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The Creatures of Supernatural

Updated on August 1, 2017

Legendary Creatures of Lore

Having done an overwhelming load of research on legendary and mythological creatures before I even began watching the show, I can tell they really reach into history for their mythology on CW's Supernatural. It's incredibly impressive how easily they create story lines to fit monsters that most people have never even heard of!

Sure, well all know the classics because they've been thrown in our faces so many times throughout every genre, especially in that tween crap, (Twilight, eh). But somehow Supernatural manages to place these unbelievable creatures in appropriate plots and snatch the attention of TONS of fans. Let's recall the creatures that have shown up on Supernatural so far.

We can go ahead and breeze through the basics real quick, we've all seem em':

  • Demons (a couple of levels but basically have black-eyes, can possess people, are mischievous and evil with some holding stronger powers than others such as telekinesis, ability to control hell-hounds, some spells, teleportation and granting wishes - for a price).
  • Ghosts (Again, different kinds but all do pretty basic ghost stuff. You have your vengeful spirits, on-a-reel kind of ghosts and the ones that actually possess people). The best way to take them out - find the actual bones of the ghost and salt and burn it.
  • Shapeshifters (They can morph into people and know all their thoughts and memories. They tend to be a bit annoying. Also, the ones in Supernatural seem to have some souped up strength and it's super gross when they shift, as in they literally shed their skin - yuck).
  • Skinwalkers (Kind of the same idea as a werewolf except they can take the form of any animal. They can go back and forth from human form to animal form)
  • Vampires (Nope - no sparkling here folks. These vampires have jaws-like teeth and are generally dicks).
  • Werewolves (Same concept as most other accounts - full moon, loss of memory, super-wolves - you get the gist).
  • Witches (It's different from witch to witch in this series but they know magic and they all use it in different ways. And, as expected, some are higher on the food chain than others).
  • Zombies (They don't look like 'Walking Dead' zombies. They can look exactly like the person but they aren't the same. They are faster and turn straight up evil).


Lesser known Creatures that appear on Supernatural

Some people who watch the show probably haven't heard a lot about many of the creatures that pop up. Here they are:

  • Wendigo (They are gross looking and they survive by eating human flesh and just can't seem to get enough of it. In the show they can mimic a human's voice to help them hunt, they're super fast and strong & they can't be killed with normal weapons. The Winchester's favorite way to take them out seems to be burning them alive or, of course, using the colt - it kills basically anything).
  • Sirens (I particularly like the way they portrayed this creature in the show. They have the ability to become exactly what a person is looking for in order to gain their trust, love or lust. They can control their target and also conceal their true, wretched form. These dudes are pretty tricky to kill, as the blood of someone under their control must be used on a special dagger to end them).
  • Ghouls (Not quite zombies but similar. They eat people and then turn into the person they last ate. This sadly happens with Sam and Dean's secret bro.They usually hang out around cemeteries to eat the dead but sometimes they go after the living. Head removal is a sure-fire way to take out a ghoul).
  • Djinns (They are pretty much sadistic genies. In the show, they aren't as classic myth depicts them. Instead, they don't really grant wishes. They just make their victims think they are living out their desires while in a coma-like state. During that state, the Djinn feeds on the victim to sustain its life force. They are really hard to kill).
  • Angels (I know, we've all heard of angels but the ones in Supernatural really differ from the guardians we've learned of. There are a bunch of different angels that show up in this series, most notably Castiel. Angels are incredibly powerful with abilities like teleportation, knocking out a human with a single touch, healing, the ability to possess a person if they chose it and a bunch of other pretty cool stuff. They also all carry with them an 'angel blade' that can not only kill other angels but a lot of other creatures too. Angels play a huge part in this show and their role continues to be highly important).
  • Alphas (They are the original monster of every species. There is only one alpha per species and they are badasses. Depending on the species, they have enhanced abilities compared to those who reside below them. They have a telepathic connection to all their 'offspring'/children and are able to locate them. The colt is a sure method to take them out).
  • Cupids (Quite an annoying type of angel. They are basically matchmakers who, on the orders of God, make people fall in love. They are depicted as being pretty obnoxious in the series but aren't dangerous).
  • Leviathans (A lot of people have probably never heard of these ass-hats. They have gaping mouths and can turn into the form of those they eat. They were all supposed to stay in purgatory as they are pretty screwed up little monsters but in the Supernatural universe, nothing ever really stays how its supposed to. Their one weakness is randomly 'Borax' and to take them out, the Winchesters have to cut off their heads and keep the head separate from the body).
  • Reapers (Creatures who take the souls of the dead to whichever afterlife they will be staying in - heaven or hell. They are usually in a human form but they can be controlled using a little bit of magic).
  • Phoenix (We've only seen one of these guys and he was pretty cool. During a time travel episode, Sam and Dean have to go back in time to get the ashes of a Phoenix in order to kill the mother of all monsters - Eve. They can burn up anyone they touch and they are immortal to all things except the Colt).
  • Wraiths (These creatures feed on human brain matter - ewe! They are pretty nasty and poisonous but luckily they are extremely sensitive to silver, making them easy to take down).

In the Supernatural world, you never know what's going to pop up - deities, made-up supernatural creatures and even God.

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