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The DO NOT list!

Updated on December 10, 2012

Since I joined HubPages I saw many beautiful hubs about how to perform or to do certain things. Those were written very well and I enjoyed reading it. However, what I did not saw was how not to do things. You know, for those that have two left hands and use them accordingly. Someone like me for example. The list applies best for men, but women too can find similarities with their own problems (feel bad for their husbands though J). So, I thought that would be nice to write a little hub explaining how not to do certain things. Here we go:


1. Try to change a light bulb without interrupting electrical power. It could shorten your life dramatically.

2. Keep dangerous animals as pets ( you know, snakes, spiders, vicious turtles ); those animals have a nasty habit to escape under your watch and that could provide a lot of troubles for you and your family;

3. Buy unassembled furniture from retailers like Ikea. It may sound good that you can carry your closet in your Chevy and pay less for it, but boy the feeling that you have when you opened it and see those 1000 pieces spread in your living room is “priceless”.

4. Buy unassembled toys. My personal rule, if assembling takes more skills than assembling toys from Kinder eggs isn’t worth it(of course there is LEGO, but that is for your satisfaction watching your kid struggling with it J)

5. Go shopping in a supermarket without a list. That could hurt in many ways both your budget and your relation with your consort.

6. Try to figure out which one of the cleaning solutions (from dozens that you found in the closet) is best for the job. You will probably end washing your dog with turpentine.

7. Try to wash your clothes using the “white or color laundry” rule by yourself. You will have in your wardrobe only blue or pink clothes in no time at all.

8. Try to match your clothes for a party. Just ask for help. It’s better for your social life.

9. Try to use interesting tools like chainsaw or drill machine to improve the look of your home. You will soon find out that you can really miss your fingers.

10. Try to do stuff that goes beyond your skills just looking over the internet at “how is done”. Chances that things go wrong are astronomically high.

This material is a pamphlet and should be treated accordingly. Unless you are just like me (as stated above), then I recommend to take these rules in consideration, because those have the potential to really improve the quality of your life.

Because it is said that you can retain more information from visual descriptions, I gathered some pictures to illustrate a part of what can happen if you find yourself in a situation described above. Enjoy.

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Now, where is that damn pet?This is the best I can do!Like that it's going to work.What? We need beer, don't u deny it!That's a cool sweater man.Let it be
Now, where is that damn pet?
Now, where is that damn pet?
This is the best I can do!
This is the best I can do!
Like that it's going to work.
Like that it's going to work.
What? We need beer, don't u deny it!
What? We need beer, don't u deny it!
That's a cool sweater man.
That's a cool sweater man.
Let it be
Let it be


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    • Catalin79 profile image

      Catalin79 5 years ago from Bucuresti

      ty milla...nowhere really...just my inspiration!

    • profile image

      milla 5 years ago

      hey from where u bring all these good stuff to read? i really enjoyied reading it! it was worth reading.