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The Dark Knight Rises Soundtrack Review

Updated on January 12, 2017

This movie can possibly be described as one of the greatest films released in 2012. To make a great film usually the score that accompanies it also has to be great. In my opinion, not enough people appreciate the music that binds a film and adds those elements of tension and action. Through this hub I hope to introduce people to film music by reviewing a score which encompasses brilliance and mood.

Note: The hub describes some scenes of the film and therefore may contain ‘spoilers’. If you have not yet seen the film and don’t want to know what happens I suggest you see it before you carry on reading. If you don’t mind, read on and see the film anyway. It’s great.

Batman Begins Score's

Score Information


Hans Zimmer (Also known for Gladiator, True Romance, Inception and The Lion King)

Track List and Timings

1. A storm Is Coming – 0.36

2. On Thin Ice – 2.54

3. Gotham’s Reckoning – 4.07

4. Mind If I Cut In? – 3.27

5. Underground Army – 3.11

6. Born In Darkness – 1.56

7. The Fire Rises – 5.33

8. Nothing Out There – 2.51

9. Despair – 3.14

10. Fear Will Find You – 3.08

11. Why Do We Fall? – 2.02

12. Death By Exile – 0.23

13. Imagine The Fire – 7.25

14. Necessary Evil – 3.16

15. Rise – 7.15

Wollaton Hall in Nottingham was used for the filming of the external shots of Wayne Manor  in the film, only round the corner from where I live.
Wollaton Hall in Nottingham was used for the filming of the external shots of Wayne Manor in the film, only round the corner from where I live. | Source


For those of you who are familiar with the works of Hans Zimmer, then you will know that this score combines all of his elements of genius. This is a far different score to those such as True Romance and Thelma and Louise though after listening you still find yourself humming certain tracks subconsciously.

As the film progresses from a Wayne Manor backdrop, action ensues and builds and builds to a grand finale. As you would expect from a score that accompanies the film it too builds and builds to a grand finale. The review walks you through track by track and the elements which contribute to what should be a classic movie score.

A storm is coming

It is only a short piece however brings you right into the score with the classic elements of the deep base which have defined the previous two films.

On Thin Ice

This has the choral voice, high of pitch and haunting to start. This again builds on the scores of the previous two films but is bringing you into the drama of what the film entails but also what the score is about to bring you. The strings of the orchestra increase as the track continues but towards the end the base comes back and gives you the drama you expect from the music of this type of film.

Gotham’s Reckoning

This is the first introduction of the score to a running element that is seen all the way through. For those of you who are movie score fans you may hear echoes of inception, though with a combination of Chris Nolan and Hans Zimmer again this might be expected.

The tune that runs through this track has a simple repetitive element but has over toning orchestral tunes which cause an increase in the pulse ever so slightly. You are also introduced to the choral component which starts to repeat this tune.

At nearly three minutes in, bang, you have your first elements of action with a con fuoco onslaught of tempo. It is at this point the score takes you to fighting scenes in the movies itself yet echoing the darkness of the back drop.

Mind If I Cut In

There is already tension between Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne yet this track takes you away from the previous darkness and wraps the tension in the film for you to listen in the comfort of your own home. The ripple of the piano and the soft percussion provide you with a break in the proceedings yet as the track progresses further ,the music builds and you thirst for more in the next track.

Mind if I Cut In?
Mind if I Cut In? | Source

Underground Army

This starts with deep bass elements and as the name suggests gives you the idea of the underground army which in the film you only get ideas about at this stage. As the track builds in brings in the classical Batman score elements and increases the volume and the tension with it.

Born In Darkness

The strings of the orchestra are brought back here and give you the emotional ‘hero’ feeling. However just as this start they are combined with a tension and sorrow and have only a slight echoing of Vangelis’ Blade Runner score.

The Fire Rises

Right at the start of the track the action is back, massive explosive elements of all different areas of the orchestra. The strings give you the emergency of the situation at hand but the percussion gives you the impact. At different sections you get the dip in the action where in the film you would be seeing a side element to the action; however the big crescendos seem sweeter as such. This track is full of drama and aggression yet even as halfway through it dips it manages to rebuild with the elements of all the previous tracks before to give a dramatic conclusion to the track with a building choral bass.

Nothing Out There

Straight away you have the elements of Batman Begins back, haunting strings and high pitch echoes. This track is used to break the action but still provide you with enough brilliance to keep the taste buds going.


The batman element is built on in this section of the score. It gives you the sense of the hero with the brass section however then dips to provide a dark and moody section right back to the first Batman Begins Score.

Fear Will Find You

Fear is right; this track starts with what can be described as a feeling of fear and panic within it. This is truly echoing the elements of the film and as it progresses you are ready for the build up to the end of the film. The track ends with a haunting aspect which leaves you wanting more.

Why Do We Fall?

Right back in Batman Begins we are introduced to this phrase and the music that accompanies it. As the name suggests, he has fallen and needs to get back up (metaphorically speaking). As this track builds and builds and all the elements to the orchestra are brought back together you can visualize his rise and progression back to where he needs to be. This section of the film is brilliant and so truly is the score. This is a pimped up version of the Batman Begins score condensed into this one track.

Death by Exile

In just a few words, short yet haunting and those who have seen the film know exactly why.

Mind If I Cut In Again??
Mind If I Cut In Again?? | Source

Imagine the Fire

You are now in the main mix of the action of the film, you have sat and waited for your big action type sequences and boy do you get it. The score needs to provide you with drama, action and tension and this track throw's it all at you. The riff of the strings continues, the bass is now built on top and it all comes together to increase the pulse and somehow wish you were in the middle of it all. As the tempo dips towards the middle, there is now an electronic accompaniment to the orchestra which is as deep as Bane’s voice and provides you with the tension and action you now crave. The whole music is complimented by the choral building block running through which can be echoed by the chants of the prison inmates in the film. In one word summary...Genius!!!

Necessary Evil

It is now all out in the open for everyone to see. Your action fix has been satisfied and Batman is now facing his dilemma. This track ties everything up in package for you. Batman Begins classic tune at the beginning with a switch half way to the haunting strings and echoes which embraces a sad scene within the film and reiterates the heartbreak of it all.


The film concludes and so does the score. What do you want from a conclusion?...Well this really. As mentioned before there is heartbreak and this track really does it justice. The haunting aspect builds as tears may well and heroes are made immortal. You now feel like you are there, feeling every emotion with the actors who were playing it all so well. All through this are the stretched undertones of the whole Batman Begins Saga score. Towards the end of the track (and the movie) you are given a hint of what might come and are saved from utter emotional devastation with a rising orchestral tune and a true heroic component.


This score is dramatic and brilliant. There are true elements of beauty within it however the action sections of music do provide you with an adrenaline rush if required. I would recommend you listen to this score on your own and very loud, though try not to damage your hearing. This score might not be best listened too when driving as you may find yourself being a dangerous aggressive driver as you emanate the Batmobile through the streets of your local city.

The top three tracks I would recommend if you did not want to purchase the whole album

Imagine the Fire


Gotham’s Reckoning

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