predator behind bushes for another opportune moment, deliberately did not report about the several accusers who told falsehoods (a fact which would have been a bombshell in the other direction), then they completely butchered and altered the literal meaning of 1 line from a pages long deposition and served it up as smoking gun "breaking news". So here we are still completely misinformed, still no evidence or proof of anything, and no trial. Kept out of court, the media decides what it wants to keep from the public that would actually vindicate Cosby to some degree, and publishes as front page news anything that looks really, really bad. And this my friends, is how you are led to burn witches in the new millennium. Have at it.

Everyone in the United States was all but mandated to digest the new "news" on Cosby. It was strangely on every media channel just for a quick day or so because they made it so. It was plastered over every worthless, standard depraved rag in town. And at this point too many people are invested and drinking the juice. In addition to all that I posted before, below is what you won't find on mainstream television.

What The Media Doesn't Want You To Know

Most people fervently believe Cosby is guilty at this point and I accept that. It is what it is. Pass my torch and pitch fork to the next bloke. Unfortunately, I still won't be joining any of you. I will not allow an agenda, or anyone, including my own opinions or emotions to cloud my judgment to deny anyone else of their rights or presumption of innocence under the US Constitution.

Here's what no one understands that the corporate media doesn't want you to know: There is not just a growing list of Cosby accusers, there is, in fact, a growing list of Cosby accusers who have been publicly caught in lies. All of this information is being collected all over the country by independent sites, bloggers and organizations. Some of these people and groups are even calling the big news conglomerates with proof but the big networks refuse to touch it. There are also many people who know these things but are afraid to say it publicly. Not me. When I'm speaking truth, I expect to be outnumbered and I have no fear whatsoever if it's right. I previously wrote about Chloe Goins, Louisa Moritz, P.F. Matsen, Chalen Lasha, and others who have been caught or exposed, but oh there is so much more.

How about when Cosby accuser Jewell Allison was live on the radio and when asked by the Son of Man of the New Nation of Islam when the assault happened, she stammered and couldn't remember how old she was. She eventually said, "like in my late 20s". Then Jewell Allison who was heralded a hero with the other ladies later admitted in that same live interview that Cosby didn't actually rape her. When explaining what did or didn't happen, things kept changing and it wasn't making a lick of sense. THEN---she tried to veer off into a soapbox speech about women and rape in America but when redirected and pressed to answer the simple questions regarding the fact that Cosby didn't rape her and that she couldn't remember her age when---whatever happened happened, she angrily rushed off the call.

In fact, when many of these women can't recall basic information they all claim to not remember due to being drugged or because of the emotional trauma. It is very likely to forget things especially after being drugged--- but not for the things these women like Jewell Allison are claiming. Not remembering the year or how old you were? The day, month, the season?

Heidi Thomas is another accuser who is a great "performer" and sounds credible, but she has major gaffes and inconsistencies that are absolutely astounding. I was sent video interviews where she says Cosby took her to a ranch and there were no telephones anywhere in sight. Consequently, she didn't attempt to call or tell anyone because she was so afraid, confused and displaced. Then in another statement she said that she called her parents from the ranch and told them what happened and that she was ok. So one second she claimed she told no one and there were no phones. In another second she claimed she called her parents and there was a phone. In one statement she clearly stated no one ever knew about what happened, and in another statement she says that her parents always knew. When she realized her mistakes she said she was delusional and out of it so she didn't remember calling her parents but she did. So she suddenly realized that she forgot about that on the fly 30 years later in the middle of a live interview? She didn't tell her parents or anyone, then remembered she did tell her parents. And when Thomas decided that she did tell her parents she was away at some ranch and had been drugged, no one ever did anything or brought it up? Right... When Heidi Thomas speaks it's almost as if she's trying to flow confidently and make her story make sense. However, if she was talking to a tough interviewer or was cross-examined in court, she would never make it. She'd be ripped to shreds and exposed.

