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The Daily Line on Versus

Updated on April 17, 2011

The Daily Line Commercial

A New Kind of Sports Show on Versus

I admit I do not watch the Versus Network on regular basis but since I have been watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs, I have come across the network's new take on sport with The Daily Line. The Daily Line has been airing immediately after the Stanley Cup Playoff coverage.

The Daily Line is hosted by Liam McHugh. McHugh was a contributor on ESPN The Magazine and Rome is Burning by Jim Rome. McHugh has also had television stints in Oklahoma City and Terre Haute, Indiana.

Jenn Sterger is the blogger of the show. She interacts with fans on and off camera. During her college days at Florida State, ABC/ESPN's Brent Musburger mentioned on air about Jenn and her scantily clad friends in their cowboy hats, minimal tops, and short shorts, that, "I think fifteen hundred red-blooded American men just decided to apply to Florida State". That was the birth of the Florida State Cowgirls. Jenn has posed in magazines such as Playboy and Maxim. She has also been a columnist and contributor to, the New York Jets, and ABC/ESPN Sports.

Reese Waters is a stand-up comedian who won the 2009 Caroline's Comedy Competition. Waters has contributed to Comedy Central's "Live at Gotham", Good Morning America, and Comics Unleashed. He tends to throw in some funny tidbits on all the hot button topics of the sports day. One recent episode, he and former New Jersey Devils Defensemen Ken Daneyko were pointing out how to NHL players rough it up in the crease with face washing, where a hockey player uses his glove and rubs it in an opponents face in a washing action. Honestly, it was pretty funny.

Rob DeAngelis is the fourth contributor to the show. DeAngelis serves as the die-hard sports handicapper and fan. He is a native of New York and fan of all the popular New York teams. If you want to place your favorite sports bet in Vegas, you may want to pay attention to Rob. He knows his sports. He is a pretty funny guy too.

Contributors to the show include Ken Daneyko (hockey), John Salley (basketball), along with many other guests from all sports. The show has had in-depth interviews with the likes of Mike Tyson and Darryl Strawberry. 

The dynamic of the show has been tried by ESPN and FOX Sports Network. ESPN has a similar show in Sportsnation with Colin Cowherd and Michelle Beadle.  Sportsnation has been on the air longer and does have a pretty good following.  FSN and Comcast SportsNet aired The Best Damn Sports Show Period from 2001 to 2009, which served as the model of the show. A few years ago, Versus tried a weekly sports show called Sports Unfiltered with Dennis Miller hosting.  Footnote - Comcast is the owner of Versus Network.

I think Versus scored goal with this program.  It is fresh and takes a different look at sports.  The four hosts are very good together.  They have a great chemistry and are pretty entertaining especially Reese Waters.  The program has been on the air for two months and the outlook is very promising for success.  It is an interesting mix of your sports broadcaster, your hot sports girl, a comedian, and regular fan.  If you like sports, you will like watching this show.  I admit I have become hooked on the show. 

To find out more about the show and air times, go to  If you are like me and love sports, I think you will like this show.


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