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The Dark Knight: Opening Day Review

Updated on September 22, 2008

Warning: Contains minor spoilers.

For many, The Dark Knight was a wonderfully made movie. For the rest of us, it was a promise 3 years in the making. At the end of Christopher Nolan's highly successful Batman Begins, fans were treated to a foreshadowing of Batman's greatest foe: The Joker. Now, after scanning numerous websites for the past few years hoping for any new info on the sequel, we finally get to experience one of the greatest Batman films ever made. I went with my friends to one of the earliest showtimes Friday morning, shortly after midnight, to see the movie. We bought our tickets in advanced and waited 2 and a half hours in line, reading old Batman comics and watching the old Batman serials (reviewed in a previous hub). We saw many fans in the crowd sporting "Dark Knight" and "I Believe In Harvey Dent" t-shirts, and even a few dressed up as Batman, The Riddler, and other Batman villains (one guy had an exceptionally realistic Batman costume from the movie). When the movie finally started, the crowd became a single entity, often cheering or laughing at the same things in unison. We even got to see a trailer for Terminator 4, another movie I've been waiting quite a while to see. The film picked up roughly a year after the first one, this time with Batman working more closely with Gordon, but still arousing suspicion and resent from other cops and Gotham citizens. Meanwhile, a new hope has surfaced in Gotham in the form of District Attorney Harvey Dent. Angered by Batman's continuous interference and Harvey Dent's tough crackdown on the city's criminal underworld, the mob turns to the new face of fear for Gotham City, The Joker. The Joker proceeds to go on a killing spree in an attempt to unmask Batman. However, once coming to fully understand his greatest adversary, he grows tired of the mob's games and decides to stir up some new chaos to wear down Batman and turn Gotham into his personal playground. caught in the line of fire, Dent ends up losing the love of his life, and his face is disfigured in a fire. With a little nudge further towards insanity administered by The Joker, Harvey rises to become one of Batman's other greatest enemies: Two Face. Both Heath Ledger and Aaron Eckhart give stunning performances as The Joker and Harvey Dent/Two Face. Heath's interpretation of the Clown Prince gives the character a more modern, realistic feel, while still staying true to its core roots. Christian Bale, Michael Cain, Morgan Freeman, and many other returning actors equally give very entertaining performances. The movie stays true to its title, as it is much darker than its predecessor, yet still carries the awe inspiring visuals and storyline that made the first one so great. Like the first one, the movie ends with new subplots forming, thus making way for a new sequel (although currently not in the works) in the somewhat near future.


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