What about the fact that a bunch of these women like Carla Ferigno, Helen Hayes, Joyce Emmons, Lisa Jones, Angela Leslie, Michelle Hurd, and Lachelle Covington to name a few, don't even have rape cases that entail an assault or a crime? They allege unwanted advances. Carla Ferigno and many others claim Cosby came on to them once upon a time, and then they turned him down. So instead of just saying that, they lie feeding the rape narrative and claim "they got away"--- and then collect their media checks. Carla Ferigno, in her own words, said Bill Cosby tried to kiss her after they played pool. He then asked her what was wrong and she said she never kissed a black person before, then walked out and left his home. That's it. This is why she and others are in the line up as Cosby "victims". Reviving decades old advances, these are some of the women being called brave heroes and gracing magazine covers.

There's more, and more and more. How about the fact that many of these women like Shawn Brown, Renita Chaney Hill, Beth Ferrier, and Therese Serignese admit to being one of Cosby's mistresses and had consensual relations with him for years, but then back-tracked jumping on the Cosby rape bandwagon, and invented a day in which he randomly decided to drug them even though he was already sleeping with them. And they were still seeing him. In the perspective of the predator or the victim, none of this makes any sense.

How about this: I have 3 close friends who, unfortunately, were taken advantage of in the same way, and all three of them went to the hospital the next day. Is it not interesting that out of 30, 40, maybe even 60 accusers claiming to have been drugged with something that knocked them out and made them feel weird, not 1 of these women went to the hospital to get checked out or a toxicology report? Yes, I know, many women react differently and some women do nothing after rape. However, we're talking about a lot of women. Out of 30-60 accusers no one did?

We unwittingly help undo what the Founding Fathers created and help create the unfair out-of-court sentencing that could come around and happen to anyone of us. The media is the enemy of honest transparency, fair trials, human rights and law and order. It's a propaganda machine that wants the controversy, never tells the truth if it can get away with it, and tells you what it wants you to think. The winners and losers are discussed and decided upon regardless of fact. The people at large are merely peons under mind control who never ever know what they're talking about and never know what they don't know. And when you have the majority of people lashing out and bullying "thinking" people who feel something isn't quite right, we have a problem.

The law is the law and what we have here is the furthest thing from justice. We have a bunch of women who were life-long opportunists with inconsistent stories dog piling 30-40 year old accusations--out of court--- to tell the world that Bill Cosby raped them right smack on the news, magazines and talk shows. And of these women, a third of them have lied and the media won't touch it. Another third don't have a rape case, and another third either have no proof, a sketchy story, or had a suspiciously sustained relationship with Cosby during the time the attacks were supposed to be happening. And (drum roll) to top it off, almost all of them have been getting paid by media under the table. On blogs all over the place you can see comments ranting and bashing anyone leaning toward defending Cosby, not realizing hardly any of these women would win in court due to the holes in their own testimonies. With scripted and rehearsed testimonies from protected actors, edited information and narrative building, this sad and very public state of affairs is truly the new "Cosby Show".


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    • DruStory profile imageAUTHOR

      Dru Story 

      2 years ago from NYC/LA

      Thank you very much Jamie, and thanks for coming by.

    • profile image

      Jamie Farren 

      3 years ago

      Thank you for your rational analysis of this issue. It is rare these days (particularly during accusations of rape) for members of the public to show anything but mouth-frothing when a man is alleged to have commited such an offense.

      Keep up the good work.

    • DruStory profile imageAUTHOR

      Dru Story 

      3 years ago from NYC/LA

      Thanks for coming by!

    • profile image

      Asaf. P 

      3 years ago

      I didn't believe none of that bs from jump and this explains why. Phenomenal.

    • DruStory profile imageAUTHOR

      Dru Story 

      3 years ago from NYC/LA

      Unfortunately, the subject of rape has been in my inner circles, so yes I'm also passionately for supporting real victims. However, I'm also in support of the law, the Constitution and proper legal protocol as I feel not all these accusers earned the benefit of the doubt due to huge problems. Thank you for stopping by!

    • letstalkabouteduc profile image

      McKenna Meyers 

      3 years ago from Bend, OR

      It's good to read another point of view. You're certainly passionate about the issue and make some good points. Rape is a hugely under-rated crime. If any good comes from this, I hope women will report it immediately and stop serial rapists.


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