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The Dark Knight Rises: Are You Excited?

Updated on May 2, 2012

I've never been more excited for a movie than I am for this upcoming Batman release. My Goodness! The first two were awesome as is! What makes these Batman movies so much better than the originals? Well for obvious reasons the movies are filmed better and have much better special effects, that is expected. This is gonna sound crazy but there is something special about the music that they incorporated into these films. Does anyone else think that is the most epic music ever?! It get's me so pumped and excited for the movie and than during the movie while you're watching the music just makes everyone Batman does seem a million times cooler! Like imagine Batman kicking someone in the face with "Call Me Maybe" in the background. Now picture him doing it to the symphonic violins that he does it to in all the Dark Knight Movies. Am I right or am I right? That music just screams legendary epic face kicking power. Did I mention Batman has another new girl? He started off with Katie Holmes, she had that nice girl next door look, than Maggie Gyllenhaal, who I found hideous I was so happy when she blew up in that gasoline explosion. Now he has Anne Hathaway, now that's a little more like like it. She may have a fish like face at times, but she is way better than that Gyllenhideous girl. Plus she's made her rep as a little bit of a freak after "Love and Other Drugs" so I say she's a definite boost to the films already awesome track record. Now I can say I'm definitely getting a little out of hand with how excited I am, and I am no where giving you a thorough review of the prior two movies. This hub is simply about how much excitement can be generated when you make two really good movies and than make an awesome trailer for the third one. It's like being a little kid on christmas morning, and this christmas, I'm getting Christian Bale in a batman suit kicking gotham's criminals in the face. I can't wait, the only other movie I'm this excited for is "The Hobbit" and that's a whole different nerdy expedition I will go on at some other time. I hope this trailer gets you as pumped as it does for me. And you haven't seen any of the Dark Knight movies, go do it now, at least see the one with Heath Ledger as the joker, because that was phenomenal. Enjoy.


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    • stig10090 profile image

      stig10090 5 years ago from great waldingfield, sudbury suffolk, england


    • Sam Magro profile image

      Sammy Magro 5 years ago from NJ

      I bet it does...I haven't seen Avengers yet gotta get out and see it. I'm assuming it was good?

    • stig10090 profile image

      stig10090 5 years ago from great waldingfield, sudbury suffolk, england

      has alot to live up to after the avengers