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The Daily Movie Quote: Back to the Future

Updated on August 27, 2010
Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future
Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox in Back to the Future

"Wait a minute, Doc. Ah... Are you telling me that you built a time machine... out of a DeLorean?" - Marty McFly, Back to the Future (1985)

Universal Pictures, PG, 116 minutes

Directed By: Robert Zemeckis


Michael J. Fox - Marty McFly

Christopher Lloyd - Dr. Emmitt Brown

Lea Thompson - Lorraine Baines

Crispin Glover - George McFly

Thomas F. Wilson - Biff Tannen

Domestic Box Office Gross: $210,609,762

Synopsis: Mad scientist Dr. Emmitt Brown, Doc, builds a time machine out of a DeLorean and accidentally sends his friend Marty back in time to 1955. Now Marty must make sure that his tenage parents fall in love if he has any hope in making it back to the future.

Fact: Michael J. Fox was only allowed to do this film on the condition that he fufill his obligations to his television show Family Ties. Michael averaged about 5 hours of sleep during that time and was not allowed to go on any promotional tours.

Trivia: Emmitt was named for Time spelled backwards.

Movie Mistake: When Doc backs the DeLorean out of his truck Marty's skateboard wheels change from yellow to pink.

My Take: What a great movie. This was one of those films that as a kid I could watch over and over again. It's a timeless film that is full of humor and quotes and should be watched at least once.

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